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Garden Fresh Salad

Served with fresh baked bread and your choice of balsamic vinaigrette, caesar, ranch, lite ranch,BBQ ranch, italian, bleu cheese, fat-free raspberry vinaigrette, apple cider vinaigrette, thousand island, sesame ginger. add a cookie for $0.69
Cashew Chicken $8.59 Assorted greens mixed with fresh vegetables, topped with cashew chicken salad.
Curry Chicken Salad $8.59 Assorted greens with fresh vegetables, topped with curry chicken salad.
Tossed Green $6.99 Crisp lettuce mixed with red cabbage, grated carrots and fresh vegetables.
Sliced Herb Roasted Chicken $8.49 A delicious combination of fresh, crisp salad greens, vegetables and herb roasted chicken breast.
Chef Salad $9.29 Julienne strips of turkey and ham, sliced egg, jack and cheddar cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers on crisp salad greens.
Fruited Salad $8.99 A delicious fresh salad with a mix of fresh strawberries and blueberries, red and green grapes, sliced pears, candied walnuts and craisins over spring mix.
Chicken Caesar Salad $8.89 Tender julienne strips of boneless chicken breast piled on top of fresh garden greens, grated Parmesan cheese, sliced egg and crisp Romaine lettuce. Served with our creamy Caesar dressing on the side
Mandarin Chicken Salad $8.99 Tender sliced chicken breast, mandarin oranges and slivered almonds on top of fresh salad greens. Served with sesame ginger dressing on the side.
Cobb Salad $9.29 Chunks of chicken, bacon, olives, tomatoes, sliced egg, jack and cheddar cheese on top of salad greens.
Pear and Goat Cheese $8.89 Fresh wedges of Barlett pears teamed with fresh goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and walnuts over mixed greens. We recommend raspberry vinaigrette. Add grilled chicken breast $1.50
Apple Walnut Salad $8.99 Sliced apples, candied walnuts, crumbled bacon and mozzarella cheese on a crisp bed of salad greens. Add grilled chicken breast – $1.50
Taco Salad $9.49 Crisp lettuce, fresh vegetables, jack and cheddar cheese, olives and avocado. Top it with our south of the border salsa, chili and sour cream on the side.
Tuna Salad $8.69 The finest, fresh white tuna makes this the catch of the day.
Bleu Mandarin Salad $8.49 Mandarin oranges, crumbled bleu cheese, candied walnuts and dried cranberries over a spring mix. Served with balsamic or raspbery vinaigrette on the side. Add grilled chicken breast $1.50
Southwestern Chicken Salad $8.99 Crisp salad greens and vegetables topped with tender slices of chicken and drizzled with our special BBQ ranch dressing. Next we add corn, black beans, tortilla strips and cilantro to make this a tas
Caesar Salad $7.49 Garden fresh tomatoes and cucumbers next to grated parmesan cheese and sliced egg all piled up on a crisp bed of romaine lettuce. Served with our creamy caesar dressing on the side.

Homemade Soup

Served with our fresh-baked bread, or add a bread bowl for $0.75
New England Clam Chowder $3.59 – $13.89
Home Style Chicken Noodle $3.59 – $13.89
Homemade Vegetable $3.59 – $13.89 Ask for our additional soup selections
Amy?s Special Recipe Chili Served with two kinds of cheese and fresh baked bread
Chicken Tortilla Soup $3.99 – $14.89 Served with sour cream & chips

Junction Bakery

Loaf of Homemade Breads $2.99 Honey wheat , 13-grain, sourdough
Double Brownies $1.89
Cookies $0.79
Rice Krispie Treats $1.39

