Up to date Agave prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Agave is available in 5 states.

Cuisine: Mexican, Brunch.


Smoked Salmon Tostada $6.00 House smoked salmon over a crispy yellow corn tortilla with dill creme fraiche, pico de gallo, Napa cabbage, & citrus crema
Crispy Shrimp Cakes $10.50 Fresh Gulf shrimp cakes flash fried and served with a spicy remoulade & cilantro
Hatch Green Chile Stew $7.50 A traditional New Mexico stew with Hatch Green Chile, tenderloin beef tips, potatoes, onions & corn
Traditional Posole Soup $7.00 A New Mexico Holiday Soup with braised pulled pork, hominy, guajillo red chile, green chile & lime
Chicken Poblano Soup $6.50 A wonderful blend of fresh chicken breast, seared poblanos & roasted corn in a light cream and homemade chicken broth
Agave Meatballs $5.00 Homemade Veal & Chorizo Meatball topped with a New Mexico red chile gravy
Guajillo Mussels $11.00 Fresh Canadian mussels steamed in our signature red chile citrus wine broth with fresh basil, lime & a hot tortilla
Chile and Lime Fish Tacos $9.50 Fresh white fish sauteed in lime juice, chiles & spices and rolled in a flour tortilla with shredded Napa cabbage, carrots, fresh pico de gallo, a pickled jalapeno tartar sauce, and a chipotle aioli
Grilled Sweet Corn $5.50 Sweet yellow corn on the cob chargrilled and topped with spicy roasted garlic butter, citrus crema & queso fresco
Smoked Chicken & Hatch Green Chile Quesadillas $7.50 Hickory house smoked chicken breast with roasted red peppers, hatch green chiles & mild cheddar, topped with sour cream, guacamole & corn relish
Ceviche Martini $8.75 Chopped gulf shrimp & sashimi tuna over organic greens marinated in lime, oil, serranos & cider vinegar
Southwestern Shrimp & Poblano Spring Rolls $9.50 Chopped Gulf shrimp, roasted poblanos, chopped serranos, Napa cabbage, and julienne carrots & double wrapped in rice paper, flash fried and served with a spicy tomatillo salsa & jalapeno jelly for di
Beef & Pepper Poblano Chile Relleno $8.50 A large roasted poblano chile stuffed with strip steak, mixed peppers & white Mexican cheese, pan seared and then baked over a fire roasted tomato & serrano pepper puree
Serrano Tuna Crudo $9.50 Spicy seared sashimi tuna, zucchini, cucumber, avocado, coconut milk, serrano chiles, soy lime sauce
Fresh Homemade Guacamole & Chips $7.00 Vine ripe avocados & tomatoes, diced onion, jalapeno, cilantro, salt, pepper & fresh lime juice topped with a pico de gallo garnish and served with our fresh housemade chips
Calamari $9.50 A platter of fresh domestic calamari with a poblano habanero aioli and jalapeno jelly dipping sauces with a lime garnish
Spicy Fried Lobster Tail $14.00 A 4 oz. Maine lobster tail fried in our signature cayenne & buttermilk batter served with an herb & chile drawn butter


Agave Chopped Salad $7.00 Mixed greens, black beans, mango, tomato, avocado, corn, red bell peppers, & applewood smoked bacon tossed in green chile vinaigrette and a spicy ranch drizzle served with crispy corn tortillas
Tomato Avocado Salad $6.75 Greens topped with fresh tomato, avocado & chopped basil with a citrus dressing & a spicy ranch drizzle
Spinach, Kale, Apples, & Blue Cheese $8.00 Fresh Spinach & Kale tossed in strawberry vinaigrette topped with spiced pecans, sliced apples, cranberries, & blue cheese


