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Cuisine: Chinese.


A1. Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings $4.95
A2. Edamame With Sea Salt $3.95
A3. Jelly Fish $10.95
A4. Pan-Fried Dumplings $3.95
A5. Vegetarian Spring Rolls $3.00
A6. Ginger Chicken Feet $4.95
A7. Pigs Feet Ginger Sauce $5.95
A8. Steamed Or Fried Fish Ball $5.95
A9. Thousand Year Old Egg With Sweet & Sour Ginger $2.95
A10. House Special Pickles $2.50 *
A11. Minced Pork Hunan-Style $7.95
A12. Fish Ball In Curry Sauce $3.95
A13. Pan-Fried Shrimp & Chive Dumplings $3.95
A14. Peking Duck Sandwich $2.95
A15. Chinese Fried Bread $2.50
C17. Chinese Fried Doughnut $1.00


H1. Crab Fish Maw Soup $12.95
H2. Mixed Seafood Soup $10.95
H3. Fillet Of Fish With Watercress Soup $8.95
H4. Beef ”West Lake”-Style Soup $6.95
H5. Velvet Chicken Corn Soup $6.95
H6. Chicken Chinese Herbal Soup $9.95
H7. Watercress & Clam Soup $8.95
H8. Hot & Sour Soup $4.95 *
H9. Vegetable With Pork Soup $8.95
H10. Tofu With Fish Head Soup $8.95


C1. Frog Congee $7.50
C2. Fish Bone Congee $4.50
C3. Sliced Fish Congee $4.50
C5. Dried Scallop Plain Congee $2.50
C6. Minced Beef Congee $4.50
C7. Sliced Tender Beef Congee $4.50
C8. Preserved Egg & Lean Pork Congee $4.50
C9. Lai Wan-Style Congee $4.50
C10. Pork Ball Congee $4.50
C11. House Special Congee $4.50
C12. Pork Liver & Kidney Congee $4.50
C13. Pork Ball & Liver Congee $4.50
C14. Chinese Mushroom & Chicken Congee $4.50
C15. Mixed Seafood Congee $6.50
C16. Fishball Congee $4.50

Fried Rice

N1. Young Chow Fried Rice $6.50
N2. A-Wah Fried Rice $7.95
N3. Roast Pork Fried Rice $6.50
N4. Shrimp Fried Rice $7.50
N5. Chicken Fried Rice $6.50
N6. Beef Fried Rice $6.50
N7. Ginger Scallion Fried Rice $4.95
N8. Pickle Fried Rice $4.95 *
N9. Curry Fried Rice $4.95 *
N10. Eel-Unagi Fried Rice $7.95
N11. Pineapple With Chicken Fried Rice $6.50
N12. Salted Fish With Chicken Fried Rice $7.50

Lo Mein

G1. Wonton Lo Mein $5.95
G2. Lo Mein With Ginger & Scallion $6.50
G3. Roast Duck Lo Mein $6.50
G4. Roast Pork Lo Mein $6.50
G5. Seafood Lo Mein $7.95
G6. Beef Lo Mein $5.95
G7. Dumpling Lo Mein $5.95
G8. Beef Brisket Lo Mein $6.50
G9. Special Beef Tripe Lo Mein $6.50
G10. Pigs Feet Lo Mein $6.50
G11. Beef Brisket Lo Mein $4.95
G12. Pork Liver & Kidney Lo Mein $5.95
G13. Lo Mein Peking-Style $5.95
G14. Two Kinds BBQ Lo Mein $6.95 your choice.

Sauteed Lo Mein

O1. Seafood Sauteed Lo Mein $8.95
O2. Shrimp Sauteed Lo Mein $8.95
O3. Roast Pork Sauteed Lo Mein $7.95
O4. Chicken Sauteed Lo Mein $7.95
O5. Beef Sauteed Lo Mein $7.95
O6. Mixed Vegetable Sauteed Lo Mein $7.95
O7. Triple Delight Sauteed Lo Mein $8.95

