Abseil Teriyaki Gyro

Up to date Abseil Teriyaki Gyro prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Chinese, Asian.

Our Specials

Chongqing Grilled Fish $16.99
Braised Pork Tendons $18.99


Dried Scallion Pancake $4.99
Tianjin Fried Pancake $4.99
Beef Pancake Roll $6.99
Fried Leek Dumpling $5.99
Fried and Steamed Breads $5.99


Seaweed Neck Bone Soup $10.99 – $13.99
Sesame Chicken Soup $10.99

Steamed Stuffed Bun (Bread)

Steamed Buns $5.99
Steamed Creamy Custard Bun $5.99
Shanghai Pan Fried Bun $5.99


Chongqing Hot and Sour Rice Noodles $7.99
Small Wonton $6.99
Noodles with Brown Sauce $6.99
Special Beef Noodles $8.99
Special Beef Rice Noodles $8.99
Special Beef Udon $8.99
Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles $6.99
Sesame Chicken Noodles $8.99
Spicy and Hot Beef Tripe Noodles $8.99
Spicy and Hot Beef Tripe Rice Noodles $8.99
Spicy and Hot Beef Tripe Udon $8.99
Pickled and Shredded Pork Noodles $8.99
Pickled and Shredded Pork Rice Noodles $8.99
Pickled and Shredded Pork Udon $8.99
Fusion Cuisine Fried Noodle $8.99

Porridge (Congee)

Minced Pork Congee with Preserved Egg $5.99
Delicious Chicken Porridge $5.99
Sliced Fish Congee with Coriander $5.99
Black Rice Porridge $3.99
Rice Porridge $3.00

Chinese Light Meal

Szechuan Fried Rice with Sausage $10.99
Lunch Meat Fried Rice $7.99
Eggplant Rice with Minced Meat $7.99
Pork Trotter Rice with Soybean $9.99
Rice with Pickles, Shredded Pork and Dried Turnip $8.99
Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice $9.99
Rice with Beef Slices and Needle Mushroom $9.99
Rice with Stewed Spare Ribs $9.99
Rice with Spicy Chicken $9.99

Fusion Food

Shredded Pork with Vegetables $10.99
Dong Po Pork $10.99
Shredded Pork with Green Pepper $9.99
Preserved Pork with Dried Turnip $13.99
Braised Eggplant with Minced Pork $9.99
Pickles Shredded Pork and Dried Turnip $12.99
Chongqing Chili Chicken $13.99
Pepper Hemp Shredded Chicken $12.99
Pan Fried Belt Fish $11.99
Beef Slices and Needle Mushroom $12.99
Hot and Sour Shredded Potato $8.99
Rice Powder Steamed with Pork $12.99
Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs $12.99
Potato Roasted Pork Ribs $12.99
Scrambled Egg with Leek $8.99
Stir Fried Tomato with Egg $8.99
Garlic Cabbage $8.99
Chinese Lettuce with Diced Fish in Black Bean Sauce $9.99
Lettuce in Oyster Sauce $8.99

Western Style (American) Light Meal

Spaghetti with Black Pepper and Tenderloin $9.99
Baked Pork Chop Rice with Tomato $9.99
Baked Pork Chop Spaghetti with Tomato $9.99
Chicken Chop Rice with Garlic Flavor $9.99
French Roast Poussini with Fries $12.99
French Roast Poussin with Corn $12.99

Chinese Dumpling

Garlic Chives and Pork Dumpling $5.99
Chinese Cabbage and Pork Dumpling $5.99
Beijing Scallion and Beef Dumpling $5.99
Vegetable Dumpling $4.99


Coca Cola $1.50
Sprite $1.50
Fanta $1.50
Coconut Milk $2.00
Arizona Tea $2.00
Herbal Tea $2.00 Wang-lao-gie.

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