Rancho Grande Steak Burrito $15.00 A large flour tortilla filled with spicy steak, chiles, onions, potatoes, collard greens, smoked bacon & Spanish rice topped with melted cheddar, Ranchero Sauce, red pepper drizzle, & fresh cilantro
Barbacoa & Chorizo Chile Taco $14.50 A grilled flour tortilla filled with shredded slow braised angus beef shortrib, sauteed peppers & onions topped with a homemade chorizo red chile sauce, New Mexico Hatch green chiles and a citrus cre
Santa Fe Blue Corn Chicken Enchiladas $13.00 House smoked chicken with hatch green chile & mild cheddar, rolled in blue corn tortillas, accompanied by pinto beans, sour cream, & corn relish
Ancho Grilled Baby Back Ribs $23.00 A full rack of baby back pork ribs seasoned with Agave’s Signature Herb & Chile Rub and topped with ancho chile BBQ sauce, served with southwestern mac & cheese, and honey cider collard greens
Chile Grilled Swordfish $24.00 Fresh swordfish topped with a saute of Gulf shrimp, Napa cabbage, & spinach in a chipotle lime sauce served over New Mexico Hatch green chile mashed potatoes
Agave’s Famous Cayenne Fried Chicken $15.00 A spicy buttermilk marinated jumbo fried chicken breast, topped with a poblano drizzle served with mashed potatoes & grilled corn
Red Pepper Salmon Filet $17.00 Pan seared fresh Norwegian salmon over julienne zucchini, squash, & carrots, served over a roasted red pepper sauce with grilled asparagus
Diablo Crawfish Pasta $17.50 Fresh crawfish tail meat sauteed with onions, mushrooms, & basil over linguini in a spicy red chile cream sauce
Stuffed Mountain Trout Tomatillo $17.50 Wild caught, fresh Georgia mountain trout stuffed with crawfish, mushrooms, onions, & basil over Spanish rice with a roasted tomatillo sauce & freshly cut cilantro
Pulled Pork Verde Enchiladas $13.50 Slow roasted pork in yellow corn tortillas topped with melted mozzarella, a homemade chorizo salsa verde, & citrus crema accompanied with Hatch green chile pinto beans
Sesame Seared Tuna Ensalada $18.00 Fresh seared sesame crusted sashimi tuna served over chopped greens tossed in a lime vinaigrette with zucchini, squash, carrots, mango, & avocado, topped with cucumber & a citrus soy drizzle
Spicy Tequila Anejo Shrimp $19.50 Jumbo fresh gulf shrimp grilled and then sauteed in a fresh lime & tequila cream sauce served with a jalapeno & cheddar stone ground grits cake & grilled asparagus
Sunburned New York Strip Steak $23.00 A chile rubbed, grilled Black Angus NY Strip served over yellow corn & Hatch green chile mashed potatoes, topped with a smoked chile & honey BBQ sauce
Lime & Garlic Marinated Flatiron Steak $19.50 Grilled and sliced served with an ancho chile steak sauce & topped with peppers and onions accompanies with chile grilled creamed corn and a flour tortilla
Slow Braised Beef Shortribs $18.00 Boneless angus beef shortribs marinated in herbs & chiles and slow braised topped with a New Mexico red chile gravy accompanied with Hatch green chile mashed potatoes & grilled asparagus
Seared Jumbo Diver Sea Scallops $24.00 Fresh jumbo diver sea scallops pan seared in our signature herb & chile rub served with fire roasted tomato and serrano stone ground grits and honey cider & smoked bacon collard greens
Tenderloin Medallions $23.00 Chile rubbed, center cut, fresh tenderloin filet sliced and pan-seared over a roasted tomato, garlic & chile tequila puree, accompanied by mashed potatoes, fried cayenne onions and grilled zucchini
New Mexican Rack of Lamb $24.00 Fresh chile & herb rubbed lamb rack grilled over a New Mexico Guahillo red chile puree, served with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and garnished with a cool corn relish & cilantro leav
Agave’s Famous Cayenne Fried Chicken with roasted poblano drizzle
Lime & Garlic Marinated Flatiron Steak with peppers & onions
Chorizo, Veal, & Green Chile Meatloaf with a mushroom demi glaze
Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon over a roasted red pepper sauce
Sesame Crusted Rare Seared Sashimi Tuna with a wasabi cream drizzle
Shredded Smoked Chicken & Green Chile Soft Tacos, cheddar, red chile & tomatillo sauces
Diablo Crawfish Pasta with linguini in a spicy red pepper cream sauce with sauteed mushroom
Veggie Pasta with Asparagus, Mushrooms, Onions, & Garlic in a New Mexico Red Chile Sauce
Chile & Lime Marinated Grilled Swordfish Filet add $3 per person
All Natural Chile Grilled NY Strip Steak with an Ancho Honey BBQ (add $5 per person)
Herb & Chile Seared Jumbo Diver Sea Scallops add $5 per person
Tenderloin Medallions over a roasted tomato & chile puree. add $5 per person
Tenderloin Medallions Over A Roasted Tomato & Chile Puree add $5 per person
Jumbo Grilled Shrimp over a tequila citrus cream. add $5 per person
Grilled Chile Rubbed Petite Filet Mignon over a New Mexico red chile. add $5 per person
Maine 4oz Lobster Tail fried in a cayenne buttermilk batter. add $7 per person


