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Cuisine: Barbecue, Hawaiian.


Romaine hearts, carrot slices and sliced tomato. Toppings are made when ordered and served hot. Choice of ranch or italian dressing on the side
BBQ Chicken Salad $7.25
BBQ Beef Salad $7.50
Chicken Katsu Salad $7.25
Garden Salad $6.25

Noodle Soup

Skinny-thin egg noodles in a warm broth with vegetables
Spam Saimin $5.75
BBQ Beef Saimin $6.25
BBQ Chicken Saimin $5.75
Plain Saimin $5.00

Hawaiian Egg Plates

Loco Moco $8.90 Distinctly hawaiian two home-made hamburger patties, two eggs and brown gravy
Spam Loco Moco $9.00 Three slices of grilled spam, two eggs and brown gravy
Mini Loco Moco $7.25
Spam, Eggs and Rice $7.85 3 Slices of grilled spam, 2 eggs, 2 scoop rice
Portuguese Sausage $8.95 2 eggs, 2 scoops rice


Add fries to any burger $2.00.
Hamburger $2.45 Ketchup & mayo
Cheeseburger $3.15 Ketchup & mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion
Garden Burger $5.15 Ketchup & mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion
Shrimp Burger $4.25 Fried shrimp, tartar sauce
BBQ Beef Burger $4.00 Sliced BBQ beef, mayo
BBQ Chicken Burger $3.75 Our BBQ chicken, mayo and lettuce
White Meat BBQ Chicken Burger $3.85 Our BBQ chicken white meat, mayo and lettuce
Add Fries to any Burger $2.00
Deluxe $0.70 Add mayo, lettuce, tomato and onions


2 pieces to each order. A hawaiian hand-rolls: a thick block of warm rice lightly seasoned with our teriyaki sauce, topped with a hot topping and wrapped in a belt of nori
Spam Musubi $4.75
Spam Katsu Musubi $5.85
BBQ Chicken Musubi $6.00
Tofu Katsu Musubi $6.35 Vegetarian, served with tofu katsu sauce

Mini Plates

Smaller main portions, 1 scoop of rice, 1 scoop of mac salad
Mini BBQ Chicken $6.55
Mini BBQ Chicken White Meat $7.00
Mini Chicken Katsu $6.55
Mini Chicken Katsu White Meat $7.00
Mini BBQ Beef $8.25
Mini Short Ribs $13.75
Mini Tofu Katsu $6.35
Mini Hamburger Steak $6.55
Mini Fried Shrimp $7.80


Macaroni Salad – Single Scoop $1.65
Macaroni Salad – Double Scoop $2.85
French Fries – Medium $2.75
French Fries – Large $3.95
Rice – Single Scoop $1.55
Rice – Double Scoop $2.80
Shrimp Shumai – 7 Piece $4.65
Shrimp Shumai – 14 Piece $8.75
Kim Chee $3.50
Spam, Grilled Slice $1.90
Spam Katsu Slice $2.40
Fresh Broccolli & Carrot with Garlic $3.15 Cooked, warm with olive oil added


Fountain Sodas $2.40
Bottled Water $1.60

Drinks – Canned Sodas

Pepsi $1.40
Diet Pepsi $1.40
Sierra Mist $1.40
Mt. Dew $1.40
Dr. Pepper $1.40
Diet Dr. Pepper $1.40

Drinks – Imported Canned Hawaiian Juice

Guava Juice
Strawberry-Guava Juice
Pass-O-Guava Juice
Lilikoi Passion Juice
Pineapple-Orange Juice
Passion Orange Juice
Iced Tea Juice

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