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Cuisine: Pizza.

Buffalo Wings

served with bleu cheese & celery only choice of mild, hot or b.b.q. sauce
Buffalo Wings $3.50 – $38.25

Soup Of The Day

Soup Of The Day $2.50 a bowl of our homemade soup prepared each day in our kitchen

Grilled Panini

served with a side of french fries & lettuce salad
Mozzarella Fresco $6.25 fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil and roasted pepper
Chicken Melt $6.50 grilled chicken breast with spinach, tomatoes provolone
Melenzane With Pesto $6.50 grill eggplant & tomato with mozzarella cheese
Grilled Chicken Breast $6.50 chicken breast, sundried tomatoes, toasted peppers with melted provolone cheese
Tuna – Artichoke Capers $6.50 black olives & roasted peppers
Bacon, Lettuce & tomato $6.00


choice of dressing: french, thousand island, creamy italian, bleu cheese, vinaigrette honey mustard, ranch, lite italian, oil & vinegar
Italian Salad $7.00 provolone cheeses, olives & hot peppers
Chef’s Salad $7.00 lettuce, turkey, ham, american cheese, tuna, artichokes, roasted peppers cucumbers, tomatoes, onions & hand boiled egg.
Sport Salad $7.00 grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, provolone cheese on a bed of romaine lettuce.
Tuna Salad $7.00 tomato, mozzarella cheese
Caesar Salad $7.00
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $7.00
Antipasto $7.00 ham, salami, pepperoni, & provolone cheese
Tuna Salad $8.95
Shrimp Salad $8.95
Chicken Salad $8.95
Greek Salad $8.95


your choice of pasta: rigatoni, penne, linguini, capellini or fettucini served with soup of the day or dinner salad. ask for your favorite dish and we will try to accommodate you!
Red Or White Clam Sauce $10.00 chopped baby clams sauteed in garlic with white wine or marinara sauce.
Pasta Alla Arnoldo $13.75 sauteed shrimp, portabella mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes in a cream sauce.
Fettucini Alfredo $10.00 homemade pasta sauteed with butter, heavy cream, romano cheese & black pepper
Baked Stuffed Shells $9.25 with mozzarella cheese
Lobster Ravioli $11.00 served in a cream sauce or blush sauce
Baked Lasagna $9.25 layers of meat sauce, mozzarella & ricotta cheese
Baked Manicotti $9.25 our fresh homemade tomato sauce and covered with mozzarella cheese
Baked Ravioli $9.25 filled with ricotta cheese & seasonings, topped with mozzarella cheese, covered with spaghetti sauce
Spinach Ravioli $11.00 with a cream or blush sauce
Baked Ziti $8.25
Gnocchi $10.00 in tomato sauce or try our gnocchi served in a pink cream sauce
Tortellini Alla Panna $10.00 little ring noodles, stuffed with meat, sauteed butter, heavy cream, romano cheese & black pepper
Tortellini $10.00 with tomato sauce
Beef $9.95 cubed & mushrooms
Beef Bacon $9.95 cubes & onions


served with a side of french fries
Grilled Chicken Caesar $6.50 romaine lettuce, caesar, dressing, and parmesan cheese
Veggie $6.50 spinach, romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper & fresh garlic
Chicken Salad $6.50
Buffalo Cajun Chicken $6.50 cajun hot sauce, bleu cheese, & green peppers
Aboras $6.50 onion, tomato, romaine lettuce, ham. turkey, roast beef & american cheese
Tuna $6.50 lettuce, tomato & onion

Hoagies & Grinders

Turkey & Cheese $5.75
Ham & Cheese $5.25
Mixed Cheese $5.25
Chicken Salad $5.50
Grilled Chicken $5.50
Eggplant Parmigiana $5.25
Chicken Parmigiana $5.50
Sausage & Peppers $5.25
American $5.25
Italian & Cheese $5.25
Roast Beef $5.75
Tuna & Cheese $5.75
Veggie $5.50
meatball Parmigiana $5.25
Veal Parmigiana $7.25


