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Enjoy Barn Joo latest menu price updated list. Up to date Barn Joo and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Barn Joo Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Barn Joo Tea Menu and Prices

Green Tea $3.00
Black $3.00
Chamomile $3.00
Peppermint $3.00
Iced Tea $4.00

Barn Joo Homemade Sodas Menu and Prices

Ginger Limeade $5.00
Yuzu $5.00
Raspberry Lemonade $5.00
Hibiscus Lemonade $5.00

Barn Joo Flatiron Special Menu and Prices

Served with homemade soda and house salad or fries
BJ Tacos $15.00 All contain guacamole, bulgogi fried shallots, lime sour cream, spicy pork pineapple micro shiso, shrimp pico de gallo, lime sour cream $2.00
Sushi Burritos $16.00 Tuna – guacamole, spicy mayo, toasted buckwheat. Salmon – pickled beets, masago, crispy quinoa.
BJ Burger $16.00 Originial double – caramelized kimchi, mixed greeens, tomato, vermont cheddar. Grilled chicken breast – pickled radish, sweet and spicy sauce,mozzarella.

Barn Joo Rolls Menu and Prices

Served with soy bean paste soup or house salad.
Fried Tiger $16.00 Tuna, salmon, avocado, kani, chili mayo, eel sauce

Barn Joo Farmers Meal Menu and Prices

Bulgogi Rib Eye   Soy garlic marinated beef rib eye
Galbi Short Ribs   Bj special scallion and sweet soy marinated beef short ribs. Add $3.00
Ssambap Jungsik $19.00 Authentic korean farmer’s meal platter protein pot served with soy bean paste soup, organic greens and rice.
Spicy Pork ; Korean chili pepper paste marinated sliced pork butt
Spicy Chicken ; Stir fried spicy chicken thigh
Sauteed Tofu ; Bj special scallion and sweet soy marianted tofu

Barn Joo Noodles Menu and Prices

Served with soy bean paste soup or house salad
Bulgogi Jap Chae $15.00 Stir fried korean sweet potato noodle, beef rib eye, spinach
Spicy Seafood Jap Chae $17.00 Stir fried korean sweet potato noodles, bok choy manila clams, black tiger shrimp
Kimchi Seafood Kalguksu $16.00 Anchovy broth, knife cut noodles, oyster mushrooms.

Barn Joo Greens Menu and Prices

Chef’s Seasonal Salad $12.00 Seasonal greens fruits, quinoa with yuzu seame dressing grilled chicken $5.00, fried tofu $3.00, hard boiled egg $2.00.
Hwe Salad $18.00 Fresh salmon and tuna sashimi, mixed greens, cucubmer, french radishes, serrano peppers, ponzu sauce.

Barn Joo Jar Menu and Prices

Kimchi $4.50
Homemade Pickles $4.50

Barn Joo Sizzling Stone Bowl Menu and Prices

Uni Bibimbap $19.00 Kimchi, roasted seaweed puree, cispy quinoa, salmon roe, capelin roe, micro greens, raw egg yolk
Bibimbap $17.00 Mixed rice with kimchi, seasonal greens, sunny side up egg. Choice of bulgogi rib eye galbi short ribs $3.00. Spicy chicken spicy pork pulled duck $3.00, sauteed tofu.
HWE Bibimbap $19.00 Fresh salmon and tuna sashimi, caramelized kimchi, salmon roe, micro greens, roasted seaweed puree.

Barn Joo Coffee Menu and Prices

Iced Coffee $4.00
Coffee $3.00

Barn Joo Good to Share Menu and Prices

BJ Wings $13.00 Choice of soy and garlic and hot and spicy and salt and pepper
Yook Hwe $16.00 Asian pear, perilla leaves on crispy nuroongji rice
Fried Dumplings $12.00 Choice of beef and vegetables soy and garlic and hot and spicy
Pulled Duck Bun $15.00 Pickled radish, cucumber, spicy mayo
Brisket Radish Ssam $15.00 Brisket slices, cucumber, paprika, beets radish sprouts, soy honey mustard sauce

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