El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco is known to serve Mexican cuisine. You can find foods such as grilled chicken among other Mexican style foods in the restaurant. If you can translate the word from Spanish to English, it means the crazy chicken. Some of the signature foods available at the restaurant include citrus marinated and fire-grilled chicken. The dedicated staff at the restaurant takes extra care time to ensure they prepare the best chicken. Before chicken is prepared, it is first marinated with different herbs and spices.

They also use garlic, fruit juices and spices to cook the food. After the good is prepared, it is carefully served to customers. Other foods which the restaurant is known to prepare to perfection include burritos, soups, salads, and quesadillas. Customers can enjoy handmade guacamole, sauces, salsas, and dressing which have been prepared to meet the highest standards. Each dish prepared in the restaurant aims at offering the guests a satisfying experience which keeps customers returning.

El Pollo Loco menu prices

The El Pollo Loco prices are relatively fair. There are different packages hence you need to choose from the foods offered for family and those for individuals. The more the food you order, the more the amount you may be required to pay. Some of the foods served in the restaurant as starters include Tortilla Soup, Tortilla Soup Large, Chips & Guacamole, Tortilla Roll, and Chicken Combos among others.

Family Meals at El Pollo Loco

The family has a package where you can order meals for your family. Some of the meals they have under the family package include the following Warm Tortillas, Mixed Chicken and 3 Course Family Meals with Cheese Enchiladas. They have different foods which can meet the needs of different families.


Under the burritos, you can order different types of foods such as the following Avocado Burrito (Chicken), Avocado Burrito, Spicy Chipotle Burrito, Spicy Chipotle Burrito, Poblano Avocado Burrito, Poblano Avocado Burrito among others. You can as well order Tostadas, Quesadillas, Salads, Bowls, Classic Combos, Tacos, Baja Shrimp among other foods.

Food Size Price

Starters menu prices

Tortilla Soup Small $2.99
Tortilla Soup Large $5.49
Chips & Guacamole $2.99
Tortilla Roll $1.99

Chicken Combos menu prices

Combo Includes Two Small Classic Sides & Small Drink

Leg & Thigh – Combo 2 Pc. $6.89
Breast & Wing – Combo 2 Pc. $7.39
Leg & Thigh – Combo 3 Pc. $7.89
Breast & Wing – Combo 3 Pc. $8.89
Half Chicken Combo 4 Pc. $8.99
Skinless Breast Combo with Vegetables & Side Salad $6.39

Family Meals menu prices

Includes Warm Tortillas

Legs & Thighs + 2 Large Sides 8 Pc. $19.99
Mixed Chicken + 2 Large Sides 8 Pc. $21.99
Legs & Thighs + 2 Large Sides 10 Pc. $22.99
Mixed Chicken + 2 Large Sides 10 Pc. $23.99
Legs & Thighs + 3 Large Sides 12 Pc. $25.99
Mixed Chicken + 3 Large Sides 12 Pc. $27.99
Legs & Thighs + 3 Large Sides 16 Pc. $28.99
Mixed Chicken + 3 Large Sides 16 Pc. $30.99
Legs & Thighs Chicken Only 8 Pc. $10.99
Mixed Chicken Only 8 Pc. $12.49

3 Course Family Meal with Cheese Enchiladas menu prices

Meal Includes 4 Enchiladas, 2 Large Sides, Tortillas & 4 Churros

Legs & Thighs – Meal 8 Pc. $21.99
Mixed Chicken – Meal 8 Pc. $24.99
Legs & Thighs – Meal 12 Pc. $26.99
Mixed Chicken – Meal 12 Pc. $28.99

Burritos menu prices

Avocado Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Avocado Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Spicy Chipotle Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Spicy Chipotle Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Poblano Avocado Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Poblano Avocado Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Ranchero Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Ranchero Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
BRC Burrito (Beans, Rice & Cheese) $1.49

Tostadas menu prices

Tostada Salad (Chicken) $5.99
Tostada Salad (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Avocado Bacon Tostada Salad (Chicken) $6.49
Avocado Bacon Tostada Salad (Baja Shrimp) $7.19
Ultimate Double Tostada Salad (Double Chicken) $7.49
Ultimate Double Tostada Salad (Double Baja Shrimp) $8.59

