Alewife Queens

Up to date Alewife Queens prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: American, Bar Food, Brunch.

Small Plates

Chicken Wings $10.00 choice of buffalo, chipotle bbq, garlic parmesan. tell us if you want them mild or hot
Mac N Cheese $12.00 applewood smoked cheddar, lemon salt, cornbread crumbles
Irish Nachos $11.00 smoked cheddar, pickled jalapenos, sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole
Sigmunds Pretzels $13.00 regular, garlic parsley, truffle cheddar served w/ pub cheese, whole grain mustard
Mussels $11.00 apricot nectar, hard cider, dijon cream, soft herbs
Baby Back Ribs $14.00 chipotle bbq, roasted corn, cabbage slaw


Winter Greens $11.00 pommegranates, pinenuts, fennel tops, shaved root vegetables, parmesan, truffle vinaigrette
Duck Proscuitto Salad $12.00 mission figs, roasted sweet potato, mint, roquefort, toasted cumin vinaigrette
Bar Snacks market oysters. ask our servers for catch of the day

Bar Snacks $5

Marinated Olives
Rosemary truffle or garlic shoestrings
Pickled Vegetables
Ginger-Coffee Beef Jerky
Rosemary Spiced Nuts

Between The Bun

BLT $12.00 nueske bacon, mizuna, roasted tomato, egg salad
Alewife Burger $14.00 mizuna, roasted tomato, dill relish, grilled onions, irish cheddar, garlic spread
Pulled Pork Sandwich $13.00 chipotle bbq sauce, roasted corn, cabbage slaw
Fried Chicken Sandwaich $12.00 pickled jalapenos, tomato jam, blue cheese dressing
Bratwuerst Sandwich $9.00 roasted peppers and onion, sauerkraut, whole grain mustard
Desserts $10.00 please ask servers for our nightly specials


All You Can Drink Plus One Entree 12-3pm $30.00 bloody mary, mimosa, drafts, house mixes, wines on draft
Yogurt And Granola $7.00 sheep’s milk yogurt, housemade granola
Winter Greens Salad $11.00 pommegranates, shaved root vegetable, sunflower seeds, parmesean, truffel vinaigrette
Mussels $12.00 hard cider, apricot nectar, dijon cream, soft herbs, spices
Chicken Wings $10.00 choice of buffalo, chipotle bbq, garlic parmesan
Breakfast Burger $15.00 bacon, sauteed spinach, onions, mushrooms, fried egg, irish cheddar, tomato jam, garlic spread
Mac N Cheese $11.00 applewood smoked cheddar, lemon salt, thyme, cornbread crumbles
BELT $12.00 thick cut bacon, mizuna, roasted tomato, fried egg
Smoked Cheddar Scrambled $10.00 turkey leg confit, hen of the woods, shallots, braised cranberries, soft herbs
Pork N Grits $12.00 bbq pulled pork, corn grits, fried egg
Biscuits N Gravy $12.00 fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, gravy, fried egg, market greens
French Toast $10.00 rum creme fraiche, banana compte, spiced nuts
Pancakes $10.00 braised berries, salted whipped cream


Bacon $4.00
Home Fries $4.00 – $5.00 with gravy
Toast $2.00

Beverages $3

Harvey & Sons Tea classic specialty blends
Earl Grey Supreme
Decaffeinated Ceylon
Hot Cinnamon
Mint Vebena
Juices orange, pineapple, grapefruit, cranberry
Johnnie Ryan Sodas $4.00 cola, diet cola, root beer, orange, black cherry, ginger ale

5 Courses & 5 Beers

Smoke And Spice Salad frisee, pea tendrils, mache, pink grapefruit, pepitas, candied speck, purple sisho, danish blue cheese, smoked poblano vinaigrette
"Fish And Chips" prawn skewers, pickled watermelon rind, fried pig ears
Milk Braised Pork Cheeks soubise, wild mushrooms, sage vinaigrette
"Bacon And Eggs" egg yolk ravioli, pork butt bolognese
Banana Nut Bread jalapeno jam, whipped maple-pork butter

