Ariani Northern Italian Grill

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Cuisine: Italian.


Roasted Red Peppers, Cheese And Anchovies $5.95
Bruschetta ;Contadina; Four Pieces $5.95
Escargot Chef Dano’s Presentation $7.95
Fried Calaman "Alla Veneziana" $7.95
Artichoke Hearts "Florentine" For Two $9.95
Baked Eggplant Rolatine "Alla Ariani" $7.95
Traditional Caesar Salad Or Special Istrian Salad $3.95


Linguine, Penne Or Fettuccine $14.95 your choice of pasta. Served with anian’s own ;salsa pomodoro; sauce
Ziti ;Al Padnino; $15.95 sauteed with fresh garlic, olive oil, broccoli and wild mushroom
Ziti ;Vodka Sauce; $16.95 most popular pasta sauteed with caramelized onion, pancetta, vodka and cheese sauce
Traditional Fettuccine Alfredo $15.95
Traditional With Grilled Chicken $17.95
Traditional With Sauteed Shrimp $18.95
Manicotti $15.95 twin, homemade pasta crepes, baked in light tomato sauce, filled with cheese blend stuffing.Melted Fontina
Eggplant Rolatine ;Parmigiana; $16.95 platter stuffed and baked with tomato and cheese. With vegetable and pasta


Tuna Steak ;Ariani;, Yellowfin $19.95 sushi grade pan-seared, lightly blackened, finished with brandy and seafood stock reduction
Shrimp ;Alla Ariani; $18.95 sauteed in our own red-clam sauce, over linguine pasta
Filet Of Salmon ;Oscar; $19.95 baked with crab and lobster meat, asparagus, beamasie sauce. In lobster bisque sauce. With linguine clam sauce
Tilapia $19.95 baked, with special lobster meat stuffing in lobster bisque sauce. Served with linguine white clam sauce and vegetable
Shrimp ;Alfa Adriatico; $18.95 lightly breaded and sauteed in garlic, lemon, butter, white wine sauce. Served over linguine fine
Fried Calamari ;Veneziana; $17.95 dusted with seasoned flour and fried in vegetable oil. With linguine white clam sauce


Zuppa Frutta Di Mare $23.95 platter of sauteed shrimp, calamari, mussels and fish filet in light fra diavolo seafood marinara sauce

Ariani’s Most Popular, Northern Italian Favorites

Veal Scaloppine Marsala And Mushroom $19.95 seasoned and elegantly sauteed with in our mushroom and marsala demiglace sauce
Chicken "Alfa Ariani" $18.95 most popular sauteed in our mushroom demi-glace sauce with eggplant, proscuittio and melted tontino cheese. Served over fettuccine alfredo
Filet Mignon "Wellington" $24.95 butter flied, pan- seared filet mignon is "stuffed" with sauteed with mushroom. Baked, wrapped in fontina cheese and puff-pastry dough
Chicken Breast Scaloppine "Alfa Riviera" $17.95 lightly eggwashed and then sauteed with artichokes hearts, capers in lemon-white wine sauce
Pork Medallions "Alla Florentine" $17.95 perfectly seasoned and grilled. Finished with italian proscuittio and melted fontina cheese. Served over spinach with homemade istrian potato
Ariani’s Famous ;Lambuco; $19.95 two, spring lamb shanks, seasoned and browned then slowly braised in flavorful blend of fresh garlic, red wine and rosemary


cutlets are lightly hand – breaded and elegantly pan-fried. Topped with sauteed mushrooms mix, parmesan and fontina cheese. Veal -19.95, Chicken -17.95
Roasted $19.95 specially seasoned, boneless, small veal roast is browned, the slowly braised in our ;ossobuco; sauce. Most flavorful
Toscan Sausage $18.95 special italian style sausage, grilled and sliced, sauteed with onion, mushroom, wine, touch of tomato and tossed with penne
Pork Schnitzel $17.95 lightly hand breaded, pan-fried and then sauteed in garlic, butter, lemon- white wine sauce. Served over linguine ;adriatico; sauce
Calf Liver $18.95 pan-grilled, sauteed with sweet onion, finely chopped meaty bacon and touch of brandy – demi-glace reduction. With istrain potato and vegetable
Parma Combo – Platter (hearty appetite, please) $19.95 veal, chicken and shrimp, lightly breaded and baked in our tomato sauce and melted fontina cheese. Served with baked ziti and vegetable

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