Cook Out

When it is time for a tummy refill and you are away from home, there is one place you get served delicious treats. Pick one of Cook Out’s restaurants near you and that’s one of the best decisions you will make in a lifetime. With the experience of cooking too and serving traveling American families, Cook Out is synonymous to the dining room away from home. With an ever-growing presence in the US and an appetite for drive-through spots, this chain of restaurants is now attending to millions of Americans and visitors.

Foods and Drinks they serve

What do you feel like eating today? Cook Out has it all to appeal to your taste buds. Are you going with grilled chicken breasts or pork barbecue? You can also order a corn dog, chicken quesadilla, grilled hamburgers or Hushpuppies, Their quality and signature taste is up there with the very best American restaurants. Do you know what is even better? Cook Out menu prices will take you by a surprise. They are ridiculously affordable. Even with the entire family ordering, you are not going to break your bank account.

We all know that the experience of a good meal is never complete without a drink. Cook Out has a great lineup for you. The milkshakes, coming in more than 40 flavors, should be first on your list. If that is not your favorite treat, you can go with lemonade, Mr. Pibb or a hot cup of tea. It’s your treat so you pick what goes down well with your meals.

New Items and Kids’ Menu

While Cook Out has been stuck with its traditional American menu, different restaurants continue to come up with new items to enrich their menu and take care of local eating preferences. Some of the new entrees to their menu include creamy fries to their burger, Chicken Nugget Burger, a tray of Quad Quesadilla, cheddar rounds, and a fry-wrap of bacon.

When you are with your kids, you always want to walk into a restaurant that has some of its menu dedicated to the young ones. Cook Out takes care of your kids with a range of irresistible inclusions. There are berry lemonades, Honey-baked beans, Grilled cheese pizza, chicken nuggets or corndog.

Cook Out’s History and Menu evolution

Cook Out was born way back in 1989 and opened its first restaurant at Randleman Rd Greensboro in North Carolina. It was not until 1996 that the first sit-in Cook Out’s joint was opened along the North Main Street at High Point in NC. By 1998, Cook Out had 10 operating restaurants all in the North Carolina. The following year, 1999, Cook Out launched its Meat Commissary. In 2004, the stores started to accept both credit and debit cards from customers. Fast forward, the chain opened its 50th store and they were all in NC. It was not until 2010 when the first Cook Out’s spot was opened in South Carolina. In quick succession, another store was opened at Johnson City, Tennessee. This opened up a floodgate of stores popping up in other states. By 2016, Cook Out had 200 stores spread across different states.


Are you looking for a drive-through or sit-in eating experience? Cook Out has been doing this since 1989. With a menu reflecting rich tastes from all corners of the US and the world, the chain of restaurants is one place you can never go wrong with a meal. With Cook Out menu prices promising to be more than affordable, you just added another favorite eating spots during your travels.

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