Anthonino’s Taverna

Up to date Anthonino’s Taverna prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Italian.


Calamari $11.00 premium wild caught squid served deep fried or sauteed, served with house marinara sauce
Toasted Ravioli $9.00 (6) handmade in house, filled with ground beef, ricotta and pecorino romano cheeses. Featured on the Food Network Show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
Baked Goat Cheese $9.00 a generous portion of goat cheese baked with marinara, served with fried pita chips
Pickle Chips $8.00 deep fried dill pickles with spicy tzatziki dip
Crispy Artichoke Heart Bottoms $8.00 served with a butter garlic sauce
Saganaki $8.00 imported hallumi cheese (cyprus) fried with pita and yogurt tzatziki
Spanakopita $7.00 handmade in house, spinach and feta cheese wrapped in light and crispy phyllo dough
Garlic Cheese Bread $7.00 toasted artisan bread, garlic butter and provel with marinara


Chef’s Board $14.00 (volpi) genoa salami, (volpi) sopressa, mozzarella rolled prosciutto, aged provolone, pepperoncini, Sicilian olives
Horiatiki $6.00 “village salad” tomato, red onion, red pepper, kalamata olives, feta and cucumbers with balsamic vinaigrette
Caprese Salad $6.00 basil, fresh mozzarella, roma tomato, topped with extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic
Hummus $5.00 pureed chick peas, roasted garlic served with pita
Yogurt Tzatziki $5.00 imported Greek yogurt with cucumber, garlic, olive oil and lemon served with pita

Salads and Soups

Soup of the Day $3.00 – $5.00
House Salad $4.00 romaine lettuce, red onion, red bell pepper, roma tomatoes, pepperoncini, kalamata olives, feta and cucumber topped with a creamy Greek dressing
Caesar Salad $5.00 romaine lettuce, aged imported parmesan, toasted croutons and a creamy caesar dressing
Spinach Salad $6.00 spinach, toasted sunflower seeds, red onion, red bell pepper, gorgonzola with balsamic vinaigrette

Salad Toppings

Grilled Salmon, Sauteed Shrimp $6.00
Chopped Genoa Salami, Volpi, Buffalo Chicken $5.00
Gyro Meat, Grilled Chicken, Sauteed Vegetables Or Sauteed Cremini Mushrooms $5.00


burgers served on a brioche bun with a choice of french fries or fresh vegetable of the day
Big Anthony Burger $10.00 on garlic cheese bread topped with gyro meat
Big Rosario Burger $10.00 topped with crispy pancetta and sharp cheddar cheese
Feta Burger $10.00 kalamata olives, feta, yogurt tzatziki
Frisco Style Burger $9.00 russian dressing, tomato, provel and cheddar
Americano Burger $9.00 american cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce and thousand island
Nino Burger $8.00 charbroiled hamburger


All sandwiches served on artisan bread with a choice of french fries or fresh vegetable of the day
Buffalo Chicken $10.00 tender chicken breast pan fried in a buffalo sauce with gorgonzola, lettuce, tomato and onion
Chicken Parmesan $10.00 tender chicken breast, pan fried topped with aged parmesan and marinara
Grilled Chicken $8.00 cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, basil mayonnaise
Salsiccia $8.00 (volpi italian sausage) served with sauteed peppers and onions, topped with balsamic reduction
Meatball $8.00 (Nonna’s homemade recipe) with provolone cheese and marinara sauce
Chicken Gyro $8.00 tender marinated chicken breast rolled in pita with tzatziki, tomato and onion
Falafel $8.00 spiced, fried, smashed chick peas, cucumber, tomato, onion and yogurt, rolled in pita and served with hot sauce and tahini
Gyro $8.00 spiced beef and lamb rolled in pita with tzatziki, tomato and onion

Sandwich Toppings

Crispy Pancetta $1.50
Cheddar, Feta, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Provel, Provolone, American or Pepper Cheese $1.00
Roasted Sweet Peppers $0.75
Jalapenos or Pepperoncinis $0.75
Mediterranean Hot Sauce $0.50
Spicy Tzatziki $0.50
Marinara $0.50