Pinto Bean & Green Chile Tostadas $11.00 Yellow corn tortillas topped with pinto beans & Hatch green chiles, melted cheddar, red & green pepper sauces, Napa cabbage, pico de gallo, & a citrus sour cream drizzle served with black beans
Vegetarian Blue Corn Enchiladas $11.50 Sauteed Julienne Vegetables, Mushrooms & Hatch Green Chile topped with Mild Cheddar, Guajillo & Tomatillo Sauces, served with Sour Cream, Corn Relish & Ancho Black Beans
Veggie Burrito $12.50 A Hot Flour Tortilla stuffed with Mushrooms, Spinach, Pintos, Ancho Black Beans, Sauteed Julienne Vegetables & Hatch Green Chiles, topped with Mild Cheddar & Roasted Tomatillo Sauce & served with Spa
Grilled Vegetable Plate $14.00 Grilled Asparagus, Zucchini & Yellow Squash, Sauteed Garlic Spinach, Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes & Grilled Yellow Corn
Spinach & Arugula Salad $8.75 Fresh Baby Spinach & Arugula tossed with Black Beans, Mango, Red Peppers, Poblano, Avocado, Citrus Corn Relish, & Candied Pecans in a Cucumber Red Wine Vinaigrette
Guajillo Vegetable Pasta $14.50 Grilled Zucchini, Squash & Asparagus, Sauteed Mushrooms, Red Peppers & Spinach tossed with Semolina Linguini in a Spicy Guajillo Red Chile Broth
Veggie Quesadilla $8.00 Sauteed Julienne Vegetables, Roasted Red Peppers, Seared Spinach & Hatch Green Chiles with Mild Cheddar and topped with Sour Cream, Guacamole & Corn Relish


Hatch Green Chile Mashed Potatoes $5.00
Spanish Rice $5.00
Southwestern Macaroni & Cheese $5.00
Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes $5.00
Ancho Black Beans $5.00
Roasted Tomato & Serrano Stone Ground Grits $5.00
Green Chile Pinto Beans $5.00
Grilled Corn Cobs $5.00
Honey, Cider & Smoked Bacon Collard Greens $5.00
Grilled Large Asparagus Spears $5.00
Grilled Zucchini and Squash Rounds $5.00
Seared Garlic Spinach $5.00
Cayenne Fried Thin Onion Rings & Tomato Serrano Sauce $5.00
Sauteed Julienne Vegetables $5.00
Sauteed Red Wine Mushrooms $5.00
Yukon Gold Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
Southwestern Macaroni & Cheese
Spicy Ancho Chile Black Beans
Green Chile Pinto Beans
Sauteed Julienne Vegetables
Grilled Zucchini & Squash
Steamed Honey, Smoked Bacon & Cider Collard Greens
Three Pepper Jalepeno Grits Cake
Spanish Rice


Banana Dark Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake $7.00 with Creme Anglaise, Milk Chocolate Drizzle, & Cinnamon Whipped Cream
Key Lime Pie on a Peppery Ginger Crust $7.00
Belgian Chocolate Mousse $6.50 with a Creme Angliase
Spicy Peanut Butter Mousse Pie $7.00 with a Spiced Pecan Brittle
Traditional Creme Caramel Flan $5.50 with Sliced Strawberries
Torte de Sabrosa Dark Chocolate Ganache Torte $7.00
Dessert Platter $30.00
Homemade Belgian Chocolate Mousse
Key Lime Pie On A Peppery Ginger Crust
Dark Chocolate Ganache Tort
Spicy Peanut Butter Mousse Pie
Raspberry Margarita Cheesecake
Fresh Strawberries & Cinnamon Whipped Cream


