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Cuisine: Sushi.

Rice And Noodles

Nasl Goreng ;Indonesian Fried Rice; $8.95 served w. chicken safe, fried egg & prawn cracker
Nasl Rames ;sumatra Combo Rice; $10.95 jasmine rice, beef rendang, fried chili anchovies, spicy boiled egg and prawn crackers
Nasl Lemak $10.95 coconut rice, spicy chicken sambal, fried chili anchovies, omelet and prawn crackers
Bakml Or Mi Hum Goreng $7.95 choice of egg noodle or rice vermicelli, stir fried with shrimp, squid, chicken and egg with sweet soy sauce
Curry Me $7.95 fresh egg noodles with curry coconut broth garnished with shrimp, chicken, egg, asian green and fried shallot
Mi Punk-Sheet Jakarta $7.95 fresh noodle topped w. oyster chicken ragout, shitake mushroom w. beef ball soup, bok choy and fried wonton


Ayam Baker $9.95 marinated rotisserie chicken w. roasted tomato sambal
Ayam Manls Pedas $8.95 bagus version of general t’so chicken
Ayam Rica-Rica $9.95 stir fried simmered in island spice with candlenut and
Chicken Kastu "Panko Breaded" $8.95 japanese style breaded fried chicken w. golden curry sauce
Malayslan Chicken Curry $8.95 coconut lemongrass gravy, light curry and vegetable

Beef And Lamb

Beef Rendang $11.95 sumatra favorite, tender beef simmered in thick coconut gravy and ground spices
Krakatau Steak Flambe $15.95 marinated n.y steak served with potato croquette and sweet soy sambal
Bagus Beef Short Ribs $12.95 coriander dusted, star anise & sweet soy glaze served with wasabi mashed potato
Java Rub Fillet Mignon $16.95 pan roasted w. smashed chive potato and asian green
Tong Seng Kambing $11.95 peppery stir fried sweet lamb, napa cabbage and tomato
Gulai Kambing $11.95 braised lamb in coconut curry gravy w. potato and carrot


Pan-Seared Salmon $10.95 herb crusted, asian green and indonesian coconut yellow
Sambal Goreng Udang $12.95 stir-fried in red hot chili pepper sauce extra petai for &2.00
Laksa Lamak Istemewa $12.95 singapore styel, noodles in coconut soup served with shrimp, squid, mussel, tofu and boiled egg
Woku Balanga $10.95 fillet of fish with woku pesto in crisp rice paper wrap
Shrimp Or Squid Gulai Santan $12.95 candlenut and spicy coconut lemongrass gravy
Tilapia Bumbu Bali balinese style fried fish served with chili sauce
Grilled Mahi-Mahi Acar Kuning $11.95 grilled fillet of fish with turmeric and vegetable vinaigrette
Ikan Kakap Marah prepared island styel, deep fried with choice of roasted tomato sambal or indonesian coconut yellow sauce


Jajan Pasar, Assorted Appetizer For Two $11.95 coconut shrimp, chicken sate, spring roll, shrimp shiu mai & california roll
Tahu Gejrot $4.95 javanese style fried tofu with flery sweet soy
Stuffed Tofu $4.95 fried crisps stuffed tofu with cucumber, jicama, bean sprout and peanut sauce
Martabak Telur $4.95 pan-fried crisps rice paper, minced beef, leeks and egg served with granny smith and cucumber pickle
Lumpia Sayur $2.95 two vegetarian spring roll with cellophane noodle and sweet chili sauce
Sate Chicken/Lamb $5.70
Perkedel Jagung $3.95 sweet corn & celery fritters
Coconut Shrimp $6.95 coconut flakes fish fried & spicy noodle salad
Satong Goreng, Calamari $6.95 lemongrass crusted and marinated shallot crackling calamari with baby mixed green
Shrimp Shiu Mai $4.95 steamed served with peanut sauce
Siomay Jakrta, Assorted Steam Dim Sum $8.50 shrimp shumai, tofu, napa cabbage, potato, boiled egg and meat ball with peanut sauce

Sate Combo

with rice cake/ steamed rice & vegetable spring roll
Chicken Sate $9.95
Lamb Sate $12.95
Shrimp sate $10.95
Vegetables Sate $8.95


Gado- Gado $7.95 combination of raw and cooked vegetable s dressed with boiled egg, tofu, potato, peanut sauce & padi oat crackers.
Java Sate Salad $7.95 grilled or golden fried chicken breast, field greens, crisps noodles and peanut sauce
Pan Seared Herb Salmon $7.95 fresh orange, field greens, crisps noodles with soy balsamic vinaigrette
House Salad $2.50 with galangal, ginger and tropical frits dressing


Miso Soup $1.75 silk tofu and seaweed
Chicken And Shrimp Wonton Soup $3.95 served with baby bok coy in fine ginger stock
Soto Betawi $8.50 tender beef, chop-chop vegetable, bean sprout, in light coconut beef broth served with jasmine rice
Soto Ayam, Chicken Noodle $7.95 indonesian famous chicken noodles soup served with cellophane noodle, chicken breast, boiled egg and potato in aromatic herb broth
Sop Buntut, Oxtail Soup $8.95 oxtail in delicate clear broth and vegetable, served with steam rice and padi oat cracker

Side Dish

Potato Croquette $3.00
Fried Chili Anchovies $4.00
Spicy Boiled Egg $3.00
Jasmine, Coconut Rice $1.95
Crackers $2.50
French Fries $2.50
Fried Rice $2.50
Sambal $2.00

Japanese Starter

Edamame $3.00 steam soy bean with rock salt
Yakitori $4.95 grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce
Tempura Appetizer $6.95 fish fried shrimp with assorted vegetables in tempura batter
Tuna Tataki $7.95 seared tuna w. togarasi pepper served rare with ponzu sauce
Hamachi Jalapeno $8.95 new-style sashimi, yellowtail with jalapeno and ponzu sauce
Seafood Ceviche $7.95 assorted seafood, jalapeno, pineapple, red onion and pickle ginger spiced with shichimi togarasi
Seaweed Salad $4.50 mixed green and spicy oil
Squid Salad $4.95 barbeque and marinated in sesame oil
Sashimi Sampler $7.95
Sushi Sampler $7.95


Sayur Mayur $7.95 fresh seasonal vegetables bamboo steamed or stir fried with red curry and coconut lemongrass gravy
Stir-Fried Tofu $6.95 bean sprout, chive and shredded vegetables
Sayur Bayam $6.95 fresh spinach stir-fried lightly with garlic
Sayur Lodeh $7.95 fresh seasonal vegetable in coconut lemongrass soup

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