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Cuisine: Eastern European.


1. Tortilla Hispana, Papas De La Casa, Tostadas Y Cafe $5.00 spanish omelette with home fries, toast and coffee
2. Tortilla Con Queso, Papas De La Casa, Tostadas Y Cafe $4.00 cheese omelette with home fries, toast and coffee
3. 2 Huevos Con Tocineta, Jamon O Salchicha, Tostadas Y Cafe $4.00 2 eggs with bacon, ham or sausage, toast and coffee
4. 2 Huevos Con Tostadas Papas De La Casa Y Cafe $4.00 2 eggs with toast, home fries and coffee
5. Mangu Con Huevo O Queso O Salami O Jamon $7.00 boiled mashed green plantains with egg, cheese, salami or ham
6. Tostadas Francesas Con Cafe $4.00 french toast with coffee
7. Pancake Con Cafe $4.00 pancake with coffee
8. Yuca, Salami Y Huevo O Queso Blanco $7.00 cassava, salami and egg or white cheese.
9. Guineo, Salami Y Huevo O Queso Blanco $7.00 green banana, salami and egg or white cheese
10. Con Longaniza $5.00 with spanish sausage

Hot And Cold Sandwiches

Extra Lettuce And Tomato $0.50 More
Cubano $6.00 cuban
Pernil $6.00 roast pork
Bistec $6.00 steak
Bistec Empanizado $6.00 breaded steak
Filete De Pescado $6.00 fillet of fish
Pollo $6.00 chicken
Jamon Y Queso $3.00 ham and cheese
Jamon Y Huevo $3.00 ham and egg
Beef Salami $3.00
American Cheese $3.00
Swiss Cheese $3.00
B.L.T. $3.00
Tocineta Y Huevo $3.00 bacon and egg
Grilled Chicken Cutlet $6.00
Chuleta $6.00 pork chop
Atun $6.00 tuna


Cheeseburger $3.00
Cheeseburger $6.00
Hamburger $2.00
Hamburger $5.00


Mofongo fried mashed green plantains
Chicharronfongo $6.00 fried pork skinfongo
Pernilfongo $6.00 roast porkfongo
Chuletafongo $10.00 pork chopfongo
Pollofongo $6.00 chickenfongo
Pechugfongo $10.00 chicken cutletfongo
Camarofongo $14.95 shrimpfongo
Langostafongo $24.00 lobsterfongo
Bacalaofongo $8.00 codfishfongo
Filetefongo $11.00 fillet fishfongo
Longanizafongo $6.00 sausagefongo
Jamon Y Queso Fongo $7.00 ham and cheesefongo
Maduros $3.00 fried sweet plantains
Tostones $3.00 fried green plantains

Arroces Y Asopados

Rice And Soupy Rice
Arroz Con Langosta $25.00 rice with lobster
Arroz Con Camarones $12.95 rice with shrimp
Arroz Con Pollo $8.00 rice with chicken
Arroz Con Calamares $10.00 rice with squid
Arroz Con Gandules $3.00 rice with pigeon peas
Arroz Con Chorizo $8.00 rice with spanish sausage
Asopado De Langosta $21.00 lobster soupy rice
Asopado De Camarones $12.95 shrimp soupy rice
Asopado De Pollo $8.00 chicken soupy rice
Asopado De Las 7 Potencias $25.00 7 powers soupy rice


Lechuga Y Tomato $3.00 lettuce and tomato
Coctel De Camarones $13.00 shrimp ceviche
Langosta $25.00 lobster
Camarones $13.00 shrimp
Ceviche De Camarones $13.00 shrimp ceviche
Pulpo $13.00 octopus
Pollo Al Carbon $6.00 rotisserie chicken
Pechuga De Pollo A La Parrilla $9.00 grilled chicken cutlet
Aguacate $4.00 avocado
Atun $4.00 tuna fish
Bacalao $8.00 codfish
Masa De Cangrejo $8.00 crabmeat
Papa $3.00 potato


Soups, Pequena / Grande.
Lunes $6.00 – $4.00 monday. sopa de res
Diaria $6.00 – $3.00 daily. sopade pollo
Mar Y Mie $6.00 – $4.00 tue and wed. spanish soup
Mie-Sab-Dom $8.00 – $4.00 wed-sat-sun. tripe soup
Vie-Sab-Dom $8.00 – $4.00 fri-sat-sun. seafood soup
A La Order $10.00 to the order. fish soup
Chicken Wings $7.00 with french fries

