Cracker Barrel

How about grabbing your brunch or dinner in a restaurant boasting of the heavy southern country theme? That is Cracker Barrel for you. With a heavy presence on the American Interstate Highways, Cracker Barrel has served millions of travelers and does a great job to keep the diners coming back. This is where you get food cooked and served just like you are at home. And that is not the only wonderful thing about this restaurant. It also doubles up as a gift store. Therefore, once you fill up your tummy and want to take back home a gift to your loved ones; you can grab one right here.

Popular Foods and Drinks Served

When you come to Cracker Barrel be ready to be spoiled for food. They serve everything right from Fried shrimp, Caesar salad with grilled chicken, Bacon burger with maple jam, Cheese and Macaroni; whatever you need will be served here. And be better prepared to lick your fingers after every bite. To help you take down your meals in style; you can order Blue Sky’s crafted soda, Lemonade, Iced tea, steaming coffee, and a range of fresh fruit juices.

When it comes to Cracker Barrel Menu Prices, do not worry about a thing. Everything is pocket-friendly and you will leave with a full tummy. Thanks to the affordable prices, you will promise to come back and follow through with it.

Items in the Menu

While Cracker and Barrel has been in the food and service industry for many years, they still have to make sure old and new customers find a reason to visit their chains of restaurants. This has been through adding new items to the menu. There is a fried chicken with a new flavor that keeps customers coming for more. There is also the talk of crafted coffee, which has a heavy signature of how things should be at Backer Barrel. During the last fall, the chain of restaurant introduced plenty of new items that have been talked for many customers. In all fairness, the chain will remain to be a force to reckon with as long as they continue to spice up their menu with surprise items.

Kids’ Menu

If you are traveling with your kids or you just want to give them a treat they will remember for the better part of the year, bring them to Cracker Barrel. For breakfast, you can go with a half order of bacon and sausage. There is also buttermilk pancake, or you can choose fresh fruits and top up with vanilla yogurt. For dinner, you can choose for them chicken tenderloins, Country vegetables, or cheese and macaroni.

The History of Cracker Barrel

The first Cracker Barrel Restaurant opened its doors on September 19th, 1969 thanks to one Dan Evins. The store was on Highway 9 Lebanon, Tennessee. Their cornbread back then was all starch. Thanks to the warm reception of the original store, by 1977 there were 13 more others running from Kentucky all the way to Georgia. With its trademark home-style meals, the brand continued to grow and in 1992 Cracker and Barrel was listed on the stock exchange. By 2010, the chain had clocked 420+ locations with a promise of growing further. Between 2013 and 2016, Cracker Barrel made a bold move to supply its goodies to supermarkets further extending their outreach. In 2018, the chain registered its presence in California with a store at Victorville.

In 2019, Cracker Barrel has 659 restaurants spread across 45 US states.


Cracker Barrel has been a constant presence in the American’s food industry. Their home-like meals have attracted so many people and it comes as no surprise they have a heavy presence in 45 states. When you want to eat like a king and not pay an arm and leg for it, find one of their кestaurants and your taste buds have never tasted anything better.

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