The Beers

Cask Big Black Voodoo Daddy this is our imperial stout that we age in conditioning tanks with oak staves. this adds a classic character of old world aging with out the bourbon tones. this black ale is about 12% alc. and very ri
Cask 4 Season?s IPA 4 seasons ipa is a series that we are starting. we feel that one ipa is not enough, so we are doing four. each season there will be a different style and flavor profile. 4 seasons will evolve, as do
Pilzilla a voodooized blend of czech, german, and polish pilsners as it is higher in alcohol and much hopper than is typical for the style. brewed with a blend of 8 different european hop varieties, pilzilla
Wynona?s Big Brown Ale well, i love the song, the band and that darn beaver. it made me want to make a beer in it?s honor. generous amounts of brown malt and marris otter malt make you want to love this ale. we hop this al
Gran Met gran met (grand master) is a flash of delicate flavors. this holy grail of belgian styles is on for the connoisseur of craft beer. we at voodoo use a special technique of adding the beet sugar to the

Draught Beer

Oatmeal Stout $8.00 (16oz) founders brewing, mi, sweet stout nitro
Cream Ale $7.00 (16oz) empire brewing, ny, cream ale nitro
Pikeland Pils $7.00 – $18.00 (16oz) sly fox brewery, pa, pilsner
Special Double Cream Ale $7.00 (16oz) bell’s brewery, mi, american stout
Kalamazoo Stout $7.00 (17oz) bell’s brewery, mi, american stout
Runaway Ferry $25.00 – $8.00 (14oz) port jeff brewing, ny, dipa
Rubaeus $8.00 (14oz) founders brewing, mi, fruit beer w/ raspberry
Drink’in In The Sun $8.00 – $25.00 (14oz) mikkeller aps, den, pale wheat ale
Porter $7.00 (16oz) bell’s brewery, mi, american porter
Gran Met $9.00 (14oz) voodoo brewing, pa, tripel
Wynona’s Bog Brown Ale $7.00 – $20.00 (16oz) voodoo brewing, pa, american brown ale
Java Stout $7.00 (14oz) bell’s brewery, mi, coffee stout
Cherry Stout $7.00 (16oz) bell’s brewery, mi, stout
Backstage Series #9 Smoked Porter $8.00 (14oz) founders brewing, mi, smoked porter
Bronx Black Ale $20.00 – $7.00 (16oz) bronx brewing, ny, black pale ale
Freshchester $20.00 – $7.00 (16oz) captain lawrence, ny, american pale ale
Matt’s Burning Rosids $8.00 (12oz) stone brewing co, ca, imperial cherry wood smoked saison
Money IPA $7.00 – $20.00 (16oz) barrier brewing, ny, american ipa
Scurry $8.00 (14oz) off color brewing, il, altbier
Backstage Series #8 Sweet Repute $10.00 (8oz) backstage series #9 smoked porter, mi, barleywine
Grand Cru $9.00 (12oz) rodenbach, bel, sour / wild ale
Curmudgeon $8.00 (12oz) backstage series #8 sweet repute, mi, old ale
Peeper Ale $8.00 – $25.00 (14oz) maine brewing, me, american pale ale
Pilzilla $7.00 – $25.00 (14oz) voodoo brewing, pa, keller bier
Expedition Stout $9.00 (12oz) bell’s brewery, mi, russian imperial stout
Space Cowboy $8.00 (14oz) oxbow brewery, me, saison
Imperial Stout $9.00 (12oz) backstage series #8 sweet repute, mi, imperial stout
Third Coast $10.00 (12oz) bell’s brewery, mi, barleywine
Oil City With Columbus & Cascade $8.00 (16oz) barrier brewing, ny, black ipa
Big Black Voodoo Daddy $7.00 (8oz) voodoo brewing, pa, imperial stout
4 Seasons IPA $8.00 (14oz) voodoo brewing, pa, american ipa