Superb Sandwiches

Sandwiches prepared on fresh-baked bread as listed below, unless otherwise specified.
Deluxe Box Lunch Served with pasta salad, potato salad, frog eye salad, baby carrots with dip, whole apple or potato chips sun chips or baked upon request, dill pickle, a sweet treat and a mint. Mustard and mayo on t
Executive Box Lunch Add $2.50. Served with pasta salad, potato salad or frog eye salad, fresh cut veggies and a scrumptious vegetable dip, bag of chips sun chips or baked upon request, cheesecake and an after lunch mint
BLT $7.79 Lean bacon next to garden fresh tomatoes and crisp green leaf lettuce. Pile it in between fresh sourdough bread you?ll love it
BLT Deluxe $8.79 The incredible BLT made even better with swiss cheese, avocado and sprouts on honey wheat bread.
Pastrami & Swiss $8.49 Sliced pastrami and swiss cheese on our famous 13-grain bread will give you that world-renowned deli taste.
Baked Ham $7.79 Sugar-cured Virginia baked ham and swiss cheese on sourdough bread.
Vegetarian $7.99 Sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, green pepper and sprouts with provolone and cheddar cheese on our famous honey wheat bread.
Marinated Grilled Vegetables $7.99 Seasonal vegetables, zucchini and yellow squash, roasted pepper, fennel, red onions and tomatoes on honey wheat roll or wrap, with pesto spread. Add fresh mozzarella $0.59
Office Favorite $8.29 Roast beef, sliced turkey, ham and swiss cheese loaded up on our freshly baked 13-grain bread.
Granny Apple Turkey $8.49 Tangy sliced green apples, tender turkey breast, havarti cheese, with a side of apple cider vinaigrette.
Turkey and Swiss $8.29 Oven roasted, tender white turkey breast and Swiss cheese with cranberry sauce on the side.
Turkey Avocado $8.79 Oven-roasted turkey breast, sliced avocado, sprouts and swiss cheese on our fresh baked honey wheat bread. Add cranberry sauce $0.29.
Turkey Cran Peno $8.49 Oven roasted turkey breast, cucumbers and swiss cheese topped with cranberry jalapeno sauce on our famous honey wheat bread
Grilled Chicken Breast $8.79 Grilled chicken breast with roasted peppers, crisp leaf lettuce and Balsamic vinaigrette on a honey wheat roll. Add fresh mozzarella $0.69
Chipotle Chicken $8.79 Chipotle seasoned chicken with tomatoes and Pepper Jack Cheese will give you just the right amount of spice for your lunch. Served on our freshly baked sourdough bread with chipotle mayo on the side
Herb Roasted Chicken $8.49 Sliced chicken marinated in a special blend of herbs and spices and then baked to perfection. Served on freshly baked honeywheat bread with a side of pesto sauce.
Cashew Chicken $8.49 Tender chicken breast blended with cashews and sweet celery, seasoned to perfection. Served on fresh baked sourdough bread.
Curry Chicken $8.29 A delightful blend of sweet and savory spices with a hint of mild curry mixed with fruit and tender chicken breast served on fresh baked sourdough bread.
Club $8.59 Oven roasted turkey breast and Virginia baked ham topped with bacon, cheddar & provolone cheese on honey wheat bread. Add cranberry sauce $0.29
Roast Beef Deluxe $8.49 Lean top round of beef, provolone and cheddar cheese piled high on our fresh baked 13-grain bread.
Charlie?s Dream $7.99 The best fancy white albacore (dolphin-friendly, of course) with swiss cheese served on fresh baked sourdough bread.
Egg Salad $8.49 A great combination of egg salad, swiss cheese and sliced avocado on our fresh baked sourdough bread.

Lunch Specials

Sandwich Special Add $2.00 Your choice of any sandwich, substituting either soup or tossed green salad for the side dish. Upgrade salad for $1.59
Soup & Salad Special $8.99 A cup of piping hot soup, next to a crisp tossed salad and fresh baked bread straight from our bakery. Upgrade salad for $1.59. Make it chili for $0.79
Half Sandwich combo $7.99 Half sandwich of your choice with a cup of soup or a tossed green salad. Upgrade salad for $1.59

Sides & Extras

Salad Dressing $0.99
Cheese $0.69 Provolone, american, swiss, cheddar, mozzarella or pepper jack
ASJ Sauces $0.29
Chips $0.99
Kettle Chips $1.29
Bread $0.79
Avocado $0.99
Apple $0.99
Salads $3.29 – $8.99 Pasta, potato, baby carrots frog eye. cup 8 oz, pint 16 oz, quart 32 oz

Icy Beverages

Stewart?s Root Beer or Cream Soda $1.99
Bottled water $1.39
White Tea $1.99 Lightly sweetened
Iced Tea $1.99 Includes green teas snapple
Canned Soda $1.29
Juices $1.99

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