Fries $2.50 – $4.00
Fresh Vegetable of the Day $2.50
Cup of Soup $3.00
Pita $1.00
Broccoli $27.00 – $48.00
Green Beans $32.00 – $48.00
Grilled Asparagus $42.00 – $64.00
Greek Style Potatoes $22.00 – $32.00

Specialty and Traditional Pizzas

All pizzas are 14 inch and hand tossed. Substitute for 9 inch Gluten Free Crust
Deluxe $20.00 sausage, pancetta, red bell pepper, red onion, black olives and cremini mushrooms
4 Meat $18.00 pepperoni, capocolla, sausage and pancetta
Bacon Cheeseburger $18.00 pancetta, mozzarella, hamburger and cheddar
Supreme $17.00 sausage, red bell pepper, red onion and black olives
Roasted Garlic $16.00 olive oil base, smashed roasted garlic, chickenbreast and spinach
Melanzane $16.00 eggplant, sausage
Pesto $18.00 BBQ sauce base, capocolla, chicken and pineapple
Ricotta $18.00 BBQ sauce base, capocolla, chicken and pineapple
Goat Cheese $18.00 olive oil base, sauteed onions, artichokes, toasted sunflower seeds, goat cheese and sundried tomato
Sicilian $16.00 capocolla, pepperoni, roasted red peppers and red onions
Buffalo Chicken $16.00 alfredo base, fried chicken, red onion, cheddarand buffalo sauce
Fire $15.00 spicy tzatziki base, capocolla, jalapenos and pepper cheese
Gyro $15.00 tzatziki sauce, gyro meat, tomato, onion and feta cheese
BBQ Chicken $18.00 BBQ sauce base, grilled chicken, capocolla, pineapple and red onion
Vegetable $15.00 zucchini, bell pepper, red onion and broccoli
Margherita $15.00 fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese
Greek $15.00 olive oil base, feta, spinach, kalamata olives, and roasted red peppers
4 Cheese $15.00 mozzarella, provel, gorgonzola and feta

Cheese Pizza

$11 + $2.50 Each Additional Topping
Veggies artichoke heart, spinach, broccoli, kalamata olives, sicilian green olives, black olives, cremini mushrooms, sundried tomato, roasted red pepper
Cheeses mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, feta, ricotta, gorgonzola, pepper, fresh mozzarella
Meats anchovies, fried calamari, capocolla, chicken breast, genoa salami, gyro meat, sausage, meatballs, hamburger, pancetta, pepperoni, sopressa
Other basil, capers, pepperoncini, pesto, fresh jalapenos, pineapple

Fresh Ravioli

Made in house
Creamy Pesto Ravioli $13.00 cheese ravioli topped with pesto, alfredo andsundried tomato
Cheese Ravioli $11.00 stuffed with ricotta cheese, topped with marinara
St. Louis Style Ravioli $12.00 beef ravioli baked with melted provel andromano cheese
Beef Ravioli $11.00 topped with marinara

Fresh Pastas

Choose from one of our house sauces: marinara, alfredo, pesto or olive oil and garlic butter sauce. Add bolognese to any pasta for $1. *No sauce substitution
Tutti Mare $16.00 clams, squid, shrimp and crab claws
Nero Pasta with Squid* $14.00 black ink sauce tossed with pasta and squid
Puttanesca* $14.00 tomato, anchovies, onions, capers, kalamata olives, oregano with white wine and olive oil
Chicken Pesto $14.00 chicken, gorgonzola, pancetta
Pasta with Grilled Salmon $13.00 – $14.00
Melanzane $13.00 roasted eggplant tossed with goat cheese
Volpi Sausage Pasta $12.00
Pasta with Sauteed Shrimp $12.00 – $14.00
Pasta with Clams* $12.00 in garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes
Pasta Con Broccoli $12.00 served with alfredo sauce
Carbonara* $12.00 pancetta, romano, fresh eggs
Primavera $12.00 zucchini, red bell pepper, red onion, creminis
Pomodoro $12.00 marinara and fresh stewed roma tomatoes
Pasta Con Ricotta* $12.00 fresh ricotta topped with toasted almonds
Beef Tortellini in Marinara $11.00 – $13.00
Meatball Pasta $11.00


