Moe’s Southwest Grill or simply Moe’s is a restaurant chain in the United States that serves handcrafted South-western food and drinks. Founded in 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, Moe’s has continued to feed and entertain the world. It mainly deals in Southwest foods such as burritos, tacos, salsas, and nachos, to name but a few.

What you need to know about Moe’s

Moe’s is one of the few modern restaurants that can offer you good food that is made just for you. Its chefs do not disappoint. You just tell them your craving and they give you the right food. All-natural adobo chicken, organic tofu, handcrafted quac, and grass-fed steak are some of the fresh ingredients of most Moe’s foods. With 20 fresh ingredients and counting, you can’t miss whatever you are looking for at Moe’s. Moe’s menu prices are also friendly to your pocket and you should just relax and have a great time.

Moe’s menu

One interesting thing about its menu is the item names. Most of these names are drawn from popular culture. You will see names such as “Who is Kaiser Salsa”, “El Guapo’s Infamous Salsa” and “John Coctostan” quesadilla, all of which are drawn from modern movies. There is also the “Earmuffs” burrito bowl and “Joey Bag o’ Donuts” burrito.

Since its inception, Moe’s has been growing tremendously. Today, it boasts of more than 700 restaurants in the US alone. It also has locations in Russia, Turkey, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. Moe’s recently won the Fast Casual Mexican Restaurant of the Year award. Its menu has evolved over time to meet the needs of its customers. For instance, in 2017, Moe’s stopped serving white meat chicken and introduced dark meat.

Food Size Price

Quesadillas menu prices

John Coctostan (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $7.00
John Coctostan (Steak or Pork) $7.50
Chicken Club (Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $7.50
Chicken Club (Steak or Pork) $8.00
Super Kingpin (Vegetarian) $6.00

Nachos menu prices

Billy Barou (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $8.00
Billy Barou (Steak or Pork) $8.50
Ruprict (Vegetarian) $7.00

Burrito Bowls menu prices

Earmuffs (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $8.00
Earmuffs (Steak or Pork) $8.50
Band Camp (Vegetarian) $8.00
Joey Streaker (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $7.00
Joey Streaker (Steak or Pork) $7.50
Smokin’ Chicken (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $8.00
Smokin’ Chicken (Steak or Pork) $8.50

Burritos menu prices

Homewrecker (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $8.00
Homewrecker (Steak or Pork) $8.50
Joey (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $7.00
Joey (Steak or Pork) $7.50
Art Vandalay (Vegetarian) $6.00
Ancho Lime (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $8.00
Ancho Lime (Steak or Pork) $8.50

Junior Burritos menu prices

Jr. Joey (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $6.25
Jr. Joey (Steak or Pork) $6.55
Jr. Ancho Lime (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $6.59
Jr. Ancho Lime (Steak or Pork) $6.89

Tacos menu prices

Overachiever (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $3.25
Overachiever (Steak or Pork) $3.55
The Funk Meister (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $3.00
The Funk Meister (Steak or Pork) $3.30
Unanimous Decision (Vegetarian) $3.00

Salads menu prices

Close Talker (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $7.00
Close Talker (Steak or Pork) $7.50
Personal Trainer (Vegetarian) $6.00

Stacks menu prices

Wrong Doug (Chicken, Smokin’ Chicken, Tofu, or Ground Beef) $8.20
Wrong Doug (Steak or Pork) $8.70
Julia Gulia (Vegetarian) $8.20

Kids menu prices

Moo Moo Mr. Cow $4.00
Power Wagon $4.00
Mini Masterpiece $4.00
Mini Masterpiece (Chicken, Tofu, Ground Beef, Steak or Pork) $4.99
Kids LiveWell (Chicken or Tofu) $4.00
Kids LiveWell (Steak) $4.50

Drinks menu prices

Fountain Drink Regular $1.80
Fountain Drink Large $2.00
Bottled Water $2.00

Extras menu prices

Moe’s Famous Queso Side $1.25
Moe’s Famous Queso Cup – 6 oz. $3.50
Moe’s Famous Queso Bowl – 12 oz. $6.50
Guacamole Side $1.25
Guacamole Cup – 6 oz. $3.50
Guacamole Bowl – 12 oz. $6.50
Sour Cream $0.50
Southwestern Rice Cup – 6 oz. $1.50
Southwestern Rice Bowl – 12 oz. $3.00
Pinto Beans Cup – 6 oz. $1.50
Pinto Beans Bowl – 12 oz. $3.00
Black Beans Cup – 6 oz. $1.50
Black Beans Bowl – 12 oz. $3.00
Pico de Gallo Side $1.25
Pico de Gallo Cup – 6 oz. $3.50
Pico de Gallo Bowl – 12 oz. $6.50
Chocolate Chip $0.70
Oatmeal Raisin $0.70
White Chocolate Macadamia $0.70

A few facts about Moe’s

If you have been to Moe’s restaurants, you must have realized that music is part of their culture. Indeed, one thing that most people don’t know is that Moe’s actually stands for Musicians Outlaws and Entertainers. Thus, you don’t just fill your stomach with sweet food here, you also get entertained. You don’t find this combination in every other restaurant. Another feature that makes Moe’s tick is the provision of special diets. Whatever is your requirement, Moe’s is always ready to prepare a special meal for you.

Why is Moe’s so popular?

Quench your thirst for tacos, quesadillas, and burritos at any Moe’s restaurant and you will be sure to come back for more. You will also like the nachos, bowls, stacks, and salads. There are awesome salsas and sides as well. There is also a separate kids menu that offers kid-sized meals.

Overall verdict

It is safe to say that Moe’s menu has everything that any modern person would like to eat at any time of the day. Fans of the cuisine of the South-western United States are particularly lucky as this restaurant offers virtually everything they can wish for. Moe’s menu prices are also quite reasonable.

Indeed, if you are looking for a fresh meal, just walk into any of these restaurants and you will get more than you asked for.

When you walk into a Moe’s restaurant, you always feel the echo of the words of the first employees, “Welcome to Moe’s!”

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