Pan-Fried Noodles

L1. Beef Chow Fun $7.95 flat rice noodles.
L2. Beef Chow Fun With Pepper $8.95
L3. Baby Shrimp Chow Fun With Egg $9.95
L4. Beef Chow Fun With Swiss Sauce $8.95
L5. Beef Chow Fun With Sauce $8.95
L6. Shredded Pork, Ham & Chicken Pan-Fried Thick Rice Noodles $8.95
L7. Shredded Pork With Preserved Cabbage Rice Noodles $7.95
L8. Singapore Rice Noodles $8.95 *
L9. Har-Moon Rice Noodles $8.95
L10. Stir-Fried Chang Fun With Soy Sauce $5.95
L11. Shredded Pork Pan-Fried Noodles $8.95
L12. Beef Pan-Fried Noodles $8.95
L13. Seafood Pan-Fried Noodles $10.95
L14. Spareribs Pan-Fried Noodles $8.95
L15. Soy Sauce Pan-Fried Noodles $6.95
L16. House Fried Chow Fun $8.95 *
L17. Buddha Supreme Pan-Fried Noodles $8.95
L18. Braised Yee Mein $8.95
L19. Seafood Yee Mein $10.95
L20. A-Wah Stir-Fried Noodle In Special Hot Sauce $8.95 *
L21. Pan-Fried Noodle With House Special Sa-T Sauce $8.95 *
L22. Triple Delight Pan-Fried Noodles $8.95

Noodles In Soup

E1. Wonton Noodles Soup $4.95
E2. Dumpling Soup $4.95
E3. Dumpling Noodles Soup $4.95
E4. Beef Brisket Noodle Soup $4.95
E5. Beef Tripe Noodle Soup $4.95
E6. Pigs Feet Noodle Soup $4.95
E7. Chinese Vegetable Noodle Soup $4.95
E8. Fish & Beef Ball Noodle Soup $4.95
E9. Fish Ball Noodle Soup $4.95
E10. Mixed Seafood Noodle Soup $6.50
E11. Roast Duck Noodle Soup $5.50
E12. Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle Soup $5.50
E13. Dan Dan Noodle Soup $4.50 *
E14. Roast Pork Noodle Soup $5.50
E15. Two BBQ Meats Noodle Soup $6.50 your choice.
E16. Clam With Mei Fun Soup $5.50
E17. Shrimp Wonton Soup $6.50
E18. Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup $5.50
E19. Fish Ball Shrimp Wonton Soup $5.50
E20. Fish Ball Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup $5.50

Rice Casseroles

B1. House Special Chinese Sauce & Mince Pork Rice Casserole $9.95
B2. Chinese Sauce & Preserved Duck With Taro Rice Casserole $7.95
B3. Lamb Meat With Bean Stick Rice Casserole $9.95
B4. Braised Fish With Bean Curd Rice Casserole $9.95
B5. Chicken & Mushroom Rice Casserole $7.50
B6. Chicken With Black Mushroom Rice Casserole $7.50
B7. Mince Beef With Egg Rice Casserole $7.50
B8. Preserved Chicken Leg Rice Casserole $7.50
B9. Minced Pork With Preserved Cabbage Rice Casserole $7.50
B10. Butterfly Fish Rice Casserole $7.50
B11. Lobster With Ginger & Scallion Rice Casserole $10.95
B12. Yellow Eel Rice Casserole $10.95
B13. Seafood Rice Casserole $10.95
B14. Crab With Stick Rice Casserole $9.95
B15. Squab Rice Casserole $12.95
B16. Braised Pork Rice Casserole $7.50
B17. Chicken With Frog Rice Casserole $9.50
B18. Chinese Sauce & Preserved Duck Rice Casserole $7.50
B19. Salted Fish With Minced Pork Rice Casserole $7.50
B20. Spare Rib With Black Bean Rice Casserole $7.50
B21. Three Kind Of Mushroom Rice Casserole $7.50
B22. Minced Pork With Special Squid Rice Casserole $7.50
B23. Frog With Black Mushrooms Rice Casserole $10.95
B24. Eel-Unagi Rice Casserole $11.95
B25. Buddha-Style Rice Casserole $7.50
B26. Minced Sausage With Taro Sticky Rice Casserole $8.50
B27. Seafood Rice Casserole $10.95