Cannoli $2.95
Tiramisu $2.95
Cheesecake $2.95


served on a kaiser roll with a small side of french fries
Grilled Chicken $5.75
Cheeseburger $5.75
Veal $6.00
Hamburger $5.75
Chicken Parmigiana $5.75
Chicken Salad $6.00


Build Your Own $5.50 – $6.25 plain, cheese steak, your choice of topping: bacon green pepper, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage
Chicken Cheese Steak Combo $5.50 – $6.25 spinach, garlic, sweet pepper, mayo, ketchup, pickle
Grilled Chicken Hoagie Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak with bleu cheese

Side Orders

French Fries $2.25 – $4.00
Pizza Fries $3.25 – $4.50
Cheese Fries $3.00 – $4.25
Mozzarella Fries $3.25 – $4.50
Chicken Tenders $4.50
Chicken Tenders $5.75 with fries
Onion Rings $3.00
Onion Rings $4.25 mozzarella sticks
Garlic Sticks (4) Bag $1.00
Garlic Sticks (4) Bag $4.50 poppers


Tabouli $5.95 cracked wheat, parsley, tomato, onion, lemon juice & olive oil served on a bed of lettuce with pita bread.
Bagaghanush $5.95 oven roasted eggplant, blended with mediterranean spices, garlic, tahini, lemon juice and lemon oil, served with pita bread.
Hummus $5.95 a blend if chick peas, tahini, crushed garlic, lemon juice & lemon oil, served with pita bread.
Stuffed Grape $5.95 grape leaves stuffed with rice, parsley spices with pita bread.

Middle Eastern Dishes

done on our new vertical broiler! all dishes served with house salad. all of the following are served in pita bread spread and your choice of hummus or babaghanush. platter come with rice & house salad.
Shaworma Chicken Or Beef $8.95 thinly sliced chicken or beef marinated in our special blend of spices, topped with tomato, parsley, raw onion, hot peppers, pickles & tahini sauce
Keita Kabobs $4.95 – $8.95 served with fries or rice & salad. Lamb
Keita Kabobs $4.95 – $8.95 served with fries or rice & salad. beef
Keita Kabobs $4.95 – $8.95 served with fries or rice & salad. Chicken
Beef Steak $8.95 served with our special blend of spices all served with mashed potatoes or fries
Puftek $8.95 middle eastern style burger, seasoned with garlic, onion, parsley, egg. served with mashed potatoes or fires
Salmon Steak $8.95 all served with mashed potatoes or fires
Filet Fish Steak $8.95 all served with mashed potatoes or fires
Jumbo Potato $7.95 served with shrimp & yogurt and salad
Stuffed Grape Leaves $7.95 served with rice in a light tomato sauce & salad
Vegetarian Majadrahe $7.95 cracked wheat, lentil & caramelized onions, cooked with oil
Combo Platter $9.95 shish kabob, chicken kabob & kefta kabob served with fires, rice & salad
Falafel $5.95 – $8.95 a blend of chick peas,, garlic & spices, rolled into patties & fired
Eggplant $5.95 – $8.95 breaded & fried
Cauliflower $5.95 – $8.95 breaded & fried


Red Lentil Soup $3.95

Veal Specialties

Your Choice $14.25 all are served with soup, or salad and your choice of pasta
Veal With White Wine Sauce $14.25 tender veal with mushrooms & white wine
Veal Marsala $14.25 tender veal with mushrooms & marsala wine sauce
Veal Sorrento $14.25 tender veal with mushrooms, tomato sauce & white wine, topped with mozzarella cheese
Veal Saltimbocca $14.25 tender veal with mushrooms, topped with prosciutto & mozzarella cheese in a white wine sauce
Veal Piccata $14.25 tender veal with capers & lemon sauce
Veal Parmigiana $14.25

