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Cuisine: Indonesian.


A1. Cumi Goreng $5.00 fried calamari. fried calamari served with sweet chili sauce
A2. Shrimp Rolls $5.00 crispy roll of shrimps served with plum sauce
A3. Gado $6.00 gado. mixed vegetables, tofu, soy bean patty, garlic cracker with homemade peanut sauce.
A4. Jumbo Shrimp Shumai $4.50
A5. Pangsit Goreng $5.00 fried wonton
A6. Seaweed Salad $4.00
A7. Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll $3.00
A8. Siomay Goreng $4.50 fried shumai
A9. Empek-Empek (Kopal Selam) $6.50 savory fish cake (submarine style). deep fried fish cake with egg filing, served with sweet and sour sauce.
A10. Kacang Kedelai Jepang $3.00 edamame. boiled green vegetable soybeans


E1. Ayam Penyet $7.00 smashed fried chicken. deep fried chicken lightly smashed with homemade spicy shrimp paste chili served with white rice
E2. Pecel Lele $7.90 smashed cat fish. deep fried cat fish served with white rice and top with spicy shrimp paste chili. depend on the size. $7-$9 depends on size
E3. Bakwan Campur $7.50 mix meat ball soup. homemade clear soup with beef ball, shumai, stuffed tofu and fried wonton
E4. Spicy Chicken Teriyaki $7.00 grilled marinated chicken with over rice
E5. Nasi Rendang $8.00 beef in chili and coconut milk served with vegetables of the day
E6. Mie Ayam Pangsit $7.00 egg noodles wonton with chicken, fish ball and soup on the side
E7. Nasi Goreng $7.00 fried rice 86. lightly spicy shrimp pasted fried rice with shredded chicken and slice egg on top
E8. Soto Daging Special $8.00 house beef soup. house beef soup with tendon, egg served with rice on the side
E9. Calamari Steak $11.00 sauteed calamari butter and soy sauce served with white rice, french fries and vegetables of the day in sizzling platter.
E10. House Yakiudon $8.50 sauteed japanese noodles with chicken, shrimp and calamari
E11. Sate Ayam $7.50 satay chicken. skewer grilled chicken served with white rice and peanuts sauce on top
E12. Tempe Tahu Penyet $7.50 smashed soy beans patty over tofu, deep fried marinated soy bean patty, tofu, served with egg in chili, white rice and veggie of the day
E13. Sayur Asem Kombinasi $8.50 tamarind soup combo. a heavenly tamarind soup married with soy bean patty, tofu, one eighth chicken and served with white rice.

Side Orders

S1. Nasi Uduk $1.50 coconut rice
S2. Nasi Putih $1.00 white rice
S3. Sambal $1.00 shrimp paste chili
S4. Tempe Tahu Penyet (2 Pasang) $5.00 2 pair soy bean patty and tofu. come with spicy shrimp paste chili.
S5. Tempe Penyet (2 Pasang) $6.00 2 pair soy bean patty.
S6. Kerupuk Udang $1.50 shrimp crackers
S7. Kerupuk Udang $1.50 onion crackers
S8. Sayur Asem $3.00 tamarind soup
S9. Bumbu Kacang $1.00 peanut sauce


B1. Bottle Water $1.00
B2. Soda $1.00
B3. Teh Kotak $1.00 tea box
B4. Mogu $2.00 mogu
B5. Calpico $2.50
B6. Apple Juice $1.50
B7. Orange Juice $1.25
B8. Snapple $1.50
B9. Thai Iced Tea $3.00


D1. Es Teler $3.00 fruits cocktail
D2. Crepes Coke $6.50 hand made crepes layered with ethereally light and creamy custard available in green tea or coconut flavor
D3. Es Kacang Hijau $3.00 ice green bean
D4. Ketan Hitam $3.00 black sticky rice pudding

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