Bottles Beer

Extra Bruin $29.00 achel, bel, quad
Speedway Stout $35.00 alesmith, ca, put your seatbelt on a be ready for a ride
Dubbel $8.00 allagash brewing, me, dubbel
Odyssey $45.00 allagash brewing, me, belgian strong ale
Merveilleaux $32.00 allagash brewing, me, sour w/ bourbon & wine barrels
The Oak Melchior $45.00 alvinne, bel, ale w/ mustard seeds
Wild West $25.00 alvinne / stillwater, bel, golden blonde aged in bordeaux barrels
Galaxy $38.00 anchorage brewing, ak, white ipa
Kaiser $14.00 avery brewing, co, imperial pumpkin
Bruin $10.00 bink, bel, belgian brown
Silver Anniversary Lager $35.00 brooklyn brewery, ny, doppelbock
Wostynje $12.00 brouwerij smisje, bel, torhouts mustard ale
St. Gilloise $45.00 cantillon, bel, gueuze
Original $7.00 crispin, mn, hard apple cider
St. Bretta $16.00 crooked stave, co, witbier w/ brett
Surette $16.00 crooked stave, co, barrel aged saison
Vielle $16.00 crooked stave, co, dry hopped saison w/ brett
Origins $30.00 crooked stave, co, burgundy sour ale aged in oak
Biere Darbyste $27.00 de blaugies, bel, saison made with fig juice
La Moneuse $32.00 de blaugies, bel, saison special winter ale
Saison D’Epeautre $32.00 de blaugies, bel, saison using barley and spelt
Vermontoise $45.00 de blaugies / hill farmstead, bel, saison w/ spelt & amarillo hops
Kuro Oni $13.00 de la senne / dieu du ciel, bel, de la senne / dieu du ciel
Saison De Dottignies $10.00 de ranke, bel, a classic saison
Hop Harvest $38.00 de ranke, bel, belgian ipa w/ xx bitter hops
Noir De Dottignies $10.00 de ranke, bel, sweet and bitter stout
Saison De Dottignies $10.00 de ranke, bel, saison bitter and strong
Xx Bitter $10.00 de ranke, bel, ale, perfect combination
61minute $8.00 dogfish head, de, ipa w/ syrah
Saison Dupont $22.00 dupont, bel, true saison
Bozo Beer $28.00 evil twin, den, imperial stout
Christmas Eve At A New York City Hotel Room $10.00 evil twin, den, imperial stout
Imperial Biscotti Break Natale Pretty Please With Cherry On Top $25.00 evil twin, den, imperial porter
Pissenlit $35.00 fantome, bel, saison brewed with dandelions
Session Black $6.00 full sail, or, schwarzbier
Session Lager $6.00 full sail, or, pale lager
Kolsch $7.00 gaffel, ger, german kolsch
Prize Old Ale 2003 $13.00 gales, eng, old ale
Conquest Ale Masterbrew $13.00 gales, eng, old ale
Discovery $12.00 greens, uk, gluten free !english strong ale
Quest $12.00 greens, uk, gluten free! abbey tripel
Gueze Tilquin $25.00 – $15.00 gueuzerie tilquin, bel, gueuze
Oude Gueuze $23.00 hanssen, bel, gueuze
Oudbeitje Lambic $23.00 hanssens, bel, lambic ale w/ strawberries
Boson De Higgs $34.00 hopfenstark, bel, saison
Le Petite Prince Farmhouse Table Beer $26.00 jester king, tx, saison
Fuego Del Otono $18.00 jolly pumpkin, mi, brewed w chestnut & spices
Oro De Calabaza $30.00 jolly pumpkin, mi, golden stron ale aged in oak barrels
Madrugada Obscura $18.00 jolly pumpkin, mi, belgian stout
Marcaibo Especial $22.00 jolly pumpkin, mi, belgian strong ale
La Roja $34.00 jolly pumpkin, mi, flanders red ale
Weizen Bam $22.00 jolly pumpkin, mi, farmhouse hefeweizen
Luciergnaga $28.00 jolly pumpkin, mi, belgian pale ale grand cru
La Parcela $25.00 jolly pumpkin, mi, pumpkin ale
Collaboration Time Iii $20.00 maine / nogne, me, rye saison/pale ale
Mo $15.00 maine brewing, me, american pale ale
2012 $20.00 maine/allagash/in’finiti, me, american pale ale brewed only once on 10/29/13
Cluster Single Hop IPA $11.00 mikkeller, den, single hop ipa
Galena Single Hop IPA $11.00 mikkeller, den, single hop ipa
It’s Alright $10.00 mikkeller, den, belgian pale ale
Sorachi Ace $14.00 mikkeller, den, single hop ipa
Yeast Series 2.0 Lager $15.00 mikkeller, den, pale ale
Yeast Series 2.0 American-Style $15.00 mikkeller, den, pale ale
Wheat Is The New Hops $14.00 mikkeller / grassroots, den, ipa with wheat
Melange A Trois $55.00 nebraska brewing off menu bottles, na, saison w/ apricots & black pepper
Panil Barriquee $55.00 panil barriquee, itl, sour/wild ale
Sour In The Rye $53.00 the bruery, ca, oak aged sour stout
Oude Tart $55.00 the bruery, ca, sour ale aged in red wine barrels
Tart Of Darkness $55.00 the bruery, ca, stout – sour aged in oak barrel
La Bavaisienne Blonde $32.00 theillier, fra, biere de garde
Jaipur $14.00 thornbridge, eng, india pale ale