Breast OF Chicken

Your Choice $13.95 all served with soup, or salad and your choice of pasta.
Chicken Piccante $13.95 served with white wine, lemon & mushrooms
Chicken Cacciatore $13.95 tender chicken with mushrooms peppers, onions, and marinara sauce.
Chicken Francaise $13.95 tender Chicken, egg battered with butter and lemon
Chicken Giuseppe $13.95 sauteed Chicken with crabmeat, sundried tomatoes & capers in a white wine sauce
Chicken Marsala $13.95 tender Chicken with mushrooms & marsala sauce,
Chicken Parmigiana $13.95


all served with soup or salad.
Mussels $11.95 (red, white, scampi or fra diavolo)
Shrimp Fra Diavolo $16.95 jumbo shrimp over pasta


the following come with ricotta & mozzarella cheese
Regular $6.00 – $9.50
Spinach $7.00 – $10.95
Broccoli $7.00 – $10.95
Sausage Or Ham $7.50 – $10.95
Pepperoni $7.50 – $10.95
Steak $8.50 – $12.50
Grilled Chicken $8.50 – $12.50
Veggie $9.50 – $13.95 ricotta & mozzarella cheese, onion, green peppers, spinach, broccoli, mushroom, tomato & fresh garlic


our stromboli’s are made from the same fresh ingredients as our pizzas. in reality our strombolis are like oven baked stuffed pizzas, a very unique special taste. all our stromboli’s come with extra mozzarella cheese.
Regular $13.25 – $14.25 sauce & cheese
Steak $13.25 – $14.25 fried onion, steak & green peppers
Chicken $13.25 – $14.25 grilled chicken or chicken steak, onions, green peppers, cheese & sauce
Veggie $13.25 – $14.25 onions, green pepper, mushrooms, tomato, broccoli, spinach & fresh garlic
Pepperoni Or Mushrooms $13.25 – $14.25 sauce & cheese
Beef Or Meatball $13.25 – $14.25 sauce & cheese
Italian $13.25 – $14.25 genoa salami, ham, capicolla, cheese & sauce

Gourmet Pizza

Hawaiian Delight $8.50 – $14.25 ham & pineapple
Philly Style $8.50 – $14.25 steak & green peppers
Grilled Chicken $8.50 – $14.25 chicken breast, onions, green peppers
Buffalo Chicken $8.50 – $14.25 chicken, hot sauce, bleu cheese
Veggie $8.50 – $14.25 onions, green pepper mushrooms, tomato, broccoli, olives, spinach & fresh garlic
Meat Lovers $8.50 – $14.25 pepperoni, meatball, sausage & salami


Pizza $5.00 – $9.50
Toppings $1.50 – $0.75 extra cheese, sausage bacon, meatball, anchovies, onions, mushrooms, olives, spinach, roasted garlic, pepperoni, green peppers ,ham , broccoli, eggplant, roasted peppers

Specialty Pizza

Mozzarella, Provolone, Garlic, Parsley Sauce & Olive $7.50 – $10.50
Grilled Chicken, Pesto, Sauce, Onions, $8.50 – $14.25 black olives & mozzarella cheese
Marinara Sauce, Roasted Garlic, & Olive $7.75 – $9.75
Mozzarella, Ricotta, Fresh Tomatoes $7.75 – $14.25 cream fraiche, & garlic parsley sauce
Grilled Chicken, B.B.Q Sauce, Onions & Mozzarella $8.50 – $14.50
Mozzarella, Ricotta Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, Broccoli, Spinach, Olive & Garlic $8.50 – $15.00
New Style Pizza Steak Pizza $8.50 – $14.25 includes 10 oz. of steak, mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh garlic & chunk tomato
Baked Ziti Pizza $8.50 – $14.25 ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, ziti & tomato sauce

Pizza Slices

Plain $1.50
1 Topping $1.70
Extra Topping On Slice $0.25
Vegetable Or Gourmet $2.25

White Gourmet Pizza

White Gourmet Pizza $5.50 – $10.00

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