select 3:
Agave Salad with organic field greens tossed with marinated zucchini, squash, tomatoes, spicy pecans and artichokes in a light balsamic vinaigrette
Tomato, Avocado & Basil Salad with organic citrus greens with a cayenne ranch drizzle
Smoked Chicken Quesadillas with hatch green chile, red peppers & mild cheddar
Fresh Prince Edward Isle Mussels in a New Mexico red chile citrus wine broth
Southwestern Shrimp & Poblano Spring Rolls with Tomatillo Serrano & Jalapeno Jelly sauces
Southwestern Ceviche with Fresh Gulf Shrimp & Sashimi Tuna
Roasted Poblano & Chicken Soup in a blend of light cream & Homemade chicken stock
Traditional Posole Soup with braised pork, green chile & hominy
New Mexico Hatch Green Chile Stew with Braised Beef Tenderloin, Corn & Potatoes

Wine By The Glass – Blanco

Gruet Winery Brut Sparkling, New Mexico, Nv $9.50
Emma Pearl Chardonnay, Central Coast, Ca, 10 $8.00
Boomtown Chardonnay, Washington State, 09 $9.00
Pighin Pinot Grigio, Italy, 10 $9.50
The Seeker Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, Nz, 11 $9.00
Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, Cold Creek Vineyard, 10 $9.50
Raimat Albarino, Spain, 09 $8.00
Santa Julia Torrentes “organic”, Mendoza, Argentina, 11 $7.50
Chateau Routas Rose, Provance France, 11 $8.25

Wine By The Glass – Rojo

Valdemar Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain, 08 $8.50
Shooting Star “blu Franc”, Washington, 09 $9.00
Edna Valley Merlot, Paso Robles, 10 $8.50
Darcie Kent “madden Ranch” Cabernet, California, 08 $9.00
First Press Cabernet, Napa, 10 $9.50
Aquinas Pinot Noir, Napa, 09 $9.50
Gloria Ferrer Pinot Noir, Sonoma, 08 $11.00
Trez Reserva Malbec, Mendoza Argentina, 07 $13.00
Uno Malbec, Mendoza Argentina, 08 $9.50
Rosa Regale Brachetto Sparkling, Italy $9.50
Brazin “old Vine”, Zinfandel, Lodi, 10 $9.00

Wine By The Bottle – Sparkling Wine/champagne

Gruet Winery Brut, New Mexico, Nv $37.00
Roederer Estate Brut, Anderson Valley, Nv $48.00
Paul Goerg Premier Cru Blanc De Blanc, Nv $70.00
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut Reims, Nv $95.00

Wine By The Bottle – Alternative White

Santa Julia Torrentext Mendoza, Argentina, 11 $28.00
The Seeker Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough Nz, 11 $35.00
Raimat Albarino, Spain, 09 $31.00
Walnut City Pinot Gris, Oregon, 06 $31.00
“horse Heaven” Sauvignon Blanc, Washington, 11 $32.00
Chateau Routas Rose, Provance, France, 11 $34.00
Pighin Pinot Grigio, Italy, 10 $36.00
Petalo Villa M Moscato, Veneto, Italy, 09 $36.00
Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, Cold Creek Vineyard, 10 $38.00
Frog’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc, Napa, 10 $44.00
Conundrum, White Meritage, Sonoma, 09 $48.00

Wine By The Bottle – Chardonnay

Angeline, Russian River, 09 $26.00
Emma Pearl, Central Coast, Ca, 10 $30.00
Casa Lapostolle Casablanca Valley, Chile, 09 $33.00
Boomtown, Washington State, 09 $34.00
Ferrari Carano, Sonoma, 08 $35.00
Sonoma Cutrer, Russian River, 09 $44.00
Jordan, Russian River, 08 $68.00

Wine By The Bottle – Cabernet Sauvignon

Darcie Kent “madden Ranch”, L.v. Cal, 08 $33.00
First Press, Napa, 10 $37.00
Kenwood “jack London Vineyard”, Sonoma, 09 $48.00
Beringer, Knight’s Valley, 08 $46.00
Merryvale, Starmont Vineyard, Napa, 07 $55.00
Iron Horse, Alexander Valley, 05 $70.00

