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Cuisine: Chinese.


all entrees served with starch and fresh vegetables of the day
Coconut Encrusted Mahi $19.00 fresh mahi dipped in coconut batter, flash fried and topped with spicy fruit salsa
Wasabi Dusted Panka Encrusted Tuna $16.00 fresh ahi tuna, lightly dusted with wasabi and panka, topped with a balsamic reduction and served around green tea soba noodles with fresh vegetables in a garlic chili sauce
Caribbean Mahi $19.00 fresh mahi filet, dusted in Caribbean jerk seasoning, topped with grilled pineapple and shrimp atop a blueberry and mango coulie
Painted Island Salmon $17.00 fresh salmon, dusted with Caribbean jerk seasonini, topped with pineapple fruit salsa
Bronzed Tuna $14.00 blackened tuna grilled to perfection, served with mango salsa
Panka Encrusted Crabcakes $18.00 fresh lump crab meat, mixed with our special house-blend seasonings, encrusted in panka, served fried or broiled, topped with Island salsa
Tuscan Chicken $15.00 flame grilled chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and topped with sauteed articokes, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh garlic, onions and capers
Chicken Chesapeake $16.00 batter dipped chicken breast fried until golden, stuffed with crabmeat and topped with a rice and creamy alfredo sauce
14 Oz. Mantreal NY Strip $25.00 fresh NY strip, cut to order, covered with montreal seasoning and flame-grilled to perfection, topped with fresh spinach, tomato, backfin crabmeat and melted brie
Ocean Beef Tenderloin $28.00 hand-cut beef tenderloin, flame-grilled and topped with backfin crabmeat, shrimp and scallops
Tenderloin Al La Sien $24.00 hand-cut, flame grilled beef tenderloin, topped with a coffee creme sauce
Lobster Linguine $17.00 fresh lobster, tossed with linguine in a creamy garlic sauce
Vegetable Medley Pasta $13.00 fresh seasonal vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and feta cheese, served over linguine with a white wine garlic sauce
Mediterranean Linguine $14.00 shrimp, sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, onions, olives, feta cheese, capers and mushrooms tossed in a pesta white wine garlic sauce
Hurricane Diablo $15.00 sauteed shrimp, scallops, clams and mussles in a brandy red pepper marinara sauce, tossed in sun dried tomato linguine
Southwest Chicken Pasta $14.00 flame grilled chicken breast, served over penne rigate with tomatoes, green onions, cheddar jack blend and our own spicy black marinara


salad dressing, ranch, Italian, sesame ginger, raspberry walnut vinaigrette, thousand Island, tex-mex ranch, orange sesame, lemon-lime caesar, ask your server about our soup of the day
House $8.00 – $4.00 mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions, pene pasta, artichokes and cheddar jack cheese, topped with seasoned croutons and your choice of dressing
Roast Duckling Al’ Orange $12.00 succulent roast duckling atop mixed greens, feta cheese, orange slices, walnuts, red onions and garlic croutons dressed with orange sesame vinegarette
Ginger Glazed Grilled Salmon $12.00 glazed salmon over mixed field greens, diced tomatoes and red onions topped with garlic croutons and sesame ginger dressing
Southwest Chicken and Pasta $10.00 flame grilled chicken atop mixed greens, tomatoes, black beans, scallions, cheddar jack cheese and pene pasta with spicy tex mex dressing
Blackened Tuna Caesar $12.00 blackened tuna over romaine lettuce, marinated artichoke hearts, red onions and tomatoes. Topped with garlic croutons, parmesan cheese and lemon lime caesar dressing
Honey-Smoked Salmon Salad $15.00 the finest honey-smoked salmon, served on a fresh bed of spinach and field greens with wine-ripened tomatoes, avacados and topped with ancha cilantro ranch dressing
Astoria St. Petersburg $14.00 flame grilled pork tenderloin atop mixed greens, feta cheese, apple slices, walnuts, red onions, tomatoes and garlic croutons topped with a raspberry walnut vinegarette


Mozzarella Alla Caprese $10.00 fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and roasted garlic served over a bed of field greens drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette served with French bagettes
Coconut Encrusted Shrimp $10.00 fresh shrimp encrusted with coconut, flash seared, served on a bed of fresh strawberry coulis
Tuna Tataki $10.00 big eye ahi tuna with a spicy ginger garlic marinade served on a bed of seaweed salad
Blackened Scallops $10.00 fresh scallops flash seared and served atop roasted red pepper dill sauce
Crab-Spinach Fandue $9.00 our now famous crab fondue served in an oven baked bread boule with sliced bagutts for dipping
Lobster and Crab Stuffed Portabella $11.00 marinated portabella mushroom stuffed with lump crab meat and lobster, topped with garlic fused bread crumbs and parmesan cheese
Tuna Bites $10.00 fresh ahi tuna, dipped in tempura batter, flash fried and served around a bed seaweed, topped with sesame ginger sauce
Honey-Smoked Salmon Stuffed Tomato $10.00 fresh grande tomato stuffed with the finest honey-baked smoked salmon, mozzarella cheese and spinach, oven-baked and served with a balsamic reduction
Truffled Escargot $10.00 gourmet escargot, imported from the South of France, sauteed in a creamy garlic-mushroom sauce, served with a French baguette tower, topped with fresh parmesean cheese
Baby Brie Mondial $9.00 fresh prepared ebaby brie, ingused with walnuts and apricots, wrapped in a puff pastry, flash fried, topped with warm blueberry demi glaze
Beef Sashimi $12.00 hand-cut beef tenderloin, lightly seared, served over a bed of sushi rice with port wine blueberry reduction and fresh seaweed salad


Agora Roll $10.00 spicy tuna, scallions and caviar topped with tuna sashimi
California Roll $7.00 crab, avocado, cucumber and caviar
San Francisco Roll $9.00 lump crabmeat, avocado, cucumber and caviar
Nitro Roll $6.00 spicy tuna and scallions
Hawaiian Roll $7.00 blackened tuna, pineapple and scallions
Veggie Roll $5.00 cucumber, avocado and scallions
Eel and Cucumber Roll $7.00 freshwater eel, cucumber, teryaki glaze
Tuna Roll $6.00 ahi tuna, cucumber
Philly Roll $6.00 smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese
Boston Roll $6.00 shrimp, crab, lettuce and cucumber
Lobster Roll $8.00 lobster, cilantro and cucumbers
Spider Roll $9.00 soft shell crab, avocado and lettuce
Dragon Roll $9.00 freshwater broiled eel, crab, avocado, cucumber and caviar
Tempura Roll $7.00 shrimp, crab, avocado, flash fried in tempura batter
Filet Roll $9.00 filet mignon, scallions, and mushrooms
Rainbow Roll $10.00 tuna, salmon and eel with crab, avocado, cucumber and caviar
Volcano Roll $8.00 crab, avocado and cream cheese, flash fried and topped with spicy volcano sauce
Ocean Roll $10.00 lobster, crab, shrimp, scallions and avocado, with komoto sauce
Tuna Tataki Roll $9.00 tuna, tataki mix, topped with seaweed salad and caviar
Seaweed Salad $4.00 fresh seasame seaweed salad served with sticky rice
Miso Soup $3.00 white miso with tofu and scallions

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