All entrees are served with a house salad or soup and a choice of pasta (marinara, alfredo or bolognese) or fresh vegetable of the day. All steaks are 8oz aged filet of sirloin certified angus beef brand. All Seafood Wild Caught
Beef Spedini $18.00 (cooked to medium)thinly sliced charbroiled round steak rolled and filled with genoa salami and provolone cheese topped with cherry pepper relish and served atop polenta
Dolmathes $17.00 Grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, lamb and rice made in house. Featured on the Food Network Show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives
Chicken Marsala $17.00 pan fried breaded topped with cremini mushrooms in our marsala sauce
Palermo Style Chicken $17.00 charbroiled breaded topped with lemons, capers, Sicilian olives and white wine butter sauce
Chicken Parmesan $16.00 pan fried breaded topped with marinara and aged imported parmesan
Salmon Filet $18.00 (cooked to medium) charbroiled served atop a relish made of sauteed peppers, white raisins and pine nuts
Cioppino $18.00 a fish stew made with tomatoes, fish stock, salmon, shrimp, crab claws and clams
Shrimp Scampi $16.00 eight large premium broiled white shrimp covered in a lemon butter sauce tossed inbreadcrumbs
Steak Mudiga $24.00 breaded sirloin filet, charbroiled, topped with volpi prosciutto, melted cheese and covered in a white wine sauce
Surf ‘N Turf $25.00 charbroiled filet of sirloin, topped with 3 large crab claws, served over polenta with a rich consomme

Mediterranean White Wines

PINOT GRIGIO – Riff 2013 (Alto Adige, IT) $6.50 – $24.00 Pronounced, clean, elegant, grapey flavor
CHARDONNAY Cousino Macul 2013 (Central Valley, CH) $6.50 – $24.00 Full and round palate, aromas of pineapple and apples
RIESLING Selbach Piesporter 2013 (Mosel, GE) $7.00 – $26.00 Flavors of pear, apricot and honey
VERNACCIA Toscolo 2013 (Tuscany, IT) $26.00 Full-flavored palate rich in citrus aromas and almond notes
PINOT GRIGIO Dorigo 2013 (Friuli, IT) $30.00 Aromas of banana and pineapple with crisp acidity
LANGHE BIANCO Baudana “Dragon” 2012 (Piedmont, IT) $34.00 Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc/Riesling Blend Dry and medium-bodied with a long refreshing finish

American White Wines

SAUVIGNON BLANC Quivira “Dry Creek” 2013 (Sonoma, CA) $7.50 – $28.00 Aromas of lemongrass and ginger with bright acidity
CHARDONNAY Steele 2013 (California) $34.00 Rich flavors and aromas of mango, papaya, citrus and apple

Sparkling Wines

PROSECCO Adami N.V. (Veneto, IT) $7.50 – $28.00 Crisp flavors of pear apple and melon with delicate bubbles
MOSCATO D’ASTI Saracco 2013 (Piedmont, IT) $28.00 Possesses delightful elegance and charm

Nonno’s Cabinet

PORT Smith Woodhouse Lodge Reserve (PR) $6.50 Fresh and robust fruit flavors
DIGESTIVO Nonino (IT) $6.50 Grappa infused with alpine herbs
GRAPPA il Merlot or Chardonnay Nonino (IT) $8.00 Soft and round ripe fruit

