Angelo’s Beef Hut

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Cuisine: Sandwiches, Hot Dogs.


Italian Beef (Best Tasting Beef In Chicago $4.75 with sweet or hot peppers
Italian Sausage $3.75 with sweet or hot peppers
Combo (Beef & Sausage) $5.95 with sweet or hot peppers
1/4 Lb Hamburgers $2.25
1/4 Lb Cheeseburgers $2.75
1/4 Lb Bacon Cheeseburgers $3.25
Add An Extra 1/4 Lb Burger Patty For $1.00 above burgers are served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard, ketchup, pickles
Fish Sandwich $3.50 lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, tarter sauce
Meatball Sandwich $4.75 with mozzarella cheese
Gyro Sandwich $4.50 tomatoes, onions, sauce (tzatziki)
Grilled Chicken $4.50
Chicken Kebab $4.75 on bread or pita
Ribeye Steak Sandwich $5.00 lettuce, tomatoes, onions

Hot Dog

Chicago Style Includes: Onions, Mustard, Tomatoes, Pickles, Relish, Hot Peppers
Hot Dog $1.50
Hot Dog $2.00 with chili or cheese
Add Fries Or Chips To A Hot Dog $1.00
Polish Sausage $2.50
Polish Sausage $3.00 with cheese or chili

South Of The Border

Burrito (Steak, Chicken, Ground Beef) $4.75 refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream & cheese
Taco $1.75 cilantro, onions, lettuce, tomatoes
Add $0.20 sour cream and cheese
Add $0.50 avocado

Angelo’s Dinners

Pasta With Meatball $6.75 garlic bread dinner & side salad
Taco Dinner (3 Tacos) $6.75 avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, refried beans & rice
Burrito Ranchero Dinner $7.25 avocado, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, enchilada sauce with melted cheese refried beans and rice
Gyro Dinner $7.25 2 pitas, extra meat, rice or fries, small salad


Add Grilled Chicken, Gyro Or Sausage $2
Garden Salad $2.50
Caesar Salad $3.25 romaine lettuce, croutons, caesar dressing
Greek Salad $3.99 romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, pepperoni, bell peppers, onions, feta cheese, pita bread

Angelo’s Deli Subs

Regular 6" $3.85 / Big 10" $5.45 Above Served With: Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pickles. Your Choice Of Mustard, Mayo Or Italian Dressing
Roast Beef sliced roast beef
Corned Beef sliced corned beef
Ham sliced ham
Turkey Breast sliced turkey breast
Italian salami, pepperoni, mortadella
Cold Cut Combo turkey, ham, pepperoni


Fresh Cut Fries $1.50
Onion Rings $2.15
Gravy Bread $1.25
Pita $0.50
Add Bacon $0.50
Pizza Puff $2.50
Refried Beans $1.50
Chili $2.05 12 oz with crackers
Nachos $2.00 cheese & jalapenos
Nachos $1.50 add meat
Nachos $0.50 add cheese (american)
Nachos $0.50 extra sauces
Extra Deli Meat $1.00 turkey, ham, salami, pepperoni, mortadella
Cheesy Fries $2.25
Mushrooms $2.55
Garlic Bread $1.25
Garlic Bread $0.50 add cheese
Garlic Bread $0.50 extra sauces
Mozzarella $3.25 6 pcs with marinara
Rice $1.50
Soup $2.05 12oz with crackers
Large Nachos $3.00 cheese or jalapenos
Large Nachos $0.50 add bacon
Large Nachos $0.65 add cheese (mozzarella)
Potato Chips Bag $1.25

Combo Meals

#1. 1/4 Lb. Hamburger $4.35 with fries & drink
#2. Polish $4.35 with fries & drink
#3. Pizza Puff $4.85 with fries & drink
#4. 1/4 Lb Cheeseburger $4.85 with fries & drink
#5. 2 Hot Dogs, 1 Fries & Drink $4.85
#6. Grilled Chicken $6.35 with fries & drink
#7. Gyros Sandwich $6.35 with fries & drink
#8. Meatball Sandwich $6.35 with fries & drink
#9. Italian Beef $6.50 with fries and drink
#10. Steak Sandwich $6.50 with fries and drink

Super Specials $5.50

All Day
Monday – Caesar Salad with chicken or gyro or sausage & garlic bread
Tuesday – 6" Turkey Or Ham Sandwich with soup & chips
Wednesday – Pasta with meatball & garlic bread dinner
Thursday – Taco Dinner 3 tacos or rice & beans
Friday – Chicken Kebob with fries

Lunch Specials

Until 2pm
Monday $2.50 1/4 lb bacon cheeseburger
Tuesday $1.00 hot dogs
Wednesday $1.75 1/4 lb hamburgers
Thursday $1.35 tacos (cilantro, onions, lettuce, tomatoes)
Friday $2.00 polish sausage


Drinks $1.85 – $1.55 r c cola, diet rice, root beer, splice, pink lemonade, orange, grape and mystic ice tea
Refills On Soda $0.50
Coffee & Tea $1.25
Shakes $2.35 strawberry, vanilla, chocolate
Ice Cream $1.75 1 scoop

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