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Cuisine: Coffee, Coffee & Tea.


Celebes Kalossi $13.50 a brew so smooth, so velvety, it is known as the ‘king of coffees’, a premium coffee for the demanding palate, from the sulawesi region and the estate of sulotco, from torajo, notable, magnificent fu
Costa Rican $9.95 our strictly hard bean shb, European prep’, patio dried costa rican was chosen for its superior flavor and aroma, after searching for months and months, we think we have found a coffee that suits us
Ethiopian $10.95 black and sultry, it still grows wild in the southwestern mountains, sip this magic brew and you’ll understand why the ancients considered it a miracle, sidamo grade 2, grade 2 is the top grade, a ve
Ethiopian Decaf $11.95
Guatemalan $9.95 at altitudes over 4,000 feet grows this special coffee, this estate varietal produces coffee with a medium body and a spicy aroma, savor this one all day, this coffee is grown in the huehuetenango re
Organic Guatemalan $10.95
100% Hawaiian Estate $12.50 a well-balanced enticing coffee so rare it may be Hawaii’s best-kept secret, kauai estate, soft, mild in flavor, yet full in body, low in acidity, unique flavor compared to other Hawaiian coffees, a
Java $11.95 our java is aged for a smooth cup, ‘jampit’, one of java’s finest estate coffees, very low acidity, it possible a mellow flavor and a full, smooth body, excellent in blends
Kenya $10.95 a mild climate and mountainous terrain produce a delicately acidic, well-rounded taste from their main crop, this is simply the best Kenya this year ‘aa’, medium roasted, it is smooth and rounded wit
Mexican $9.95 robust yet silky body, mild acidity and a wonderful bonquet, this is one of the very few Mexican coffees that are strictly high grown shg, makes a heavenly espresso!
Premier Colombian-Medium Roast $9.95 among the highest quality coffees in the world, these rare, superior grade Colombian beans are usually sold exclusively to the European gourmet coffee market, fine body and rich, yet mild flavor comb
Premier Colombian -Full Roast $9.95 not for the faint at heart, a mesmerizing aroma, balanced richness and bold taste, same bean as medium roast, good for drinking all day but the full roast goes especially well with dinner
Colombian Decaf $11.50
Colombian Natural Decaf $11.95
Sumatra $10.95 golden mandehling grade 1, this is a sturdy, rich, full flavored coffee with a velvety-like heaviness, very, very nice brew
Organic Sumatra $11.95
Sumatra Decaf $11.95


African Genesis $10.95 the full-bodied taste of this original blend of fine coffees from the world’s jungle regions will awaken your senses, Kenya, java, Colombian f-r
Afternoon in Vienna $9.95 delightful coffee with an undertone of dark, French roast and the delicacy of Colombian m-r, guatemalan and Mexican
Breakfast at 11:00 $10.95 winner of the ‘best a.m. wake-up of portland’ cup, so balanced, it makes every day feel like Sunday, wonderful to drink all day long, Mexican, French roast, Kenya
Bus Stop $9.95 milder than house blend, this brew is the best of south American coffees, a popular custom blend containing Columbian m-r, guatemalan, Mexican and costa rican
House Blend $9.95 our signature brew is created by an exacting blend of five coffees, you’ll find a taste fortifying enough to help you make life’s big decisions and smooth enough to accompany the morning news, develo
House Blend Decaf $10.95
Indonesian Pacific $11.95 share the magnificence of celebes, the confidence of Colombian and the tang of costa rican with someone special, a connoisseur’s delight
Mocha Java $9.95 ancient legends claim that mocha, grown at the tip of the red sea, held the power of life itself, but it didn’t gain international acclaim until blended with our aged java, the result: a balanced cup
Mocha Java Decaf $11.95
Monte Carlo No.5 $10.95 this blend is always a triumphant choice to serve on the finest occasions, it is elegant and satisfying for brewed coffee and also makes excellent espresso, celebes kalossi, French roast, Ethiopian,
Phoenix and the Turtle $10.95 Sumatra’s velvety depth dominates this blend while guatemalan and costa rican highlights add nutty and sharp flavors, simply poetic
Reggae $10.95 with Ethiopian’s boldness, Kenya’s aroma and French roast’s strength, this taste is both mysterious and unforgettable
Reggae Decaf $11.95
Semi-Jazzed Decaf $10.95 we combine our finest Colombian natural decaf with celebes and Sumatra to create a treasure of a brew with half the caffeine yet incredible richness and full flavor
Shakespearean $9.95 a classical blend composed of Colombian and guatemalan
Truck Stop $9.95 French roast, guatemalan, Colombian and costa rican artfully blended to brew a full, rich cup
Viennese $9.95 enjoy the darkness of French roast, the brightness of costa rican and the smoothness of Sumatra blended to perfection
Viennese Decaf $10.95

