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Barlo Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Barlo Large Plates Menu and Prices

Barlo Burger 2.0 $25.00 8 oz organic beef, foie gras, bacon caramel, hopscotch, greens
The Door in the Wall $16.00 Polenta, oyster mushroom, baby carrot, asparagus, pea essence. Vegan & gluten free
Octopus Salad $18.00 Grilled octopus, radish, squid ink, champagne vinaigrette
Steak Frites – 12 oz T-Bone $29.00 Hand cut fries, bearnaise, bacon snow
Steak Frites – 18 oz Porterhouse $52.00 Hand cut fries, bearnaise, bacon snow
Venison a la Hannibal $25.00 Fava beans, raspberry mountain dew, peri-peri
Scrooge McDuck $25.00 House-cured duck confit, cherry gastrique, baby potatoes
Barlo Burger 2.0 w/out Foie Gras $16.00
Kentucky Fried Rabbit & Waffles $23.00 Thyme maple syrup, buttermilk fried rabbit, malted waffle

Barlo Small Plates Menu and Prices

Grilled Asparagus $9.00 Grilled asparagus, egg, bearnaise
Garden Party $10.00 Radish, fava beans, baby carrots, wildflower honey, soil
Zero Ducks Given $18.00 Foie gras, crispy polenta, candied chiles, gubitosi sauce
Truffle Fries $8.00 Parmesan, chives, garlic, shallot, white truffle oil
Fancy as Eff Fish Sticks $14.00 Wild line caught mahi, beer batter cherry ketchup, curry ketchup, dill ranch
The Classic Poutine $12.00 Braised short rib, red wine gravy, sunny up egg, cheese curds
Kale Salad $11.00 Shaved parmesean, tomato, egg, herb vinaigrette
Crispy Pig Ears $9.00 Crispy pig ear, fleur de sel, tabasco, grilled lime
Roasted Marrow Bone $14.00 Fleur de sel, chive oil, baguette

Barlo Dessert Menu and Prices

Feed the Animals $10.00 Meal buy a round of redbull for the kitchen
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream $14.00 Performed tableside dr. pepper, cherries, house-made whipped cream
Orange Creamsicle Tart $6.00 Creamsicle sabayon, pie crust, whipped cream
LN2BCP $12.00 Bacon caramel, popcorn, liquid nitrogen

Barlo Bill of Fare – South of the Border Menu and Prices

Grilled Mahi-Mahi Tacos $17.00 Wild line-caught mahi-mahi, cabbage, baja sauce, corn tortillas. As a quesadilla add $2.00
Guacamole $12.00 House-made guacamole, cotija cheese, corn chips
Street Tacos $14.00 Choice of grass-fed asada or free range chicken breast. House-made salsa, corn tortillas
Quesadilla $15.00 Choice of grass-fed asada, free range chicken breast or fajita vegetables. California jack cheese, baja sauce, house-made salsa

Barlo Whole Beast Family Style Dinners Menu and Prices

For parties of 4 and up. Person
Shrimp Boil $35.00 New orleans style
Leg of Goat $35.00 Mediterranean sides
HogA’s Head $38.00 Southern sides

Barlo Bill of Fare – North of the Border Menu and Prices

Crab Dip $18.00 Old bay, cucumber, bell pepper, tortilla chips
High Sliders $14.00 Sharp cheddar, bacon, baconaise
Smoked Hot Link $9.00 Fajita vegetables, mustard, poppy seed bun

Barlo Cheese & Charcuterie Menu and Prices

Served with house made raspberry mustard, fig jam & crostinis. Nduja, mortadella, finocchiona fennel hopscotch, bermuda triangle, barely buzzed
Cheese & Charcuterie $26.00
Charcuterie $20.00
Cheese $18.00

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