Especiales Del Dia

Daily Specials. Junto $6 / Separado $10, Pregunte Por Los De Hoy, Ask For Today Specials.
Espaguetis Con Pollo spaguetti with chicken
Rabito Guisado oxtail stew
Pollo Guisado chicken stew
Chivo Guisado goat stew
Gallina Guisada hen stew
Bacalao Guisado codfish stew
Carne Guisada beef stew
Mondongo Guisado beef tripe stew
Pollo Al Carbon rotisserie chicken

House Special

Mofongo Montacero $25.00

Mar Y Tierra

Surf And Turf
Bistec T-Bone Con Langosta $30.00 t-bone steak with lobster
Bistec Sirloin Con Langosta $30.00 sirloin steak with lobster
Bistec T-Bone Con Camarones $20.00 t-bone steak with shrimp
Bistec Sirloin Con Camarones $20.00 sirloin steak with shrimp

Carnes Seleccionadas

Meat Selections
Churrasco $15.00 grilled skirt steak
Bistec T-Bone $15.00 t-bone steak
Bistec Sirloin $15.00 sirloin steak
Bistec Encebollado $10.00 steak with onions
Bistec Salteado $10.00 pepper steak
Bistec Sobrelomo A La Parrilla $10.00 grilled beef steak
Bistec En Salsa $10.00 steak with sauce
Bistec Empanizado $10.00 breaded steak
Bistec A Caballo $10.00 beef steak with egg
Bistec A La Milanesa $10.00 milanesa steak
Bistec De Higado $10.00 liver steak
Chuletas Empanizadas O A La Parrilla $10.00 breaded or grilled pork chops
Chuleta Con Champinones $10.00 pork chop with mushrooms
Carne Frita De Res O De Cerdo $10.00 fried beef or pork meat
Chicharron De Cerdo $10.00 fried pork skin


Chicken, All The Above Plates Are Served With: Rice And Beans Or Green Or Yellow Plantains Or French Fries Or Salad.
Pollo Al Horno $8.00 rotisserie chicken
Pollo Frito $8.00 fried chicken
Pollo Con Champinones $11.00 chicken with mushrooms
Pollo A La Parmigiana $11.00 chicken parmigiana
Pollo A La Francesa $11.00 chicken french
Croquetas De Pollo Con Salsa Tartara $10.00 breaded chicken chunks with tartar sauce.
Pechuga De Pollo A La Parrilla $10.00 grilled chicken cutlet
Pechuga Empanizada $10.00 breaded chicken cutlet
Pechuga Rellena Con Camarones $15.00 stuffed chicken cutlet
Chicharrones De Pollo $10.00 fried chicken cutlet chunks
Pechuga A Lo Montazo Con Broccoli Y Vegetables $10.00 chicken cutlet moritzo style with broccoli and vegetables.
Pechugas De Pollo Guisadas Con Vegetables $10.00 chicken cutlet stewed with vegetables


Camarones A Lo Montazo Con Broccoli Y Vegetables $13.95 shrimp montazo with broccoli and vegetables.
Paella $22.00 – $30.00
Langosta A La Parrilla $25.00 broiled lobster
Langosta Enchilada $25.00 lobster in hot sauce
Langosta Al Ajillo $25.00 lobster in garlic sauce
Camarones A La Parrilla $13.95 broiled shrimp
Camarones Enchilados $13.95 shrimp in hot sauce
Camarones Al Ajillo $13.95 shrimp in garlic sauce
Camarones Fritos $13.95 fried shrimp
Camarones Empanizados $13.95 breaded shrimp
Camarones A La Francesa $13.95 french shrimp
Espaguetis Con Camarones $13.95 spaghetti with shrimp
Camarones A La Francesa $13.95 french shrimp
Camarones Con Hongos $13.95 shrimp with mushroom
Pulpo Enchilada $13.95 octopus in hot sauce
Filete A La Parrilla $10.00 broiled fillet
Filete En Salsa $10.00 fillet in sauce
Filete Frito $10.00 fried fillet
Filete De Pescado Al Limon $10.00 fillet fish on lemon
Pescado De Rueda Al Gusto $10.00 fish steak to taste
Pargo Rojo Cualquier Estilo $15.00 red snapper any style
Croquetas De Pescado $10.00 little pizza breaded fish
Salmon Caulquier Estilo $14.00 salmon any style

Batidos $3.50

Tamarindo tamarind
Guanabana sour sop
Parcha – Maracuya passion fruit
Morir Sonando orange juice with milk
Vanilla vanilla
Chocolate Chocolate
Fresa strawberry

Jugos Naturales

Natural Juices
Zanahoria $4.00 carrot
Limon $3.50 lemon
Naranja $3.50 orange
Zanahoria Con Carnation Y Naranja $4.00 carrot with carnation and orange

Postres $3

Flan egg custard
Cheese Cake

Bebidas Calientes $1

Hot Beverages
Cafe coffee
Te tea

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