Mediterranean Red Wines

CHIANTI Toscolo 2013 (Tuscany, IT) $6.50 – $24.00 This Sangiovese is supple and fruity on the palate
LAMBRUSCO Chiarli N.V. (Emilia-Romagna, IT) $7.00 – $26.00 Semi-Sweet, pleasant bouquet, light in color
DOLCETTO D’ALBA Paitin 2013 (Piedmont, IT) $8.00 – $30.00 Supple, herb and blackberry scented
CHIANTI CLASSICO Coltibuono “RS” 2011 (Tuscany, IT) $30.00 Soft, round taste, well-balanced acidity
BARBERA D’ASTI Vietti “Tre Vigne” 2012 (Piedmont, IT) $32.00 Dry, soft, full-bodied, fresh and fruity
SUPER TUSCAN La Spinetta “Casanova” 2010 (Tuscany, IT) $42.00 Full bodied, sweet tannins, balanced fruit
AMARONE Campagnola 2010 (Veneto, IT) $58.00 Dry, full, complex and velvet smooth

American Red Wines

PINOT NOIR Castle Rock 2012 (California) $7.00 – $26.00 Tasty cherry character suggesting its varietal
PINOT NOIR Bishop’s Peak 2012 (San Luis Obispo, CA) $40.00 Medium-bodied with flavors of dark fruit and spice
PETITE SIRAH Writer’s Block 2012 (Lake County, CA) $28.00 Bold fruit flavors and spice notes
CABERNET SAUVIGNON Ramsay 2013 (North Coast, CA) $8.00 – $30.00 Dark fruits, fine tannins and excellent acidity
CABERNET SAUVIGNON Hess Select 2012 (North Coast, CA) $34.00 Plum, cherry, spice, and a hint of soft dusty oak
MALBEC Altos las Hormigas “Reserva” 2012 (Mendoza, AR) $50.00 Blueberry, cassis and peppercorn with notes of mocha


Bud Light
Bud Select
Michelob Ultra


Menabrea “Blonde” (IT)
Menabrea Ambrata “Dark” (IT)
Heineken (HL)
Mythos (GR)
Stella Artois (BE)

Draft Beer

Pitchers Available
Draft Beer See your server for the current selections available


Sambuca White (IT)
Sambuca Black (IT)
Tuaca (IT)
CapriNatura Limoncello (IT)
Galliano (IT)
Disaronno (IT)
Raynal (FR)
B & B (FR)
Gran Marnier (FR)
Metaxa (GR)
Ouzo (GR)


Coca Cola $2.00
Diet Coke $2.00
Sprite $2.00
Cherry Coke $2.00
Dr. Pepper $2.00
Pink Lemonade or Iced Tea $2.00
Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea $2.50
San Pellegrino Limonata or Aranciata $2.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (8 Ounces) $2.00


Toasted Ravioli’s $43.00 – $75.00
Bruschetta $27.00 – $43.00
Garlic Cheese Bread $27.00 – $43.00
Spanakopita $60.00
Sliced Gyro Meat w/ Tzatziki Sauce $39.00 – $70.00
Hummus w/pita or vegetable $32.00 – $54.00
Baked Goat Cheese $43.00 – $80.00
Salami Platter $59.00


House $27.00 – $48.00
Caesar $37.00 – $59.00
Spinach Salad $37.00 – $59.00
Caprese Salad $32.00 – $54.00 sliced mozzarella, plum tomatoes, and basil


Chicken Marsala $80.00 – $105.00
Chicken Palermo $70.00 – $95.00
Chicken Parmesan $70.00 – $95.00
Eggplant Parmesan $59.00 – $80.00
St. Louis Style Ravioli $48.00 – $80.00
Pastisio $39.00 – $71.00
Stuffed Peppers $43.00 – $80.00
Lasagna $59.00 – $95.00
Dolmathes $59.00 – $115.00
Beef Spiedini $59.00 – $105.00


Choose Baked Pasta for an additional $10
Pasta with Bolognese/Marinara/Alfredo $27.00 – $54.00
Pasta with Homemade Meatball or Volpi Sausage $32.00 – $64.00
Pasta Con Broccoli $32.00 – $59.00
Tortellini $37.00 – $75.00
Pasta Primavera $32.00 – $64.00
Pasta Pomodoro $37.00 – $59.00
Pasta with Chicken $35.00 – $70.00 Capicola, and Stewed Tomatoes in a Tomato Cream Sauce


Baklava $32.00 – $64.00
Tiramisu $39.00 – $75.00
Cannoli $48.00 – $86.00

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