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Roasted And Braised Star Anise Curry based on an old recipe used by the mamak people. a unique blend of chinese, polynesian/malay and indian influences; this curry is a deliciously complex mix of soy sauce, cinnamon and star anise. the
Peanut Sauce peanuts have long been a malaysian staple. a very traditional table-side condiment used frequently in malaysia. exceptionally versatile, peanut sauce can be used for anything from marinades to pasta
Coconut Jam made mainly from coconut milk. the malaysian word for coconut jam, kaya, means rich, which is a perfect description for this sweet, creamy, luscious spread. kaya, as we call it, is traditionally serv

Catering – Kapitan Keling Malaysian Menus

$15 Each And Includes Coconut Rice And A Taro Cake Or Coconut Crepe For Dessert. Add $2 Per Order For Malaysian Hibiscus Ginger Tea. $15 Minimum Order. Ingredients Are Subject To Change Due To Seasonal Availability.
Feringhi Beach spicy mint chicken curry free-range chicken cooked in creamy coconut milk, fresh mint, and 15 of malaysia’s most flavorful spices. served with a green and purple cabbage salad made with carrots and a
Penang Hill almond beef curry. slow cooked beef with a roasted almond blend, homemade curry paste, and fresh malaysian herbs. served with a fresh cucumber and pineapple salad and a cilantro lime vinaigrette.
Fisherman’s Village sambal tofu. locally-made tofu braised in sweet red chilies sauce and fresh malaysian herbs. served with stir-fried pea shoots and green garlic cooked in malaysian wine


Fresh Corn And Chive Fritters Seasoned with 5 malaysian spices
Savory Marinated Chicken Satay Made with 10 fresh malaysian herbs
Mustard Seed And Sesame Potato Pie Filled with azalina’s sweet mango chutney
Crispy Phyllo Cups with egg and cumin onion
Mini Purple Hibiscus Spice Cake with azalina’s coconut jam

Penang Bridge

Mini Wonton Jicama Roll with azalina’s asian jelly
Pizzetta Crisps with turmeric spiced tricolor beets
Beef Skewers with azalina’s coconut and spicy harissa aioli
Fresh Vegetable Crudite with azalina’s coriander peanut sauce
Sweet Screwpine And Fresh Grated Coconut Crepes

Snake Temple

Crispy Curry Leaves And Split Pea Fritters
Vegetable Open Face Pie Tee And Azalina’s Sweet Chili Sauce
Mini Shrimp Crepe with azalina’s harissa and sweet tarragon aioli
Turkey Meatball Satay with yellow chives and azalina’s coriander peanut sauce
Banana And Palm Sugar Sticky Pudding wrapped in a banana leaf

Catering Lunch

Marin Sun Farm Braised Star Anise Chicken Curry with exotic spices and spring seasonal herbs
Steamed Spice Basmati Rice with roasted california cache creek farm almonds
Fifth Crow Fresh Spring Cucumber And Pineapple Salad with red chili and calamansi vinegrette
Mint Chicken Curry free-range chicken cooked in creamy coconut milk, fresh mint, and 15 of malaysia’s most flavorful spices
Green And Purple Cabbage Salad Made with carrots and azalina’s coriander peanut sauce
Basmati Coconut Rice fresh coconut and coconut cream steam rice with crunchy toppings
Penang Green And Fresh Coconut Pesto
Steamed Turmeric And Lentil with a hint of fenugreek, white poppy seed and mustard seed rice
Sambal Shrimp with red chili, lemongrass, tamarind, fresh sugar cane juice, kaffir lime leaf and shrimp paste
Sauteed Perpetual Spinach And Cauliflower with spring green garlic and griselle shallots
Vegetarian Substitute seasonal vegetable curry cooked with creamy fresh grated coconut milk
Grilled Malaysian Spiced Chicken simply marinated in malaysian exotic spices and yogurt
Vegetarian Curry Puff coriander, mint and coconut sambal
Roasted Cauliflower And Potatoes oven roasted with turmeric spices and cumin
Saffron Basmati steamed with saffron
Almond Beef Curry marin sun farm slow cooked beef in clay pot with roasted
Almond And Malaysian White Poppy Seed Curry Paste with fresh herbs
Fragrant Roasted Turmeric And Saffron Spiced Basmati Rice


Malaysian Lacy Crepe
Chicken Rendang chicken cooked in coconut cream with 30 most flavorful spices
Briyani Rice
Nasi Lemak


Mamak Style Fried Noodle indian spice noodle with sweet potato base
Sweet Potato Broth Noodle
Shrimp Curry Laksa
Roti Canai malaysian version ‘croissant’ in flat bread version

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