Arriba Mexican Restaurant

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Cuisine: Mexican.


Nachos el Grande $8.25 – $7.25 Choice of meat with refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos and sour cream on our own homemade chips
Jalapeno Poppers $6.00 Seven poppers served with our spicy ranchero sauce
Mozzarella Sticks $6.00 Seven mozzarella sticks served with marinara
Breaded Mushrooms $6.00 Served with ranch sauce
Guacamole $1.50 – $3.75
Quesadillas $7.00 Choice of meat with cheese in a large flour tortilla
Potato Skins $6.50 Four skins made with nacho cheese, pico de gallo and ground beef or chorizo
Breaded Clam Strips $6.00 Served with cocktail sauce
Chicken Drummies $6.00 Served with BBQ, ranch, blue cheese, hot, teriyaki or bourbon sauce
Chicken Tenders $6.00 Served with BBQ, ranch, blue cheese, hot, teriyaki or bourbon sauce
Pico De Gallo $1.25 – $2.50

Soup & Salad

Shrimp Soup $7.25 – $11.95 A tomato based soup made with shrimp, citrus, avocado, onions, tomatoes and cilantro. Served warm or cold
Soup of the Day $3.00 – $4.50
Taco Salad $8.25 Choice of meat with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions and garnished with cilantro and sour cream all in a large, crispy tortilla bowl


Served with french fries, rice & beans or a bowl of coleslaw
Build Your Own Burger or Chicken Sandwich $7.00 The old holiday bar?s famous 1/2 lb. burger or fresh chicken breast. Free: lettuce, tomato, onion, cajun; add cheese $0.50: american, swiss, cheddar or monterey jack; each additional toppings $0.50:
Pizza Burger $7.75 A seasoned patty with mozzarella cheese inside and topped with marinara sauce
Beef Tenderloin Sandwich $8.75
Chicken Cordon Blue $8.50 A chicken breast topped with swiss cheese and hot ham
Hot Ham & Cheese $7.00 With choice of swiss, cheddar, american or monterey jack cheese
Cheese Steak $9.75 With swiss cheese, bell peppers and onions
Chorizo Burger $10.25 One of our famous burgers topped with chorizo sausage, pepper jack cheese and jalapenos. Served with a small side of guacamole

Three Item Platters

With choice of: chicken, ground beef, pork, steak, chorizo, bean, cheese & onion, shrimp add $1 per item excludes chimichangas. Served with mexican rice and refried beans. All tacos & tostadas are made with cabbage, unless asked to substitute with
3 Tacos $8.75
3 Enchiladas $9.25
Grande Burrito Platter $10.25
3 Homemade Tamales $10.25
3 Tostadas $8.75
3 Chimichangas $8.75
3 Combo $9.25 Pick 3 items, choosing between a taco, tostada, chimichanga or enchilada

Mini Combos

Served with mexican rice and refried beans
2 Tacos $7.25
2 Enchiladas $7.75
1 Taco & 1 Tostada $7.25
1 Tostada & 1 Enchilada $7.50
2 Homemade Tamales $7.75
1 Tostada & 1 Chimichanga $7.50
2 Tostadas $7.25
2 Chimichangas $7.75
1 Taco & 1 Enchilada $7.50
1 Taco & 1 Chimichanga $7.50
1 Chimichanga & 1 Enchilada $7.75
Mini Burrito $7.25


Served with mexican rice and refried beans
Traditional Fajitas $13.75 Bell peppers and onions cooked with chicken, steak or mixed
Fajitas De Camarones $15.25 Bell peppers and onions cooked with shrimp
Specialty Fajitas $14.75 Choice of chicken, steak or mixed, cooked with pineapple, bacon, bell peppers and onions
Specialty Fajitas de Camarones $16.25 Shrimp cooked with pineapple, bacon, bell peppers, and onions

Something Different

Camarones al Gusto $14.25 Shrimp cooked in one of the following sauces: garlic-butter, white wine or our special spicy sauce. Served over mexican rice.
Alambres $7.95 Two tacos filled with bacon, onions, bell peppers, cheese and steak. Served with mexican rice and refried beans
Chef’s Chalupa $8.25 Choice of chicken or steak cooked with bell peppers, onions, cheese and teriyaki sauce on a flat bread
Huevo Con Chorizo $7.50 Scrambled eggs with mexican sausage. Served with mexican rice and refried beans
Mexican Style Tacos $7.50 Two tacos in a soft corn tortilla, topped with choice of meat, cilantro and onions
Fajita Quesadilla $8.25 Choice of chicken or steak with bell peppers, onions and cheese in a large flour tortilla

Friday Fish Specials

Served with coleslaw, tartar sauce, rye bread and choice of french fries, baked potato, potato pancakes or mexican rice & refried beans.
Fisherman’s Platter $12.95 Two pieces of icelandic cod, five pieces of shrimp and five scallops, all deep fried to perfection
Shrimp Dinner $10.50 7 pieces of deep fried shrimp served with cocktail sauce
Icelandic Cod Dinner $8.50 Three pieces of deep fried icelandic cod
Fish Sandwich $6.25 Icelandic cod deep fried, covered with american cheese and served on a bun
Icelandic Cod Lunch $7.50 Two pieces of deep fried icelandic cod
Fish Tacos $7.25 Beer battered icelandic cod with two tortillas. Substitute french fries with mexican rice and refried beans.
Baked Haddock $8.95
Pan-Fried Walleye $10.95 Fresh, pan-fried walleye, seasoned and cooked to perfection

A La Carte

All tacos & tostadas are made with cabbage, unless asked to substitute with lettuce
Taco $2.85 Made with choice of soft flour, soft corn or hard shell tortilla
Chimichanga $2.85 A small tortilla shell filled with choice of meat and cheese rolled up and deep fried to perfection. Excludes shrimp.
Tamale $3.25 Available with pork only and wrapped in a corn husk
Tostada $2.85 A flat, hard shell tortilla topped with refried beans, choice of meat, cabbage, tomatoes and sour cream
Enchilada $3.00 Choice of meat and cheese wrapped in a tortilla shell, topped with choice of mild regular, rich mole, sweet suiza or spicy ranchera sauce and covered with melted cheese
Grande Burrito $7.00 Choice of meat with refried beans, cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cilantro and sour cream wrapped in a giant tortilla


Mexican Rice $1.75
Habanero Sauce $1.00
Shredded Cheese $1.25
French Fries $1.75
Refried Beans $1.75
Tortillas $1.00
Nacho Cheese $2.50
Avocado Slices $1.25

For the Kids

Taco (1) $5.25
Grilled Cheese $5.25
Mini Quesadilla $5.25 Cheese and meat
Chicken Tenders $5.25
Mini Corn Dogs $5.25
Junior Burger (1/4 lb.) $5.25
Junior Cheeseburger (1/4 lb.) $5.75

Desserts & Ice Cream Drinks

Xengo $4.50 Banana, cream cheese and caramel rolled in a tortilla shell, deep fried to a golden brown and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar
Flan $3.75 Baked mexican pudding drizzled with caramel
Fried Ice Cream $4.25


Soda $2.00 Coca-cola, diet coke, sprite, sprite zero, mello yello, lemonade, unsweetened ice tea, raspberry ice tea
Horchata $2.50 Our homemade, sweet cinnamon based mexican rice milk
Hot Tea $1.75
Juices $2.50 Orange, pineapple, tomato, grapefruit, cranberry
Milk or Chocolate Milk $2.00
Coffee $1.75
Hot Chocolate $2.00


O?Doul?s Lager
O?Doul?s Amber
St. Pauli Girl

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