Quesadillas menu prices

Avocado Quesadilla (Chicken) $5.79
Avocado Quesadilla (Baja Shrimp) $6.89

Grill Master Pollo Bowls menu prices

Fajita Bowl $6.39
Unwrapped Burrito Bowl $6.19
Ultimate Double Bowl $7.49
Mashed Potato Bowl $6.19
Grande Avocado Bowl $6.19

Salads menu prices

Mexican Cobb Salad (Chicken) $6.99
Mexican Cobb Salad (Baja Shrimp) $7.99
Classic Salad (Chicken) $5.99
Classic Salad (Baja Shrimp) $6.99

Bowls menu prices

Ultimate Double Bowl (Double Chicken) $7.49
Ultimate Double Bowl (Double Baja Shrimp) $8.59
Grande Avocado Bowl (Chicken) $6.19
Grande Avocado Bowl (Baja Shrimp) $6.99

Classic Combos menu prices

Combo Includes Small Drink

Original Pollo Bowl $5.00
Mexican Caesar Bowl $5.00
Ranchero Bowl $5.00
Classic Chicken Burrito $5.00

Tacos menu prices

Grande Chicken Avocado Taco $2.79
Grande Shrimp Avocado Taco $3.49
Loco Street Taco $1.49
Chicken Taco al Carbon $1.29
Crunchy Taco $1.99

Baja Shrimp menu prices

Two Shrimp Avocado Tacos $6.49
Shrimp Tostada Salad $6.99
Shrimp Avocado Burrito $6.99
Ultimate Double Shrimp Bowl $8.59

5 Under 500 Calories menu prices

Double Chicken Avocado Salad $6.99
Chicken Black Bean Bowl $6.19
Chicken Mango Grilled Tostada $6.39
Whole Wheat Chicken Avocado Burrito $5.99
Skinny Chicken Quesadilla $6.19

Specialties menu prices

Chicken Tamales 1 Pc. $1.99
Chicken Tamales 4 Pc. $7.49

Desserts menu prices

Churros 2 Pc. $1.39

Sides menu prices

Corn Small $1.89
Corn Large $3.59
Broccoli Small $1.89
Broccoli Large $3.59
Rice Small $1.89
Rice Large $3.59
Pinto Beans Small $1.89
Pinto Beans Large $3.59
Mashed Potatoes Small $1.89
Mashed Potatoes Large $3.59
Black Beans Small $1.89
Black Beans Large $3.59
Cole Slaw Small $1.89
Cole Slaw Large $3.59
Loco Side Salad Small $1.89
Loco Side Salad Large $3.59
Macaroni & Cheese Small $1.89
Macaroni & Cheese Large $3.59

Kids’ Meals menu prices

Meal Includes Small Side & Kid’s Drink

2 Legs $3.99
Mini Pollo Bowl $3.99
BRC Burrito $3.99

Drinks menu prices

Soft Drink Small $1.69
Soft Drink Medium $1.89
Soft Drink Large $1.99
Bottled Water $1.59

History of El Pollo Loco

The restaurant was opened in 1975 by Juan Francisco Ochoa. It was first opened in Guasave, Mexico. By 1979, the restaurant had expanded throughout the northern regions of Mexico. In America, the first restaurant under El Pollo was opened in 1980. It was opened in Alvarado a street located in Los Angeles, California. It grew fast to become the local favorite due to the high-quality dishes they were preparing. It expanded in California due to its reputation.

In 1983, it was acquired by Dennys. The Ochoa family decided to run the restaurant in Mexico after the acquisition. By 1991, the store has spread to have over 200 stores which feature six different burritos. By 1993, they introduced quality self-serve salsa bars. In 1996, the store introduced Pollo Bowl to their menu. American Securities Capital acquired the restaurant in 1999. The restaurant was later sold to Trimaran Capital in 2005. They become a public traded company in 2014. Although the company has been passed through different management, they still offer quality dishes to its customers to date.

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  1. Im a pollo loco regular customer. Wasn’t happy when i only received crumbs of queso fresco on my tostada. It was smaller than a peace of chicken that’s added on the tostada.


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