Wine By The Bottle – Alternative Reds

Faustino Vii Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain, 09 $30.00
Valdemar Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain, 08 $32.00
Uno Malbec, Mendoza Argentina, 09 $36.00
Shooting Star “blue Franc”, Washington, 09 $34.00
Peter Lehmann Shiraz Blend, Australia, 08 $36.00
Trez Reserva Malbec, Mendoza Argentina, 07 $50.00
Luigi Bosca Malbec Reserva, Mendoza Argentina, 08 $39.00
Ferrari Carano, Siena, Sonoma, 08 $40.00
Valdubon, Ribero Del Duero, Tempranillo, Spain, 03 $46.00
Bell “canterbury Vinyard” Syrah, Sierra, Ca, 07 $50.00
Treana Red, Paso Robles, 09 $75.00

Wine By The Bottle – Red Zinfandel

Brazin “old Vine”, Zinfandel, Lodi, 10 $35.00
Edmeades, Mendocino, 09 $34.00
Steele, Catfish Vineyard, Clear Lake, 08 $46.00
Hartford, Russian River, 09 $60.00

Wine By The Bottle – Pinot Noir

Aquinas Pinot Noir, Napa 09 $36.00
Gruet, New Mexico, 08 $46.00
Gloria Ferrer, Sonoma, 08 $43.00
Steele, Carneros, 09 $45.00
Elk Cove, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 09 $58.00
Arcane Cellars, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 07 $60.00
Domaine Chandon, Carneros, 09 $68.00

Wine By The Bottle – Merlot

Trapiche Estate, Argentina, 10 $22.00
Edna Valley, Paso Robles $31.00
Markham, Napa, 06 $45.00
Stonestreet, Alexander Valley, 06 $46.00
Freemark Abbey, Napa, 07 $50.00

After Dinner

Dow’s Port, Lbv, 04 $6.00
Graham’s 10 Year Tawny Porto $7.50
Ramos Pinto Porto, 04 $6.00
Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Tawny Porto $7.00
Fonseca 20 Year Tawny Porto $7.00
Sandeman Sherry $6.50
Banfi Grappa, Tuscany, Nv $9.00

Proprietor’s List

Mer Soleil Vineyard Chardonnay, Central Coast, 08 $70.00
Martinelli “charles Ranch” Chardonnay, Russian River, 08 $95.00
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand, 09 $105.00
Louis Latour Chassagne-montrachet Premier Cru Chardonnay, 03 $115.00
Medusa “hoodoo Creek” Zinfandel, Lake County, 06 $75.00
Mara Dolinsek Ranch Reserve Zinfandel, Russian River, 06 $100.00
Latour Pommard Premier Cru, “les Epenots” Red Burgundy, 04 $120.00
Etude “heirloom” Pinot Noir, Carneros, 06 $130.00
Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley, 08 $195.00
Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 09 $90.00
Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 09 $80.00
Harmonique “the Noble One”, Alexande Valley, 05 $80.00
Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 10 $125.00
Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley, 08 $110.00
Delectus Petite Sirah, Napa, 00 $140.00
Far Niente Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 04 $200.00
Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 02 $195.00
Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 00 $210.00
Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 99 $225.00
Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 95 $275.00
Flora Springs Trilogy, Napa, 00 $160.00


all agave margaritas are served with a salted rim unless otherwise requested
Cuervo Traditional $7.50 jose cuervo especial, triple sec, fresh lime & sour on the rocks
Agave Partida Anejo $9.75 partida anejo, triple sec, fresh lime & sour on the rocks
Herradura Estate Top Shelf $9.50 herradura estate silver, royal montaine, fresh lime & sour on the rocks
Spicy Jalapeno Margarita $8.75 tanteo jalapeno tequila, fresh lime & agave nectar on the rocks
Ultimate Margarita $10.50 centenario plata, orange liqueur, fresh lime & sour on the rocks
The Texas $8.50 el charro anejo, orange liqueur, orange juice, fresh lime & sour on the rocks
Frozen Strawberry Margarita $8.50 el jimador blanco, strawberry puree & fresh lime blended with ice
Peachtree Margarita $8.75 sauza blue, orange liqueur, peach liqueur, fresh lime & sour on the rocks
Corazon Pomarita $9.25 corazon reposado, pomegranate liqueur, fresh lime & sour on the rocks
Karma Perfecto $11.50 karma reposado, agave nectar & fresh lime on the rocks
Fresh Fruit Mango Margarita $9.00 herradura silver, fresh mango pulp, agave nectar & sour on the rocks
Fresh Passion Fruit Margarita $8.75 sauza blue, fresh passion fruit pulp, agave nectar & sour on the rocks