Over Rice Dishes

I1. Beef & Bitter Melon With Rice $4.95
I2. Sweet & Sour Chicken With Rice $5.95
I3. Sesame Chicken With Rice $5.95
I4. Orange Chicken With Rice $5.95
I5. General Tso’s Chicken With Rice $5.95 *
I6. Kung Pao Chicken With Rice $5.95 *
I7. Curry Beef With Rice $4.95 *
I8. Curry Chicken With Rice $4.95 *
I9. Braised Fish On Rice $5.95
I10. Seafood With Rice $5.95
I11. Chicken & Sweet Corn With Rice $4.95
I12. Beef In Egg Swirl With Rice $4.95
I13. Beef & Tomato With Rice $4.95
I14. Minced Beef With Rice $4.95
I15. Pork With Vegetable On Rice $4.95
I16. Shrimp With Egg Swirl & Rice $5.95
I17. Prawns With Vegetables On Rice $7.50
I18. Mixed Vegetables On Rice $4.50
I19. Spicy Minced Meat & Bean Curd On Rice $4.95 *
I20. Chicken With Celery On Rice $4.95
I21. Pan-Fried Egg With Bitter Melon On Rice $4.95
I22. Beef With Green Peas On Rice $4.95
I23. Sliced Fish With Chinese Vegetables On Rice $5.50
I24. Seafood & Pork On Rice $5.95
I25. Spareribs With Black Bean Sauce On Rice $4.95
I26. Peking-Style Sauteed Pork Chop On Rice $4.95
I27. Lamb Meat With Bean Curd Stick On Rice $5.95
I28. Sa-T Sauce On Rice $4.95 *
I29. Buddha’s Delight On Rice $4.95
I30. Pan-Fried Egg With Dry Turnip Rice $4.95
I31. Ham & Egg On Rice $4.95

Vegetarian Lovers

M1. Sauteed Chinese Broccoli $8.95
M2. Three Kinds Of Mushroom With Rice Casserole $7.50
M3. Chinese Vegetable Noodle Soup $4.95
M4. Chinese Vegetable Lo Mein $4.95
M5. Buddha Supreme Pan-Fried Noodles $8.95
M6. Sauteed Chinese Spinach In Fermented Miso & Spices $10.95
M7. Lettuce With Fu Yu $4.95 fermented miso.
M8. Chinese Vegetable In Oyster Sauce $4.95
M9. Assorted Vegetables Buddhist-Style $9.95
M10. Sauteed Baby Bok Choy $8.95 garlic sauce.
M11. Deep-Fried Salt & Pepper Tofu $7.95
M12. Mixed Vegetables On Rice $4.95
M13. Mixed Vegetables Sauteed Lo Mein $7.95
M14. House Special Pickles $2.50 *
M15. Pan-Fried Egg With Dry Turnip $7.95
M16. Sauteed Aa Vegetable $9.95

BBQ With Rice

F1. Three BBQ Meats Over Rice $6.95 your choice.
F2. Two BBQ Meats Over Rice $5.95 your choice.
F3. Roast Duck Over Rice $4.95
F4. Soy Sauce Chicken Over Rice $4.95
F5. Roast Pork Over Rice $4.95
F6. Suckling Pig Over Rice $7.95
F7. BBQ Spare Ribs Over Rice $4.95
F8. Crispy Pork Over Rice $4.95
F9. Salt-Baked Chicken Over Rice $4.95
F10. Boiled Chicken Over Rice $4.95
F11. Preserved Chicken Over Rice $4.95
F12. Scallion Glazed Baked Chicken Over Rice $4.95


D1. Suckling Pig $10.95
D2. Fried Duck With Loguat $23.90 – $11.95
D3. Soy Sauce Duck $23.90 – $11.95
D4. Soy Sauce Chicken $23.90 – $11.95
D5. Steamed Chicken With Scallion Oil $23.90 – $11.95
D6. Salted Chicken $23.90 – $11.95
D7. Preserved Chicken $23.90 – $11.95
D8. Two Kinds Of BBQ $8.95
D9. Three Kinds Of BBQ $10.95
D10. Roast Pig $6.50
D11. Spare Ribs $6.50
D12. Soy Sauce Cuttlefish $7.50
D13. BBQ Chicken Wing $5.50
D14. Soy Sauce Duck Wing $4.50
D15. Roast Pork $6.50
D16. Roast Duck $23.90 – $11.95
D17. Broiled Chicken $23.90 – $11.95


K1. Chicken Casserole $8.95
K2. Beef Casserole $8.95
K3. Pigs Heart Casserole $8.95
K4. Spare Ribs Casserole $8.95
K5. Pork Liver & Kidney Casserole $8.95
K6. Frog Casserole $14.95
K7. Clam Casserole $10.95
K8. Sizzling Eel Casserole $14.95
K9. Fish Head & Ginger Casserole $9.95
K10. Carp Fish & Ginger Casserole $10.95
K11. Eggplant Casserole $8.95
K12. Squid In Casserole $10.95
K13. Spicy Minced Meat & Bean Casserole $8.95 *
K14. Beef Tips With Rice Sauce Casserole $12.95 *
K15. Beef Tripe With Rice Roll In Clay Pot $8.95
K16. Beef Brisket Stewed Roll In Clay Pot $8.95
K17. Beef Tripe Casserole $8.95
K18. Baby Beef Ribs Casserole $9.95
K19. Calamari Casserole $9.95
K20. Crispy Pork With Rice Roll $9.95
K21. Crispy Pork With Tofu Casserole $9.95
K22. Crispy Pork, Fried Tofu & Vegetables In Shrimp Paste Casserole $9.95
K23. Lamb Meat With Bean Curd Stick Casserole $13.95
K24. Curry Crab Casserole $12.95 *
K25. Curry Head Casserole $9.95 *
K26. Lamb Meat With Bean Curd Stick & Curry Casserole $13.95 *
K27. Curry Beef Brisket Stewed Red In Clay Pot $8.95 *
K28. Salted Fish Chicken & Eggplant Casserole $10.95
K29. Beef Stew Casserole $9.95

