Taco Casa

Peculiar Mexican cuisine offered by Taco Casa restaurant is known for its spicy tinge. Once tasted, customers anchor for spicy burritos and tacos crispy is served by Taco Casa.

What kind of food it serves

It cannot be compared to classic restaurants as Taco Casa is a little different in its way of doing business. Fine and fresh ingredients collected to bring the best to the customers. The foods are fresh, hot, delicious and personalized.

Most prominent dishes in the menu

The prominent meals that are offered by Taco include Taco Casa Favorites, the Casa Choice and Taco Casa’s Drinks. Under Super Items, you will get Super Burrito, Chilada, Super Tostada, Super Taco, Taco Lite, and Super Nachos, Under Taco Casa Favorites, you get Taco, Tostada, Bean Burrito, Frijoles, Chili Burger, Combination Burrito, Nachos, and Casa Delites. If you go for The Casa Choice, you get crunchy tacos, Bean Burritos. Menu prices are quite affordable.

Food Size Price

Super Items menu prices

Super Burrito $3.09
Super Salad $6.39
Chilada $3.29
Super Tostada $2.59
Super Taco $2.99
Super Nachos $6.39
Taco Lite $2.99

Taco Casa Favorites menu prices

Taco $1.59
Soft Taco $1.79
Tostada $1.39
Frijoles $1.39
Bean Burrito $1.39
Combination Burrito $2.69
Meat Burrito $3.19
Chili Burger $1.59
Nachos $3.29
Casa Delites $0.99

The Casa Choice menu prices

Crunchy Tacos 12 Pc. $15.90
Bean Burritos 12 Pc. $13.90
Crunchy Tacos and Bean Burritos 12 Pc. $14.90

Taco Casa’s Drinks menu prices

Drinks Available: Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Pink Lemonade & Tea

Drink Small $1.49
Drink Medium $1.79
Drink Large $1.99


Popular drinks

The popular drinks offered by Taco Casa include Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper Root beer, Sprite, Tea and pink lemonade.

New kids menu

Taco Casa menu items have reasonable ingredients so that it does not affect the health of kids. The kid-safe items include Cheesy Enchiladas, soft tacos, crispy tacos, wet burrito, and fajitas. Kids love all these items. All the items are safe for kids.

The history of the restaurant

Taco Casa Rod Wilkin was a successful football player and gained some experience in the restaurant business while working in the Pizza Hut. Actually, he had been living with the dream of opening a Mexican restaurant for a long time, however, he could not do it until 1974.

As of today, Taco Casa is a great success. From a single unit in Tuscaloosa, the restaurant expanded into a chain of 80 units by the present days. Even more locations are expected to be added in the years to come.

How their menu changed over time

Ever since the start, Taco Casa has emphasized the quality of Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is committed to bringing its customers and most delicious Mexican flavors. Whether you like burritos, tacos, fajitas, salad, or fresh pure fruit, the ingredients make a big difference – it is symbolic of Taco Casa.

Overall verdict

Taco Casa is committed to offering its customers the best fast foods made from fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables collected are thoroughly washed in small batches every day. To ensure the quality and freshness of the fruits and vegetables are intact they are kept refrigerated.

The restaurant has been using naturally grown ingredients in their dishes. So they are all the same for all age groups kids, women or the elderly. Taco Casa menu prices are very affordable for every purse.

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