What they do

O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar attracts lots of customers due to its generous portions of delicious classic American foods. The influence from the South over these foods also appeals to the majority of its target customers.

The restaurant has everything for everyone, making it a convenient place to go to irrespective of the type of classic American food that you are looking for.

What they serve

It provides plenty of seafood, steaks, ribs, salads, soups, and much more. O’Charley’s menu prices also attract many people. You will save a lot when you order appetizers or any of your preferred foods.

O’Charley’s is responsive to all the needs of its clients. If you consider the décor and the service, you will see that this restaurant is doing all within its means to make the guests feel right at home.

The well-trained members of staff are highly courteous and provide warm and friendly customer service to its guests. O’Charley’s menu provides something that can meet all your needs.

Family-friendly restaurant

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. The menu takes care of the needs of children, babies, the elderly, and any other individual. Given that the establishment gives the customers the rare opportunity to enjoy delicious foods and connect with their families and friends, many people have strong reasons to keep coming back to this comfortable environment.

About O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar

O’Charley’s currently has locations throughout the South and Midwestern regions of the US. However, it started small in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1971. At this time, the menu consisted of just a few of the recipes of the founder’s wife. Charley Watkins who established this thriving business held to the philosophy that everyone who walks through the door of the restaurant is their great friend. As such, they served great food to guests in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The establishment is generally open 7 days a week. From Mondays through Saturday, it is operational between 11:00 am and 10:00 pm. On Sundays, it is opened from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm.

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