Espresso Blends

French Roast $9.95 this roast, with its shiny blends and buttery, robust flavor, is as bold as the last tango, dark, shining coffee with rich robust flavor specially suited for espresso Colombian, costa rican, Mexican
French Roast Decaf $10.95
The Maestro’s Blend $9.95 a bit darker and bolder than our French roast, this blend can’t be beat for great espresso, French roast, Sumatra
The Maestro’s Blend Decaf $11.50
Italian Roast $9.95 elegant with even the sweetest desserts, superb for classic Italian-style espresso, Colombian f-r, costa rican, Sumatra
Espresso Roast $9.95 the rhythm of a 1940’s royal upright typewriter talks to me with soothing sounds of clicking and lines of uncorrected poetry, this espresso, creamy and sturdy, accompanies my minds’ journey

Espresso Chocolate

Allann Bros. Mexican Chocolate Blend $3.95 our own blend of sweet Mexican chocolate with cinnamon, excellent for hot chocolate, mochas, and many espresso drinks, our most popular chocolate!
Sweet Espresso Chocolate $3.20 this is the premium chocolate we use in our coffeehouses to make semi-sweet hot chocolate and semi-sweet espresso drinks, elegant and delicious

Entner-Stuart Premium Syrups

jazz up your java and make your sodas sizzle with our true-to-nature flavored entner-stuart premium syrups, there is no finer syrup available anywhere
Almond $8.49 – $5.79
Apple $8.49 – $5.79
Apricot $8.49 – $5.79
Blackberry $8.49 – $5.79
Black Cherry $8.49 – $5.79
Black Currant $8.49 – $5.79
Blueberry $8.49 – $5.79
Boysenberry $8.49 – $5.79
Buttercrunch $8.49 – $5.79
Cafe Mocha Trio $8.49 – $5.79
Caramel $8.49 – $5.79
Chocolate Mint $8.49 – $5.79
Cinnamon $8.49 – $5.79
Coconut $8.49 – $5.79
Coffee $8.49 – $5.79
Cranberry $8.49 – $5.79
Creme De Banana $8.49 – $5.79
Creme De Cacao $8.49 – $5.79
Creme De Menthe $8.49 – $5.79
English Toffee $8.49 – $5.79
Grape $8.49 – $5.79
Hazelnut $8.49 – $5.79
Irish Cream $8.49 – $5.79
Kiwi $8.49 – $5.79
Lemon $8.49 – $5.79
Lime $8.49 – $5.79
Mango $8.49 – $5.79
Orange $8.49 – $5.79
Passion Fruit $8.49 – $5.79
Peach $8.49 – $5.79
Peppermint $8.49 – $5.79
Pineapple $8.49 – $5.79
Raspberry $8.49 – $5.79
Strawberry $8.49 – $5.79
Toasted Marshmallow $8.49 – $5.79
Vanilla $8.49 – $5.79
Almond $3.49
Cafe Mocha Trio $3.49
Caramel $3.49
Coconut $3.49
Creme De Banana $3.49
Creme De Cacao $3.49
Hazelnut $3.49
Irish Cream $3.49
Peach $3.49
Raspberry $3.49
Strawberry $3.49
Vanilla $3.49

Entner-Stuart Premium Sugar Free Syrups

Entner-Stuart Premium Sugar Free Syrups $8.49 – $5.79 almond, caramel, hazelnut, raspberry, vanilla

Entner-Stuart Premium Finishing Syrups

entner-stuart premium finishing syrups are widely acclaimed for their intensely rich, natural flavor and extraordinary versatility
Entner-Stuart Premium Finishing Syrups $4.25 blackberry, boysenberry, raspberry

