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Idli $4.75 Steamed rice cakes
Mini Idli $4.75 14 pcs dipped in sambar
Podi Idli $3.99 14 pcs mini idlies tempered with spices
Medu Vada $4.50 Lightly spiced lentil donuts
Idli Vada Cambo $4.75 2 pcs idly and 1 pc vada
Sambar Vada $4.50 Served in lightly spiced lentil soup
Rasa Vada $4.50 Served in mildly spiced tangy soup
Dahi Vada $4.75 Lentil donuts dipped in tempered yogurt
Aloo Bonda $4.00 Batter fried potato patties
Veg. Samosa $4.00 Crisp fried peas and potatoes turnover
Veg. Cutlet $4.00 Crumb fried mix vegetable patties
Chili Bajji $4.00 Batter fried stuffed chili pepper
Paneer Pakora $5.00 Batter fried stuffed chili pepper
Assortment Platter $8.00 Vada, cutlet, samosa, bonda and paneer pakora
Samosa Chat $5.50 Fried samosa mixed with chickpeas, onion, tomato, mint sauce, tamarind, and yogurt


Served with sambar and chutneys
Plain Dosa $7.00 Plain thin rice crepe
Paper Dosa $8.00 Thin and crispy rice crepe
Paper Masala Dosa $8.75 Crispy rice crepe filled with potatoes
Masala Dosa $7.75 Rice crepe filled with mildly spiced potatoes
Butter Masala Dosa $8.00 Spiced potato filled crepe topped with butter
Sada Mysore Dosa $8.00 Thin rice crepe layered with hot chutney
Mysore Masala Dosa $8.75 Hot chutney layered crepe filled with potatoes
Onion Dosa $8.00 Rice crepes filled with sauteed onions
Onion Masala Dosa $8.75 Rice crepe filled with potatoes and sauteed onion
Spring Dosa $8.75 Rice crepe stuffed with spring vegetables
Rava Dosa $8.25 Crispy crepe made of lightly spiced cream of wheat & rice
Rava Masala Dosa $9.00 Potatoes filled cream of wheat crepe
Paneer Dosa $9.00 Rice crepe filled with spiced homemade cottage cheese
Podi Masala Dosa $8.75 Plain thin rice crepe topped with podi


Plain Uthapam $7.00 South indian style pancakes
Onion and Peas Uthapam $8.25 Topped with onion and green peas
Onion and Chilies Uthapam $8.25 With onion and green chilies
Tomatoes and Peas Uthapam $8.25 With tomatoes and green peas
Vegetable Uthapam $8.25 With onion, tomatoes and carrots

Rice Specialties

Vegetable Biryani $9.00 Rice cooked with aromatic spices and vegetables
Bisibelabath $9.00 Rice cooked with lentils, garden fresh veggies & spices
Pongal $8.00 Rice and lentils cooked together and tempered with spices
Vegetable Pilaf $9.00 Mildly spiced basmati rice and vegetables
Lemon Rice $8.00 Steamed rice flavored with lemon & seasoned with spices
Tamarind Rice $8.00 Steamed rice blended in hot & tangy sauce garnished with peanuts
Coconut Rice $8.00 Basmati rice seasoned and cooked with coconut
Curd Rice $7.00 Yogurt rice garnished with mustard seeds and cucumber
Special Vegetable Uppuma $7.00 Cream of wheat with vegetables garnished with nuts

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