Church’s Chicken

What kind of restaurant it is

Church’s chicken is a fast food restaurants chain in the United States. It primarily sells fried chicken.

Besides, the restaurant offers different items in the menu including mashed potatoes Coleslaw, corn on the cob, honey butter biscuits and fried okra. Church’s Chicken menu prices are affordable for all classes of customers.

What kind of food it serves in general

Church’s Chicken now was a great menu. The biscuits with sweet honey water are hot and crispy. You can get them in both small batches at any time you go there you will get fresh and hot biscuits. The chicken is hand battered and available in small batches at any time of the day. It is crunchy, juicy and you will get a different taste.

You’ll also be interested in spicy chicken you will enjoy the spicy flavor in each part of the chicken.

Most prominent dishes in the menu

The most prominent dishes in Church’s Chicken menu include spicy original Legs and thighs are tenders strips, spicy and original mix chicken meal with large sides and biscuits.

Popular drinks

The drinks offered by church’s chicken include popular soft drinks Southern sweet tea and lemonade.

New items in the menu

The new items in the church’s chicken menu or hand battered double breaded. Shrimp ‘n’ Tenders Platter the Other new items in the menu include marine foods like Crispy Fish Platter, Butterfly Shrimp Platter, Family Fish Fry, Crispy Fish Platter.

Church’s Chicken menu prices for all these items are quite affordable. The restaurant chain values the money of value and the choice for the customer.

New kids menu

Church’s Chicken items are filled with balance nutrition and therefore are good for kids thanks to their adherence to the standard rules laid for the purpose.

The history of the restaurant

Founded by George W Church Sr in Downtown San Antonio Texas in 1952, Church’s Chicken has 1700 locations across the United States. The restaurant chain has overseas locations as well in Canada, Egypt, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Indonesia, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Kuwait, Mexico, Russia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, St. Kitts, Singapore, Trinidad Thailand, Ukraine, Tobago, UAE, Vietnam, and Venezuela.

How their menu changed over time

To start with, Church’s Chicken was selling only chicken. In 1955, George W Church Jr assumes the leadership at the company. During the 1960s, the restaurant chain had more than 100 restaurants in seven states in the United States. It became a publicly held company with head headquarters at San Antonio. It joined the New York Stock Exchange in the 1970s.

During the 1990s, the restaurant chain started selling hamburgers for a very brief time. During the late 1980s, it got merged with Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and became the second biggest restaurant chain. It introduced its new big chicken sandwich and it became a great success.

Overall verdict about the menu

Church’s Chicken is a specialist in fried chicken that is known for its deliciousness. The important dish in the menu is the original chicken. The crispy and juicy chicken is very tasty. And, Boneless Wings are provided with as per customers’ choice of Buffalo, sweet and spicy sauces and honey barbeque. Church’s Chicken menu prices are fairly reasonable for each section of the community.

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  1. Most disgusting fish mael ever. Save money and go buy a box of gortons frozen fried fish that actually taste better. Mac n cheese had burned scrapeings on top and throughout. Workers can barely speak english, communication is terrible. Alvin store is a dump and filthy. Churches should dump this place as a franchise. Very unbecomeing of a food establishment. Never again!!


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