Reserve Tequila

Casta Gusano Real $16.00
Cuervo Platino Reserva $10.00
Revolucion 100 Proof $10.00
Cuervo Reserva De La Familia $21.00
Don Julio 1942 $25.00
Don Julio Reale $40.00
Gran Centenario Leyenda $30.00
Herradura Seleccion Suprema $35.00
Partida Elegante $35.00
Patron Platinum $28.00

Anejo Tequila

Avion Anejo $8.75
Cabo Wabo Anejo $11.00
Casa Noble Anejo $9.50
Centenario Seleccion Anejo $16.00
Corazon Anejo $10.50
1800 Anejo $9.00
Cuervo Black Anejo $7.50
Corzo Anejo $11.00
Dobel Maestro Diamond $13.00
Don Diego Santa Anejo $10.00
Don Eduardo Anejo $9.25
Don Julio Anejo $11.00
Dos Manos Anejo $9.00
El Charro Anejo $7.50
El Jimador Anejo $8.50
Herradura Anejo $12.00
Kah Anejo $9.00
Partida Anejo $9.50
Patron Anejo $10.00
Peligrosso Anejo $9.50
Revolucion Anejo $9.50
Rudo Anejo $9.00
Sauza Tres Generaciones Anejo $9.50
Tecnico Anejo $9.00
Tres Rios Anejo $9.00

Reposado Tequila

Avion Reposado $8.50
Cabo Wabo Reposado $8.75
Casa Noble Reposado $9.00
Centenario “rose Angel” $8.50
Centenario Reposado $13.00
Cielo Reposado $9.50
Corazon Reposado $8.75
Corzo Reposado $11.00
1800 Reposado $8.00
Cuervo Tradicional $7.50
Don Diego Santa Reposado $8.50
Don Eduardo Reposado $8.75
Don Julio Reposado $9.00
Dos Manos Reposado $8.50
El Jimador Reposado $7.50
Espolon Agave Reposado $7.50
Herradura Reposado $9.75
Kah Reposado (110 Proof) $8.50
Los Azulejos Reposado $9.00
Partida Reposado $9.25
Patron Reposado $9.25
Peligrosso Reposado $9.00
Reserva Del Senor Reposado $10.00
Revolucion Reposado $9.00
Rudo Reposado $8.75
Sauza Gold $6.00
Sauza Hornitos Reposado $8.00
Tecnico Reposado $8.75
Tezon Reposado $10.00
Toro Azul Reposado $6.50
Tres Rios Reposado $8.50

Blanco & Mezcal

Avion Silver $8.00
Cabo Wabo Blanco $7.50
Casa Noble Crystal $8.50
Centenario Plata Blanco $9.50
Corazon Blanco De Agave $8.25
Corzo Blanco $9.50
1800 Silver $7.50
1800 Select Silver (100 Proof) $8.50
Cuervo Gold $7.00
Don Diego Santa Blanco $7.50
Don Eduardo Silver $8.50
Don Julio Silver $8.25
Dos Manos Silver $7.50
El Jimador Blanco $7.50
Espolon Agave Blanco $7.00
Herradura Silver $8.50
Kah Silver $8.00
Karma Silver $8.50
Los Azulejos Blanco $8.50
Mina Real Mezcal Silver $7.50
Monte Alban Mezcal $6.50
Nacional Azul Silver $9.00
Ocho Plata $11.00
Partida Blanco $9.00
Patron Silver $8.75
Peligrosso Silver $8.50
Revolucion Plata $8.50
Rudo Blanco $8.50
Sauza Tres Generaciones La Plata $8.50
Tecnico Blanco $8.50
Tezon Blanco $9.50
Tres Rios Blanco $8.00


Miller Light, Usa $3.50
Coors Light, Usa $3.50
Sweetwater Pale Ale, Atlanta $3.75
Tecate, Mexico $3.50
Sol, Mexico $3.50
Bohemia, Mexico $3.75
Dos Xx, Mexico $3.75
Pilsner Urquell, Czech Republic $3.75
Bass Ale, England $4.25
Newcastle Pale Ale, England $4.25
Full Sail I.p.a, Hood River, Or $4.25
Paulaner Hefeweizen, Germany $4.25
Haake Beck Non Alcoholic, Germany $3.50

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