Entner-Stuart 100% Hawaiian Cane Sugar Sweetener

entner-stuart is now importing 100% Hawaiian cane sugar directly from a plantation on maui, our estate gold contains a high concentration of molasses that is captured in the crystal when it is formed, the plantation white has only a hint of molasses and c
Liquid Sweetener $8.49 – $3.49 estate gold or plantation white
Crystal Sweetener $2.95 estate gold or plantation white

Specially Selected Loose Leaf Teas-Black Teas

Ceylon Imperial $2.95 light body with a good, even cup, great for iced tea
Keemun $1.95 this tea goes well with sugar, lemon or milk, sprightly and smooth, good with food
Lapsang Souchong $2.95 strong and hearty, yet somehow sweet, distinctively smoky flavor and aroma
Organic Darjeeling $7.95 flowery with a delicate color, this tea is ‘certified organic’ by the demeter association
Taj Tea $2.95 this fine Indian tea is one of our favorites for brewing both hot and iced tea, brisk, full flavor holds up well as iced tea

Specially Selected Loose Leaf Teas – Semi-Black Tea

Oolong, The Best $6.45 robust and rich, full-bodied malty taste, excellent for breakfast and afternoons, and a treat to blend with your other teas

Specially Selected Loose Leaf Teas – Blended Black Teas

English Breakfast $2.95 full-bodied and rich tea, a popular morning choice
Irish Breakfast $2.95 medium strong blend of fine black teas
Russian Caravan $2.50 strong, dark blend of China teas reminiscent of tea brought overland across Asia

Specially Selected Loose Leaf Teas – Scented Black Teas

Earl Grey $3.25 first created for British nobility, this fine tea is scented with bergamot, we’ve received lavish compliments on this superb blend
Fancy Jasmine $2.95 fragrant and sweet with the bouquet of jasmine blossoms
Hint-o-Mint $2.95 Black tea gently blended with fragrant mint
Citrus and Tea $2.95 our own delightful blend of black tea with pieces of orange peet and lemon peel, especially good for iced tea!
Epicurean Spice $2.95 our fragrant, spicy blend of black teas with cinnamon, orange peel and cloves, also delicious as iced tea

Green and Scented Green Teas

all our green teas are best brewed using about half the amount normally used when brewing black tea
Mutan $5.95 processed and grown in the fukian province, very limited harvest season, white tea has a very delicate taste with a hint of sweetness
Jasmine Downy Pearls $7.95 this uniquely shaped, hand-rolled tea from China is produced only in limited quantities each year
Japanese Sencha $1.95 long, flat, bright-green leaves unfold with a delicate sheen during brewing, delicate yellow-green in the cup with a fresh flowery taste and aroma, he most popular green tea in Japan
Pin Head Gunpowder $2.95 each leaf is hand rolled into a pellet-shaped ball, he re-fired to a delicate pewter color, unfurls gently in the cup, golden cast when brewed, satisfying body, smooth
Young Hyson $3.25 from China, this is our most pungent green tea, full-bodied, with a long-tasting, slightly bold taste, pale amber in the cup

Special, Herbal Leaf, Flower and Seed Teas

Chamomile Whole $1.95 mild, fragrant chamomile flowers, soothing
Lychee $2.95 unusual oriental black tea flavored with lychee fruit
Mint Light Herbal Blend $2.95 spearmint mellowed by rose hips, chicory, hibiscus and lemon grass
Red Stinger $3.25 great hot or iced, a blend of lemon grass, orange peel, rose hips, peppermint, hibiscus and cherry
Hibiscus Whole $3.95 ruby red, tart and lemony, excellent thirst quencher
Lemon Grass $2.95 lemony but smooth, good by itself and in blends
Peppermint $2.95 our most popular herbal mint leaf tea, clean mint taste
Rose Hips $3.95 deliciously tart, a rich source of vitamin c
Spearmint $2.95 aromatic and refreshing mint tea, bracing
Wellness Blend $3.50 our special blend of lemon grass, licorice root, peppermint, chamomile and rose hips

Tea Brewing Accessory

Allann Bros. Over-the-Cup Tea Strainer $1.50 with a stainless-steel mesh strainer-basket, they’re one of the easiest and most practical methods for brewing and serving bulk teas by the cup

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