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Shrimp Crostadino $10.95 Large shrimp sauteed in a garlic and lemon sauce, over crostini bread with arugula and fresh tomato.
Mussels Classico $7.95 Marinara, fra diavolo or white wine sauce.
Eggplant Rollatini $4.95
Shrimp Cocktail $10.95
Clams Oreganata $7.95
Hot Antipasto $14.95 Clams oreganata, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp oreganata and eggplant rollatini.
Stuffed Mushrooms $6.95 Stuffed with ground beef and filet mignon, topped with mozzarella cheese and touch of marinara sauce.
Mozzarella Caprese $8.95 Fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato and roasted peppers.
Fried Calamari $8.95
Clams Casino $7.95
Cold Antipasto $9.95 Assorted Italian cold cuts and assorted cheese.
Seafood Royale $9.95 Puff pastry stuffed with baby scallops, lobster meat and served in a pink sauce.

Soups and Salads

Soups and Salads
Pasta Fagioli Soup $4.95
Caesar Salad $5.95
Minestrone Soup $4.95
Tricolor Salad $5.95


Victoria’s Pappardelle $16.95 Ragu of filet mignon veal and chicken in a tomato sauce over pappardelle pasta.
Linguine Clams Sauce $15.95 Served in a white or red sauce.
Fettuccine Laghetto $17.95 Baby shrimp, bay scallops, chopped tomatoes and arugula, sauteed in a garlic and oil sauce.
Seafood Tortellacci $15.95 Lobster, shrimp and scallops, wrapped in pasta sheets served in a vodka sauce.
Penne Vodka $14.95
Rigatoni Bolognese $15.95 Fresh homemade meat sauce with red wine a touch of cream and fresh herbs.
Cheese Ravioli $14.95 Served in a marinara sauce.
Linguine Mare and Monti $17.95 Shrimp, shiitake, portobello mushrooms over linguine pasta in a garlic and oil sauce.
Bucatini Amatriciana $15.95 Sauteed pancetta and onions, served in a fresh tomato sauce.
Fettuccine Alfredo $14.95


Chicken Bolognese $15.95 Sauteed chicken breast topped with eggplant mozzarella cheese, in a sherry wine sauce. Served with rigatoni.
Chicken Scarpariello $16.95 Chopped sauteed chicken breast with julien mix vegetables in a white wine lemon sauce. Served with rigatoni.
Chicken Classico $14.95 Parmigiana, Marsala, francese or piccata.
Chicken Balsamico $15.95 Sauteed chicken breast with Italian sausage aged balsamic vinegar wine and touch of tomato.
Chicken Bruschetta $15.95 Breaded and pan fried chicken breast, topped with chopped fresh tomato, onions and basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Veal Scaloppine

Veal Scaloppine
Veal Tartufo $26.95 Sauteed with fresh porcini mushrooms and truffle infused butter in a sherry wine sauce.
Veal Sinatra $20.95 Sauteed with fresh tomato, asparagus and porcini. Served in a grappa sauce.
Veal Alla Milanese $19.95 Breaded and pan seared veal topped with arugula and tomato salad.
Veal Sorrentino $19.95 Sauteed and topped with prosciutto, eggplant and mozzarella cheese in white wine sauce and touch of tomato.
Veal Fantasia $18.95 Sauteed with mushrooms and broccoli. Served in a pink sauce.
Veal Classico $18.95 Parmigiana, Marsala, francese or piccata.


Zuppa Di Pesce $25.95 Lobster, shrimp, calamari, scallops, mussels and filet of sole, marinara or fra diavolo over linguine.
Shrimp Soprano $22.95 Sauteed with olive oil, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes broccoli rabe over pappardelle.
Stuffed Filet of Sole $19.95 Stuffed with lobster shrimp and scallops served in a white wine sauce.
Shrimp Classico $18.95 Francese, scampi, marinara or fra diavolo over linguine.
Scallops and Prosciutto $22.95 Pan seared sea scallops with prosciutto, asparagus and fresh tomato in a cognac cream sauce.
Filet of Salmon $17.95 Served in a light marinara sauce or white wine sauce.
Filet of Sole $17.95 Egg buttered sole served in a white wine lemon sauce.
Sauteed Calamari $17.95 Marinara or fra diavolo over linguine.

From the Butcher Block

From the Butcher Block
Aged Steak $39.95 Glazed with red onions and fresh porcini mushrooms, Burgundy wine sauce and truffle butter.
Steak Sizzler $24.95 Grilled New York strip steak. Served in a teriyaki sauce.
Cajun Steak $24.95 Grilled shell steak with Cajun spices. Served with onion and potatoes.
Pork Chop Napoletano $16.95 Pan seared with fresh herbs and white vinegar with a touch of tomatoes.
Steak Diane $28.95 Filet mignon medallions with Dijon mustard, shallots fresh tomato in a cognac cream sauce.
Steak Pizzaiola $24.95 Grilled shell steak. Served with sauteed onions, mushrooms and roasted peppers in a red wine sauce.
Sripes $29.95 Veal tartufo, shrimp francese and filet mignon madeia divided with mashed potato in separate sauces.
Lamb Chop Pavarotti $24.95 Sauteed with fresh porcini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes in a balsamic reduction sauce.


Spinach $4.95 Sauteed with garlic and oil.
Asparagus $5.95 With bread crumbs on top or garlic and oil.
Broccoli $4.95 Sauteed with garlic and oil.
Broccoli Rabe $5.95 Sauteed with garlic and oil.
Mashed Potatoes $4.95

Kids Menu

Kids Menu
Kids Cheese Ravioli $6.95
Kids Mozzarella Sticks $6.95
Kids Chicken Finger and Fries $6.95
Kids Penne Vodka $6.95

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