Nano Kegs Beer

Brew Free Or Die IPA $6.00 21st amendment, ca,
White Rascal $6.00 avery, co
Original Cider $6.00 crispin, mn
Bikin Beer $7.00 evil twin, den
Old Chub $6.00 oskar blues, co
Dales Pale Ale $6.00 oskar blues, co
Deviant Dale’s IPA $7.00 oskar blues, co
The Crisp $6.00 sixpoint, ny
Bucket O’Beer $20.00 special, 5 cans of beer
Classique $7.00 stillwater, md,

The Bubbles

De Bortoli – Day Trippers Bubbly, NV, Australia $8.00 fresh, sweet fruit flavours
Louis Perdrier – Brut Excellence, NV, FRA $9.00 light, crisp, ripe apples and citrus

The Whites

Arauco – Chardonnay 2012, Chile $9.00 tropical fruit bouquet, nice acidity
Casas Patronales – Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Chile $9.00 fresh, green chilli pepper, grapefruit
Guenoc – Culinary Chardonnay 2011, CA $9.00 apricot, peach, pear, touch of oak
Harlow Ridge – Chardonnay 2011, CA $10.00 nuances of apple, vanilla and hint of butter
P.J. Valckenberg – Madonna, Kabinett, 2011, GER $10.00 light, delicate sweetness, floral,
Proud Country Cellar – Sauvingnon Blanc NY $8.00 crispy fruitfulness with a lemon twist
San Osvaldo Rocca Rossa – Pinot Grigio 2011 $8.00 apple, pear and citrus
Washington Hill – Riesling 2011, WA $9.00 pineapple, honeysuckle and peach

The Rose

Anthony Road Rose Of Cabernet Franc, 2012, Finger Lakes $9.00 crisp, lively, strawberry finish
Penascal Estate – Tempranillo Rose 2010, SPN $9.00 fresh and fruity, red berry
Proud Country Cellers White Zinfandel NY $8.00 semi dry light pink, fruity aroma

The Reds

25 Lagunas – Malbec 2012, San Juan, Argentina $9.00 raspberries, prunes, soft tannins
Augey – Red Bordeaux Fra 2010 $9.00 blackcurrant, plum, spice, velvety texture
Canaletto – Pinot Noir, Pavia, ITL, 2011, IGT $9.00 cherry bouquet, ripe fruits, raspberry
Domaine Bousquet – Merlot 2012, Argentina $10.00 ripe cherry & blueberry, soft velvety tannins
Nugan State Third Generation – Shiraz 2011, Australia $9.00 ripe berry fruit, spice, black pepper
San Osvaldo Rocca Rossa – Cabernet Savingnon, Doc $8.00 wild blackberry, ripe cherry
Wild Hare Petite Sirah, Paso Robles, CA $8.00 berry, pepper, sharp tannins


Foris – Muscat Frissante, 2011, OR $9.00 warm peach, apricots, honey, lemon,

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