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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Thai.

Cold Small Plates

Wakame Salad $7.00 oshinko, kaiso, ginger ponzu sauce
Wasabi Tako $5.00 octopus, wasabi leaves, shiso
Uni Shooter $10.00 yamaimo, momiji, truffle roe, quail egg’s yolk, sake shot
Torched Salmon Belly $12.00 togarashi peppers, kimchee sauce, young greens
Hamachi Sashimi $14.00 ponzu ice, jalapeno salsa, black garlic oil, roasted garlic chips
Maine Lobster $16.00 uni-yuzu, citrus gelee, fried carrots curls
Fluke Usuzukuri $12.00 crisp gobo, maitake, shaved black truffle ponzu
Japanese Scallop $13.00 mango ponzu, spiced mango salsa, fried shiso
Whole Japanese Aji $14.00 momiji oroshi scallions, spicy ponzu
Kanpachi Sashimi $16.00 bubu arare, micro greens, wakame, truffle yuzu soy
Akami Tuna Nameroo $14.00 watermelon, kalamansi soy, papadam chips
Green Tea Cured Salmon $12.00 longan, yuzu gelee, fried basil, micro greens
Octopus Carpaccio $11.00 cucumber, daikon tsuma, pickled burdock root, togarashi peppers,kizami nori, kimchee mirin sauce
Tsubugai Salad $13.00 japanese whelk sashimi, avocado, cucumber, citrus soy, pomelo

Hot Small Plates

Wok Charred Edamame $6.00 ginger garlic soy
Conch Gratin $14.00 sushi rice, fukujin, scallions
Shrimp Tempura $13.00 shiso leaves, garlic soy
Charred Shishito Peppers $9.00 wok charred japanese peppers, sweet soy
Spring Rolls $7.00 chicken, crabmeat, celery, cabbage, carrots
Chicken Larb $7.00 cabbage crudites, cilantro, ginger, basil
Dumplings $8.00 steamed or fried: chicken, crabmeat, chill dipping sauce
P.E.I. Mussels $11.00 smoked thai chili sauce, scallions, thai pepper

Regular Nigiri & Sashimi

Hamachi $7.00
Scallops $8.00
Kanpachi $10.00
Ikura $7.00
Unagi $7.00
Fluke $6.00
Octopus $6.00
Tsubugai $7.00
Uni $9.00
Tuna $7.00 akami
Chu Toro $10.00
Masago $6.00
Salmon $6.00 sake
Smoked Sake $7.00

Regular Rolls

Inside-Out Rolls
Spicy Tuna $9.00
Spicy Salmon $9.00
California $10.00
Vegetable $8.00
Hamachi Scallions $10.00
Unagi-Cucumber $10.00

House Nigiri & Sashimi

Akami Tuna $9.00 foie gras, garlic soy, scallions
Hamachi $9.00 black pepper caviar, truffled yuzu
Unagi $9.00 banana caramel soy, foie gras
Scallops $9.00 red yuzu kosho, citrus roe
Salmon $8.00 smoked salmon roe, basil kewpie
Kanpachi $12.00 green yuzu kosho, garlic chips
Seared Hamachi $8.00 lemon jalapeno, yuzu kosho
Lobster $15.00 pickled ginger soy, ginger tobiko

House Rolls

Kinoko Maki $12.00 roasted portobello, unagi, roasted garlic, sweet soy
Kumo Maki $14.00 soft-shell crab, kaiware, cucumber, wasabi chili sauce
Ishikari Maki $15.00 akami tuna, spicy tuna, bubu arare, scallions, garlic honey soy
Akatsuri Maki $11.00 plum daikon, mixed sashimi, asparagus, pickled plum ponzu
Bakudan Maki $14.00 tempura shrimp, grilled pineapple, arugula, avocado, coconut curry
Ise Ebi Maki $17.00 steamed lobster in kimchee sauce, tobiko, masago, shiso, pickled ginger aioli
Kuranchi Maki $12.00 tempura roll, spicy fish, asparagus, avocado cream, toasted sesame vinaigrette
Shosugi Maki $14.00 torched hamachi, avocado, sprouts, scallion, cucumber, shishito togarashi dressing


House Tasting $55.00 5 courses, chef’s creations for the day. no substitutions please.
Omakase Tasting please inquire about our omakase style tasting with your host and how you can have the best. experience of our cuisine.


Panang Green Or Red
Chicken Or Tofu $14.00
Pork $16.00 beef or shrimp


Pad Thai, Pad Siew, Or Pad Drunken
Chicken Or Tofu $14.00
Pork $16.00 beef or shrimp

Rice & Stir Fry

Cashew & Vegetables, Ginger & Vegetables, Basil & Vegetables, Thai Fried Rice.
Chicken Or Tofu $14.00
Pork $16.00 beef or shrimp


Cheesecake Rolls $8.00 crushed hazelnuts, roasted banana caramel
Today’s Ice Cream $7.00
Today’s Mochi Ice Cream $5.00

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