Chef’s Specialties

J1. Sauteed Chinese Seasonal Spinach & Pepper $10.95
J2. Sauteed Aa Vegetables $9.95
J3. Lettuce With Fu Yu $4.95
J4. Chinese Vegetables With Oyster Sauce $4.95
J5. Sauteed Chinese Broccoli $8.95
J6. Assorted Vegetables Buddhist-Style $9.95
J7. Sauteed Baby Bok Choy With Salted Fish $9.95
J8. Sauteed Baby Bok Choy $8.95
J9. Stir-Fried String Bean $7.95
J10. Pickled Vegetables With Intestine $8.95
J11. Sweet & Sour Chicken $10.95
J12. Salt-Baked Shrimp In Shell $13.95
J13. Orange Chicken $10.95
J14. General Tso’s Chicken $10.95 *
J15. Sweet & Sour Shrimp $13.95
J16. Kung Pao Chicken $10.95 *
J17. Frog With Ginger & Scallion $14.95
J18. Boiled Razor Clam $12.95
J19. Boiled Carp Fish $10.95
J20. Special Beef Tripe $8.95
J21. Pigs Feet In Bean Sauce $8.95
J22. Beef Brisket $8.95
J23. Steamed Pork Liver & Kidney $7.95
J24. Beef With Chinese Vegetables $9.95
J25. Deep-Fried Salt & Pepper With Tofu $7.95
J26. Double-Cooked Pork With Pickled Cabbage $10.95
J27. Salt-Baked Calamari $9.95
J28. Sesame Chicken $10.95
J29. Beef Tripe With Ginger & Scallion $8.95
J30. Peking-Style Salted Pork Chops $10.95
J31. Salt & Pepper Fried Pork Chops $10.95
J32. Sauteed Pea Leaf $12.95
J33. Fried Fresh Squid With Salt Pepper $10.95
J34. Curry Squid $10.95 *
J35. Clam With Black Bean Sauce $10.95
J36. Snail With Black Bean Sauce $10.95
J37. Silver Fish With Pan-Fried Egg $7.95
J38. Silver Fish With Pepper Salt $7.95
J39. House Special Crab $12.95
J40. Pan-Fried Egg With Dry Turnip $7.95
J41. Crispy Fish Meat $12.95
J42. Home-Style Fish Meat $12.95
J43. Beef With Ginger $12.95
J44. Veal Chop With Sauce $13.95
J45. Bean Curd With Eggplant $8.95
J46. Eggplant Thai-Style $7.95


P1. Sesame Filled Rice Balls With Peanut $2.00
P2. Egg Plan $3.00
P3. Sesame Filled Rice Balls With Water $2.00
P4. Sweet Taro With Tapioca $2.00
P5. Red Bean Soup $2.00

Slushies $2.95

S1. Red Bean Ice
S2. Pineapple Ice
S3. Watermelon Ice
S4. Papaya Ice
S5. Mango Ice
S6. Honeydew Ice
S7. Taro With Tapioca Ice

Bubble Tea $2.95

R1. Taro Bubble Tea
R2. Honeydew Bubble Tea
R3. Papaya Bubble Tea
R4. Almond Bubble Tea
R5. Mango Bubble Tea
R6. Watermelon Bubble Tea


Sm / Lg. *Hot And Spicy.
Q1. Papaya With White Fungus & Dried Almond $3.00
Q2. Milk & Egg White Ginger Flan $3.50
Q3. Grass Jelly $2.00
Q4. Coffee $1.00 – $2.00
Q5. Tea With Milk $1.00 – $2.00
Q6. Lemon Black Tea $1.00 – $2.00
Q7 Ovaltine $1.00 – $2.00
Q8. Hollick $1.00 – $2.00
Q9. Honey With Lemon $1.00 – $2.00
Q10. Bottled Water $1.00
Q11. Soda $1.00 coke, diet coke, nestea iced tea, sprite, sunkist

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