An Icy Introduction

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Cuisine: Desserts, Caribbean.

SnoBall & SnoCream

Snoball & Snocream $6.00 – $4.00


Medium $5.50

Toppings $0.50 Each

Sweet Condensed Milk
Caramel Sauce
Chocolate Fudge Sauce
Marshmallow Cream
White Chocolate Mocha Sauce
Sea Salt
Caramel Chocolate Sauce
White Chocolate Sauce


Bahama Mama tropical fruity flavor with rum background
Banana full banana flavor
Blue Raspberry raspberry with a bit more ;razz;
Blueberry ‘true-life blueberry flavor
Bubble Gum strong bubble gum taste
Cake Batter true yellow cake batter flavor
Chai Latte delicious blend of tea, exotic spices, & pure vanilla extract
Cherry full cherry taste
Chocolate real with chocolate flavor
Coconut smooth coconut flavor
Coffee rich full flavor made with real columbian coffee
Cotton Candy sweet sugar-spun cotton candy flavor
Creamy Coconut coconut with a creamy texture
Dreamsicle taste like orange-vanilla ice cream bar
Egg Custard real egg custard flavor
Georgia Peach real peach flavor
Granny Smith Apple sweet fresh apple flavor
Grape grape taste with a true grape tartness
Hawaiian taste just like hawaiian punch
Ice Cream creamy rich vanilla ice cream flavor
Kiwi taste like fresh kiwi
Leche creamy vanilla almond with a hint of cinnamon
Lemonade fresh squeezed lemonade
Lemon-Lime refreshing tart combo of lemon & lime
Mango true mango taste
Mardi Gras King Cake a unique blend of cake flavoring, rum, butter, and pure vanilla extract ot taste like the traditional mardi gras cake
Mojito rum, lime & mint with a hint of citrus
Mudslide blend of rum, cocoa, coffee & milk
Nectar vanilla-almond flavor with peach overtones
Orange real, fresh-squeezed, valencia orange flavor
Peanut Butter choosy mothers choose this one
Pina Colada just like the real thing
Pineapple like freshly sliced pineapples
Praline nutty, sweet caramel made with pure vanilla
Red Velvet Cake like the real thing
Strawberry like biting into a real strawberry
Strawberry Cheesecake unbelievable real cheesecake flavor
Tiger’s Blood fresh fruit berries with a hint of coconut
Toasted Coconut browned shaved coconut
Tutti Frutti full fruity taste
Watermelon like biting into a real watermelon
Wedding Cake has that unique taste that only a slice of wedding cake has

Signature Caribbean Flavors

Ginger Beer love ginger, then this is the flavor for you. steeped ginger with sweet and citrusy notes
Mauby tree bark-based. initially sweet, like root beer. it is an acquired taste
Peanut Punch popular in the caribbean. it’s made with peanut butter, sweet milk, sugar & spices. the original energy drink
Sorrel juice drawn from the roselle plant, coupled with spices, cinnamon & cloves

Sugar-Free Flavors

Bubble Gum
Georgia Peach

Cream Flavors $1

Cake Batter
Dulce De Leche
King Cake
Georgia Peach
Pina Colada

Specialty Flavors $1

Hot Mess sweet blend of pina colada, lemon-lime and coconut
Caribbean Queen a fruity tropical blend: watermelon, mango, banana
Ask Me If I Care? fruit berries with a hint of pineapple & cranny smith apples
Better Than Adderall a sugar rush of cotton candy and bubble gum
Fashion Victim a delicious pairing of cherry and nectar
It’s Me Not You a trio of coconut, banana, strawberry
Superfreak a freaky combination of fresh fruit berries, dreamsicle, lemonade
Work It Girl a fierce and flamboyant blend of strawberry, coconut, pineapple
Banana Cream Pudding banana, custard and cream
Don’t Waste My Time a perfectly blended combination of cherry with lemonade
Toasted Coconut Cream Pie toasted coconut, custard, cream
Like A Virgin a sweet and refreshing blend of cherry, orange, peach
Fudgesicle better than the real thing. chocolate with decadent chocolate cream
Dirty Girl Scout a sexy blend-up of kiwi, green apple, cherry
Miss Piggy bubble gum, cherry with a sassy dash of attitude
Anti-Depressant guaranteed to perk you up with a creamy trio blend of coffee, chocolate and dulce de leche

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