Crystal Korean Restaurant

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Cuisine: Korean.


1. Kimchi Jin Mandu $6.99 dumpling with kimchi flavor
2. Kun / Mul / Jin Mandu $5.99 fried / boiled / steamed dumpling
3. Pa-Jun $8.99 korean pancake with seafood mix
4. Ttok-Bokki $7.99 spicy rice cake cake fried with vegetable and fishcake
5. Soon-Dae $11.99 korean traditional sausage

Hot Pot

1. Mandu Jeongol $19.99 homemade dumpling with vegetable hot pot
2. Daegu Jeongol $22.99 spicy pacific cods stew with vegetable and japanese noodle
3. Soon-Dae Jeongol $25.99 soon dae hot pot
4. Budae Jeongol $22.99 and spicy broth with ham, bacon, hot dog and kimchi
5. Gopchang Jeongol $25.99 boiled tripe casserole with vegetables hot pot

Rice Dishes

1. Bibim Bop $6.99 steamed rice with stir fired vegetables and beef
2. Dolsot Bibim Bop $8.99 bibim bop in hot stone pot
3. Ojing-Eo Dolsot Bibim Bop $9.99 spicy stir fried squid with bibun bop in hot stone pot
4. Kimchi Bokeum Bop $6.99 kimchi fried rice with egg
5. Yachae Bokeum Bop $6.99 fried rice mixed vegetables
6. Chicken Bokeum Bop $7.99 chicken fried rice
7. Kimchi Dup Bop $6.99 fried rice with kimchi, vegetables and wrapped in egg
8. Kyeran Dup Bop $6.99 fried rice with egg and vegetable
9. Don Kkas $8.99 steamed rice with fried pork cutlet and vegetables
10. Chicken Teriyaki $8.99 steamed rice with teriyaki chicken and vegetables
11. Sokoki Teriyaki $9.99 steamed rice with teriyaki beef and vegetables

Stews With Rice

1. Galbi Tang $7.99 short rib soup
2. Ougergi Galbi Tang $7.99 short rib soup with ougergi
3. Daegu Tang $9.99 spicy pacific cod soup with seafood and vegetables
4. Yukgae Jang $7.99 spicy beef soup with vegetables
5. Boodae Jjigae $6.99 mixed vegetables soup with sausage
6. Chamchi-Kimchi Jjigae $6.99 kimchi soup with tuna
7. Kimchi Jjigae $6.99 kimchi soup with pork
8. Doenjang Jjigae $6.99 bean paste stew with sea clams, vegetables and tofu
9. Soonndubu Jjigae $6.99 spicy soft tofu curd stew with seafood, vegetables and egg
10. Soondae Kuk $8.99 korean traditional sausage soup
11. Ddeok Mandu Kuk $7.99 rice cake beef broth soup with dumpling

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